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    Picked this up a while ago and only just got around to it. Still hacking my way though this:

    It's not the best read and refers to an internet forum much like this one a bit too much for my taste, but if you want a general look0see this is it. Not done with it just yet but I feel that he clearly had some military training or involvement in SE Asia that allowed him to pull this off. But there are some not quite related things I do have an opinion on.

    -entirely terrestrial case built largely on eyewitness testimony. In many cases witnesses are still be hounded decades after the event. Swarms of people hang on to every word, every detail to spin something from.

    -the vaunted FBI Crime Lab was seriously flawed during this period, investigative methods and practices were not up to what we think of as a CSI standard. Subtle differences the modern internet sleuth might not factor in. Something to bear in mind when you read about a Texas cop pocketing some of Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle casings to admire, or maybe even a certain intelligence officer to bring home weird shiny metal and show his kids. The FBI may be covering up some Deep State Secret but the most apparent one is their own incompetence, defensiveness and obfuscation to cover up an inherent weakness - like DoD spending billions for defense and not being able to do one single thing about the occasional UFO zipping past to dump it's blue ice on us.

    - hundreds of deathbed confessions from those who convincingly claim to be the hijacker. Even if one of them is real the rest are all BS. I bet some of them actually believe it.

    And I could go on. Many parallels here to Ufology worth thinking about. Human nature in action in a case that doesn't require any fantastic leaps of imagination.
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