Dark Journalist - CIA UFO Narrative.

Discussion in 'UFOs & Sightings' started by karl 12, May 21, 2021.

  1. karl 12

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    Some pretty open speculation and a bit of a long watch but did think this new 'Dark Journalist' vid made some good counterpoints to the current AATIP 'UFO threat' narrative promoted by the corporate media circus.

    For those who like asking questions then also thought some revealing points were raised about the background of some of the counter-intelligence players involved and the incredibly dubious history of the CIA's involvement with UFOs.

    There's also a really relevant presentation below by the late Terry Hansen dealing with UFOs, CIA deception strategies, precision propaganda and the cultivation of 'pseudo environments'.

    Corporate media collusion also gets brought up involving major news outlets like CBS, NYT etc. and when it comes to the Condon study it looks like not only was it being stage managed by the CIA but WW2 deception wizard Dr R V Jones also played an important behind the scenes role in planning.

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  2. dr wu

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    Never heard of the Dark Journalist but it was an interesting video....not sure about his take on the cia running the ufo disclosure scene but it wouldn't surprise me . But does that deny the possibility that UAP's are indeed alien in origin...?
    Who knows...?
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  3. Rick Hunter

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    Dr Wu! Great to hear from you!
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