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    We have CCTV protecting our property at our village house, mainly from a neighbour who had been banned from the things he had been doing to us.

    There are a series of posts that most readers would have read about technical equipment, light bulbs blowing and all kinds of warning when he gets near our property.

    Now Ia m not saying that this image below has a paranormal connection as I am looking for a LOGICAL answer?


    My old blue car which had not been driven for three years now. lies near my fence and rotting. As he had tried desperately to get it removed by the courts. Why? Because he says so!

    So it is just a sign to show that I will not be moved from my property.

    I had been looking for the answer on a CCTV web site and a guy who got the same thing wrote:- "This is weird!

    Read it below:-

    strange red green and yellow lines?

    My camera had been broken for THREE months and has now started working with this message above.

    Saying 'STOP'

    It is saying stop at one metre away from the camera by the diminishing parallels. Symbolic of the red colour 'danger'

    What am I being shown?

    I will see what I can find in two hours time, as I am now in Nuthall.

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    Georgek George

    I firstly checked my DVR to find that this camera had started operating about a month ago.
    The grid lines appeared afew days ago when we had that storm and lost a tile from the roof.


    Here is the actual tile that fell off.


    The converging lines are pointing straight at the fallen tile with the word 'stop'

    The photographer had excluded our fence which I had put up for privacy.


    I am using this old picture when I was proposing a rear fence.

    My front fence surrounds the entire front just leaving an opening where it hits at right angles onto the wall.

    A white car is similarly placed where my Ford Escort sits in the CCTV picture above.

    The camera is literally focusing on the fallen tile with the word 'stop'

    Okay this software seems top be part of Swann's but I knew there was a reason why I was being shown this?

    Our guardians are protecting our property

    Here you are read my post about the tile falling off. On the link below.

    I think the CCTV is date stamped as well when the grid came on..which I will try and film as to show that I was not there

    Back from the dentist.
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    Just a point....
    This camera has now stopped working as I have a blank screen

    The actual tile fell at the very point converging of the lines.

    I realise that this bit of software lays buried in the camera...but something triggered it to warn about the tile.

    Uncanny how the message writes 'STOP' in red indicating the red line where the tile fell.

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