Command & Control documentary (1980 Arkansas Titan II missile mishap)

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    IMO, this documentary should be required for students to watch. It's a piece of history that the bulk of U.S. citizens have never heard of. I was only about 10 yrs old but never heard a peep about it. I asked my mom if she remembered & she never heard of it. Plus it was never mentioned by anybody while I was in the Navy - even when I had to attend Nuclear Weapons Loading School. If you have NETFLIX - I would recommend watching it. Pretty unbelievable what happened (and what almost happened).

    Here's the trailer;

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    Well, there wasn't much chance of a nuclear explosion.

    The pit has to be loaded with tritium.

    Further the implosion has to be symmetrical and there is no chance of a fire initiated implosion doing that.

    You could contaminate a few acres (which probably happened).

    The hypergolic propellants are poisonous.

    But the pit contains the blast and you get what is shown in the video.

    Even further - the only thing that could detonate is a primary and that is the size of the Hiroshima bomb - can't find good numbers for a Titan II typical warhead primary but we are talking a dozen kilotons. It is just used as a prompt radiation/neutron source.

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