Canada's Takhini Hot Springs Frozen Hair Competition

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    Competitors from around the world mold their frozen locks into silly styles to try and win first prize after taking a dip in a 107F Canadian hot spring

    Dozens of thrill-seekers from around the world have taken part in an international hair-freezing competition to see who can make the coolest hairstyle when their locks freeze solid in -15C (5F) temperatures.

    Participants jump into Canada's Takhini Hot Springs, where waters are 42C (107F), before fashioning their wet hair into hilarious shapes, quiffs and spiky hairdos.

    The attraction in Whitehorse, Yukon, runs the contest each year with pictures taken throughout the winter being accepted and the results of the fun being announced in March.

    Manager Andrew Umbrich explains: 'The purpose of the contest is to create the most creative hairdos possible; you soak in the hot springs and allow the steam to accumulate on your head while the cold air freezes your hair.

    'After the hair is frozen and molded (when possible), you take pictures. We collect all the pictures during the contest and in March the top three pictures are chosen. Winners are announced in mid to late March.'

    And its not just bragging rights and a unique new profile picture up for grabs, winners receive $750 prizes and complimentary 30-soak memberships for the pools, worth C$230.


    One woman's long locks point to the side while her fringe stands upwards after taking a dip in the 42C waters

    Ice hangs off a mans afro and sunglasses, left, while another woman's hair looks like a star, right, and even her eyebrows have frozen in the chilly temperatures

    Two people smile for a selfie showing off their unique new hairdos after taking a dip and freezing their eyelashes

    Ice hangs from one rosy-cheeked man's beard, eyelashes and eyebrows after his swim in the hot springs

    This man embraces his new scruffy and frozen style while posing for the camera with spots of ice on his face


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