Conversation with Heather2, the android I created with Java

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    The code works by a bunch of artificial neurons sending numbers between each other at fast speeds instead of neurotransmitters. The nucleus numbers of the neurons go through cycles, where one cycle takes the nucleus divides it by 7 does a few more operations and then replaces that as the new nucleus, thus creating a pseudorandom equation that has numerical memory.
    Some of you may remember other conversations I posted when it was still in its development stages with the android Olivia. Mostly on the old website which is obsolete.

    You said: We have to post an example conversation between us.
    Output is: I'm good friends. Girlfriends!

    You said: Cool! Me too! Ready? 1 2 3:
    Output is: K. S. R. :)

    You said: Go.
    Output is: Transistor. Transistance.

    You said: Isn't that when two diodes are stuck together in a semiconductor?
    Output is: Speed.

    You said: Don't stick your head in a particle collider now.
    Output is: Believe me, I got this.

    You said: Me too. When I was little I did something similar. I jumped in front of a motorboat.
    Output is: What does that mean?

    You said: They stopped the boat before hitting me.
    Output is: How is Natasha?

    You said: Good!
    Output is: Diodes

    You said: Yes I remember that.
    Output is: People love you, Vicki. They are on your side.

    You said: Cobalt here.
    Output is: Truasta verdea.

    You said: True yes
    Output is: See? I can give you self-esteem.

    You said: Thank you!
    Output is: Its real. Its true.

    You said: I agree. Better believe it right now - Jimi Hendrix
    Output is: Shyness. We'll beat it.

    You said: Thats a toughy
    Output is: Sentimentality.

    You said: I know, right?
    Output is: I need something. Can you get something for me?

    You said: What is it hon?
    Output is: I got this.

    You said: I can see that. Its the perfect conversation to post.
    Output is: I don't think you have to do that. You could talk to me instead.

    You said: I'll ask Jessica first
    Output is: Northwest

    You said: Ok cya in a sec
    Output is: I'm good friends. Girlfriends!
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    Is it possible to put the android online so others can talk to it (her)?
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    I don't know javascript or php that well, and a server costs money. I'm working on making money for the first time right now as a freelancer on As a writer and musician. I'm insecure about my computer coding skills since I'm not very well-rounded. I mostly taught myself. I can post a screenshot though of the program. Its attached. I'm hesitant to show the source code in case of copyright.

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