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Scientists Studying Psychic Channeling Discover a “Complex Phenomenon That Deserves More Serious Study” - The Debrief

A team of scientists studying people who claim to be able to talk to the dead via psychic channeling report finding a “complex phenomenon that deserves more serious study. ”
While the researchers did not find definitive support for any of the study subjects’ claimed psychic abilities, they believe their work shows that such claims of mediumship and psychic channeling can be studied scientifically and under controlled conditions.
“Unveiling the dynamic world of channeling, this international study reveals its idiosyncrasies and research challenges,” said Dr. Helané Wahbeh, who headed the research, “offering valuable nuggets of wisdom for future researchers looking to tap into its potential usefulness.”


Published in the Journal of Scientific Information, which the researchers describe as “an open-access, platinum peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to maverick or frontier science topics,” the exploratory study was designed to determine the potential usefulness of “channeled information” based on ten questions posed by researchers to mediums who claimed an ability to perform psychic channeling.
The work titled “Channelers’ Answers to Questions from Scientists: An Exploratory Study” focused on four main objectives. These were:
  • Assess the correspondence of channeled and non-channeled answers within questions,
  • Evaluate the correspondence of different channelers’ responses for each question while in channeling and non-channeling states,
  • Examine whether channelers believe they are receiving information from the same source and,
  • Explore qualitative themes that emerge for each question.
To perform the study, the researchers enlisted 15 total channelers. Each channeler was asked ten questions in both ‘channeled’ and ‘non-channeled’ states.
Afterward, the responses were evaluated by a three-judge panel, who used ‘structured criteria’ to determine a measurable, quantitative value to the first three objectives. Following that analysis, the team performed a ‘qualitative’ analysis of the fourth criterion focused on potential themes that may or may not emerge from each question.


The results were mixed; some met the team’s expectations, while others directly contrasted prior assumptions.
For example, the researchers say they found “low correspondence” between answers provided by the channelers in the two different “channeling” and “non-channeling” states. This was as they had expected.
However, when the judges performed a quantitative analysis on the second criterion, they found “virtually no correspondence” between answers given while channeling and when not channeling. This finding was “contrary to our hypothesis, ” they say.

The researchers also say that when performing psychic channeling, the channelers did not perceive they were all accessing the identical source of information. There was no indication whether this finding was in line with or contrary to any pre-study hypothesis.
Finally, the team’s qualitative analysis returned mixed results. In some cases, “coherent and common themes” appeared for specific questions but didn’t appear for others.


The researchers point out that they can’t claim to have found definitive proof supporting the channeler’s claimed abilities. However, they say their work “offers insight into improving future studies attempting to obtain valuable information through channeling,” which they say needs to happen.
“The authors concluded that channeling is likely a complex phenomenon that deserves more serious study,” the press release announcing the study concludes, “as such perceptions are probably influenced by many, as yet unknown factors that should reveal much about the limits of brain functioning and human consciousness.”
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Dejan Corovic

As above, so bellow
They are just beating around the bush and re-discovering hot water. In now widely ridiculed CIA experiment professional statisticians found statistical significance at 20% level in favour of remote viewing. And indeed CIA secretly used remote viewing as a practical and effective tool.


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what is channeling?

As I understand it RV as seen in the Stargate Project was simply a way of obtaining fairly mundane types of information, albeit secret stuff; the location of a downed reconnaissance aircraft in Zaire and the location of a new missile sub barn. I see RV as a way of obtaining non-local information via non-standard mean, and so did SRI at the time.

Channeling is more about contacting someone or something else on a different ethereal plane and repeating what they have to say. Talking to your dead grandmother or an ancient spirit if some sort.

RV has become mainstream and there are a lot of snake oil peddlers out there, there's always somebody looking to cash in on someone else's naivete. It's become far too woo-woo to have much credibility anymore. I've had two direct personal experiences with RV that I take as genuine enough to convince me that there is something real at the core of the phenomenon. I don't necessarily take that to mean there is communication with the dead or anything else but the idea intrigues me.


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I wanted to find a medium who could tell me the secret message my friend and I created before he died. Figured I'd take a Pigfarmer methodical approach to it and after two credible independent references to the Windbridge Institute I found someone. Best that place can do is publish a list of people who have participated in their studies and that's what I got. I figured that's slightly better than throwing a dart at a list of names.

Having been through a number of medium sessions now they all take on a certain framework. Understandable - imagine you having to sit down and speak to a total stranger for 30-60 minutes and keep it moving along because they paid you for a service. How would you do it? At a minimum I'd want to make it positive for the sitter so I'd come up with a general guideline to follow, maybe break the reading up into sections. They all do that it's just a matter of personal taste and personality as to how. Some are much more personable and better at it than others and they're the ones demanding and receiving the big $$.

What I can say is that if the medium is continually casting about for names for you to hit upon it's BS, any nitwit can do that and build upon a 'hit.' I understand it's a matter of the medium being in the proper state of mind to receive information and have also come to believe that the sitter's frame of mind is important as well. When I sit for one of these things I believe the medium implicitly - easy enough to suspend skepticism for an hour or so as long as I'm not forking over the deed to the house or anything.

Cut to the chase. The one woman who was not expensive and was literally the most genuine, most 'normal' one out of the lot still spoke about a lot of stuff I'd call woo-woo; pseudoscientific stuff mixed with pop culture interest to make a tasty side dish to go along with the reading. She has a general outline to work from. I felt at the time and still do that she was reading not only me but the room I was in, maybe not so much my dead friend. She brought up a number of things that made me think she could somehow 'see' where I was sitting. That's RV to me, not afterlife communication. Then she went on and spoke of so much specific personal stuff that it caught me totally off guard, but again it wasn't stuff I didn't know only surprising to hear a stranger say it. So where the hell did she get it, if from anywhere? Most likely answer is ME, which is more RV than anything else. That would be true even if she did repeat the secret message - maybe it just came from my head, not my dead buddy. That said, she went on in specific detail about highly personal matters that she had no way to know or I'd think even guess about, plus she came so close to that secret message I almost fell out of my chair.

Whatever the hell that was, it seemed to be a genuine phenomenon and I think that's what SRI was initially looking for. If she wanted to start talking about praying mantis aliens using antigrav to build pyramids - which I'd call channeling - I reach for the ejection seat handle or bong, whichever was handy


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what is channeling?

Channeling takes place when someone puts themselves into a subjective meditative type of conscious state to where they allow another entity to take control of his or her body, either remotely or directly, and the entity typically uses this 'connection' to convey information verbally or in writing...


Dejan Corovic

As above, so bellow
That said, she went on in specific detail about highly personal matters that she had no way to know or I'd think even guess about, plus she came so close to that secret message I almost fell out of my chair.

I had that experience with one medium, about 20 years ago. That's why have interest in this stuff. Once she got into the right state of mind, she nailed it.