CIA Teases with Tweet of UFO Photo

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    Has the release of Defense Intelligence Agency videos of alleged UFO encounters by US military jets spawned a competition among government agencies over who is more in tune with this type of disclosure?

    That might be the case with a new tweet by the CIA over the weekend (yes, the CIA has a Twitter account – or does it?) showing a photograph of a flying saucer UFO and a link to a page on its website entitled “Trying to Photograph a UFO?”.

    Are the CIA and the DIA competing to release files that were once MIA?


    The photograph is one of many released by the CIA earlier this year when the agency opened up about 13 million pages of declassified documents to the general public and set up an Electronic Reading Room for searching through them.

    Those documents included UFO photos from around the world, along with guides for future UFO spotters on how to get better photographs, how to gather non-photo information and submit a report, and how to conduct a UFO investigation .

    Why did the CIA decide to release this photograph now, along with a reminder that it’s been disclosing secret UFO files for a while?

    Perhaps it’s because many reports on the DIA and the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program claim that AATIP survived after spending its $22 million budget because of secret funding by the CIA.

    Is the CIA trying to distance itself from this alleged connection by displaying much better photos than the radar images in the DIA videos?

    The CIA website actually has a page entitled “Take a Peek Into Our “X-Files” with “Top 5 CIA Documents Mulder Would Love To Get His Hands On:” and “Top 5 CIA Documents Scully Would Love To Get Her Hands On.”

    Is the CIA’s tweet a sly distraction to divert the public away from demanding more real disclosure to demanding more episodes of The X-Files?

    CIA Teases with Tweet of UFO Photo
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    Thats a bit like plaing with fire.. isnt it ?
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    I think we may simply be seeing a change in official attitudes over old UFO pictures and documents due to the age of the materials themselves. Those in charge of the agencies probably see no harm that can come from releasing old material such as this, given that most of the witnesses and personnel involved are dead and the projects which originally collected the materials are long since concluded. The Cold War era principals who demanded complete denial on the UFO question are mostly gone now, and those in charge today might have correctly concluded that people are not going to freak out over old UFO pictures.
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