Breaking God Down in Modern English.

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    Normally, I don't discuss Religion online. And this time, This isn't about me Trying to Argue a point or change a few minds. I offer you This Because A belief In God is a spiritual connection to something Greater, A Great powerful Love that Can Fill you With Wisdom and Peace and bring you great comfort in times of burden. You and anyone here are free to discuss this, I only ask, That if you are one of those people that just came in to Dump all over Religion, Then Please refrain from this, That would be no different than literally walking into a church and screaming at everyone about how you don't believe. It's unnecessary, This isn't here for those who oppose God, This is here To offer comfort and Wisdom and a path to true enlightenment for those who need that right now.

    I will speak to you in this way, Those of you who know me, Who truly has spoken to me They know me by my deeds, You know me to be a Peaceful and somewhat caring person, This is who I am, And that is not a lie,

    I have overcome great pain and loss and conquered depression. If you have truly seen me You have seen me pick myself up and rise from great despair and come back stronger than ever and even as a better person, Every Time. Can you who knew me deny this Truth?

    I ask you, We believe In Aliens, We Believe in Ghosts? We believe in Conspiracies, I offer You My Belief.
    You have the Choice to Deny it, But If you accept it, You can find peace like Mine, You can have A mind like mine, You can have every blessing I have and greater. I will tell you some backstory On what I believe and Why I believe that. In my belief, We believe The entire universe was Created, By The Lord God, That there is nothing in the universe or on the earth or under the earth that God did not create. "You will have Questions about that" I am here, Ask them.

    At one point, An Angel Tempted Man and woman to original sin. "You may have questions about that, I am here" But, Man and woman did sin, As Punishment, All Humans born, are born into Sin, Meaning, We Are Born Sinners Because of This Angel Who was jealous of us, Corrupted us to sin. Now, No one Who Is sinful is Worthy of God, Or his love or his Grace, This is because God is Perfect and Faultless. And he will not tolerate sin. But, God Saw that Original Sin was not entirely our Fault. So God allowed the people to Make Sacrifices, To take something Meaningful or important, And Burn that thing as an offering To God, For forgiveness of Sin. For a while. This worked, But This was not a perfect solution. So God Devised a plan, He loved you so much, That he Sent his only "Begotten son" <-- Literally Gods Actual descendant son TO come here on this Earth And be born as a Human-like Us And He was To Die as the ultimate sacrifice, For Forgiveness of All Sin, All one Has to do, To Be forgiven Their Sins, And be Made Clean and uncorrupted in Gods Eyes, Is to Accept Gods Son, Jesus, As your Saviour, As the Sacrifice for your sins.

    This Is What A Christian Believes, This Is What I believe.

    I Offer you, This Comfort, God Has Brought Me peace, He has made me feel love for others. And He has helped me in countless ways. Ways that you have witnessed, If you know me, I attribute everything Positive of myself, To God.

    If you choose to walk this path, there is no obligation, There is no Trick There is no deception, If you choose to believe Jesus died so you could be Clean in Gods eyes and Enjoy his Blessings, All you have to do is Believe and accept that.

    now, Lastly, I ask you, If you believe in Aliens if you believe in Ghosts, If you believe in extradimensional entities and Bigfoot. Is a belief in God So very far fetched? Do you fear that the other people Who believe in Extradimensional aliens and ghosts, Will find fault with you? You shouldn't, We inhabit a world of Varied and diverse believe, He whosoever finds fault in your belief in God, Shows how silly and unwise they are Because they don't have any proof of their beliefs either. The difference Is, My God, Can Actually Change your life, Bring you comfort and Bless you in countless ways.

    And with that, I will leave you to ask whatever questions you may have, And I will answer them when I can.
    God bless You All.

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