Childhood Strangeness

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    Good Morning, Evening, Afternoon, which ever suits you sir! (Madam).

    A bit of background, I am or was I should say a British Army brat dragged around Europe during my childhood finally ending back in the UK at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst at age 13.
    This was a temp stay whilst dad and mum looked to buy a property back in our home town as dad was not going t0o be getting any more postings abroad.

    Whilst at Sandhurst there was back then a hill which was called Monkey Hill on the barracks which as kids my brother and I where told that at the top of the hill they hung German soldiers and inside the hill it was actually a air raid shelter of sorts.

    As kids we broke into the air raid shelter and climbed to top of the hill which appeared to have a old gallows type setup from days gone by so there may have been some truth in the hangings. Somewhere I have photos of both the hill and tunnels in the air raid shelter.

    In the winter it gets dark early and my brother and I where outside playing by Monkey Hill around 1700Hrs when we noticed figures appearing to float across the old gallows area. Germans that where hung? Parents thought we where barking mad and must have imagined it or we where mistaken with what we believe we saw as it was dark and a little misty, not fog but a light mist and still able to see distant objects, buildings etc.

    Also my brother is 3 years younger than I so no drink or drugs involved at that age.
    To my memory I recall seeing them as actually figures of people just sort of floating across where they used to be hung, if that part was even true that they hung soldiers from the German forces there.

    Also while I am at it, my grandma passed away a few years back and she used to sleep where I now sleep.
    Me being a geezer my bedroom smells of men scents but every now and then I get a whiff of my Grandmas perfume that was her favourite and it is only ever in this room but I find it comforting as I believe my Grandma is present when I smell the scent although no visuals of her just the scent and a calming feeling all over.

    The scent is not coming from anything my gran owned as since her passing the room has been gutted and decorated several times since.

    There is another couple of incidents of high strangeness that happened once we moved to our home town, Eastleigh. This time I was the only one affected on two incidents and the third was multiple witnesses but I shall save that for another post shortly. I think I did post all the strangeness I have had over the years on the Paracast forums many moons ago. I should take a look, not sure what my login details are it could be I am banned who knows will have to check it out later when I have more time on my hands to spare.
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    Interesting, I have heard of this before, some who passed away and the scent of their perfume shows up on occasion as if lingering energies from the deceased still permeates the place...


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