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    As for UFO meta-materials here are three descriptions given by witnesses. There are few committees and differences. It makes sense to assume that these are all different civilizations at different technological levels, so materials would be different.

    "UFOs Are With Us - Take My Word" by Leo Dworshak, pg.43,

    "These boys would like to touch our ship. Make sure it is well grounded, for we probably have developed some electricity in our travels." There was no greetings I think he simply picked the top item off the humbled pile of thoughts and responded to it. He was speaking to us in that flawless German I remembered from before.

    Then we were given the opportunity to touch something from another galaxy for the first time. The feeling of touching the ship, which definitely sent a chill up my spine, is also very difficult to explain. I expected it to be hard and metallic, but to this day, I find it hard to believe the feeling I had touching something that was so smooth and exchanged no heat with my hand. It was neither warm nor cold, and was definitely smoother than glass or polished metal, which will stick to your hand. It was like trying to press on magnet against the same pole of another, like I was not really touching anything at all. I think I was getting very close to it, but not actually touching it. The colors were somehow projected from inside it, or emanated from it, instead of reflecting as from a painted surface or a mirror. At that particular moment, the colors seemed to match the sky and even the clouds.

    Mike (his brother) put both his palms flat against it and then pressed his ear and cheek against it, but didn't say a thing. His expression told me that he was as perplexed about it as he was I. The though came to me that maybe the colors came from the other side and were just passed through the ship so we could see them on this side.

    I still can not explain it to my satisfaction today. The ship was made in such a way, or of such a material, that once it rose several hundred feet in the air, it looked just like the sky. The reflection was the same as air, not like metal or a mirror. You just could not see the spaceship and there was no clue to help you pick it out from the background of the sky. Even Standing there and touching that ship, it was hard to believe it was really there. We (him and his brother) had realized another of our goals, but it had only created dozens of new questions many more than it answered.

    "White Sands Incident" by Daniel Fry
    The White Sands Incident | Daniel Fry Dot Com

    I approached within a few feet of the craft and then began slowly circling about it. It was as it had appeared from the air, a spheroid, considerably flattened at the top and bottom so that the vertical dimension was about sixteen feet. while the horizontal diameter was about thirty feet at the widest point, which was about seven feet above the ground. Its curvature was such that if viewed from below, at an angle of less than 45 degrees from the vertical, it might appear to be saucer-shaped, although it was shaped more like a soup bowl inverted over a sauce dish. The dark blue color which it appeared to have when I had first seen it in the air, was gone now. It was just a polished metal surface, silver color, with what seemed to be a very slight violet iridescence. I walked completely around the craft without seeing any sign of opening or seams. “If there is anyone inside,” I thought, “they must get in through the top or bottom.”


    This thought reminded me that; although I had been close enough to touch the craft for several minutes, I had not, as yet, actually done so. Perhaps I could learn something about the material of which it was made by the feel. At any rate I could tell the temperature. I stepped forward and gingerly placed a finger tip to the polished metal. It was only a few degrees above the air temperature, and it was incredibly smooth. It is difficult to describe the degree of smoothness. If you were to run your finger over a large pearl which had been covered with a thin soap film you might receive a sensation somewhat similar to that which I felt when I touched the metal. I stroked the metal with the palm. of my hand and felt a slight but definite tingling in my finger tips and the heel of my palm.


    Then a crisp voice came out of the air at my side, “Better not touch the hull, pal, it’s still hot!”

    “You mean that the hull is highly radioactive?” I asked. “If so, I am still much too close.”

    “It isn’t radioactive,” was the reply. “I used the term `hot’ because it was the best I could think of in your language to explain the condition. The hull has a field about it which repels all other matter. The field is very powerful at molecular distances but diminishes by the seventh power of the distance so that the force becomes negligible a few microns away from the hull. Perhaps you noticed that the surface seemed very smooth and slippery. That is because your flesh did not actually touch the metal but was held a short distance from the surface by the repulsion of the field. We use the field to protect the hull from being scratched or damaged in landing. It also lowers air friction tremendously when it is necessary to travel at high speed through an atmosphere.”

    “But how would this kill me?” I asked. “I did touch the hull and felt only a slight tingle in my hand and what did you mean, by that crack about my language? If you aren’t a Yank, I never heard one.”

    “As to your first question,” the voice replied imperturbably, “it wouldn’t have killed you at once.

    Detailed meta-material description by David Adair, skip directly to 7:59:

    Common points to all described metamaterials are:

    - no seams, welds or bolts,
    - rare lighting effects like iridescence, translucence
    - slippery surface created by some kind of repulsive field (both with Dworshak and Fry),
    - instant heat transfer, so much so, that when material is touched one feels material to be neither hotter nor colder than his body.
    - visible interaction with EM waves (Adair's body heat caused iridescence vertices),
    - possible passing light through from other parts of craft, to achieve invisibility.

    Thank you for great link.

    Yeah, Dr. Knuth is barely scratching surface with correlations he mentioned in interview, like military facilities. There is a whole myriad of correlations directly connected with actual propulsion
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    Agreed - it appears that all or virtually all legitimate AAV reports involve the same field propulsion principle, being exploited in different ways and with greater and lesser levels of sophistication. I find that to be encouraging; that may indicate that we too could make rudimentary use of this principle if we could theoretically model its key operative mechanism.

    Okay, that's so close to Daniel Fry's description that I need to know everything about this case to see if it seems like a derivative story, or if it could be a legitimate independent confirmation of these key material properties.

    Is there a specific witness that I could look up online, to dig deeper into it?

    It's uncanny that you quoted this today - I've been pondering this quote ever since I wrote this post on Friday, where I talked about Jacques Vallée's recent involvement in the isotopic analysis of an AAV trace evidence sample from a case in Argentina, and the clear conclusion that we're seeing evidence of a nuclear technology (which is a step beyond nanotechnology).

    But there's a more detailed quote in the 1973 edition To Men of Earth including The White Sands Incident. Unfortunately Sean didn't upload this version of the book to his website - it also includes a detailed description of the field propulsion system. But here's the description about the hull:

    “Do you mean the hull is highly radioactive?” I asked. “If so, I am still much too close.”

    “It isn’t radioactive in the sense that you use the word,” was the reply. “I used the term `hot’ because it was the only one I could think of in your language to explain the condition. The hull has a field about it which repels all other matter. Your physicists would describe the force involved as the ‘anti’ particle of the binding energy of the atom. When certain elements such as platinum are properly prepared and treated with a saturation exposure to a beam of very high energy photons, the anti-binding energy particle will be generated outside the nucleus. Since these particles tend to repel each other, as well as all other matter they, like the electron, tend to migrate to the surface of the metal where they manifest as a repellant force. The particles have a fairly long half-life, so that the normal cosmic radiation received by the craft when in space is sufficient to maintain an effective charge. The field is very powerful at molecular distances but, like the binding energy, it follows the seventh power law so that the force becomes negligible a few microns away from the hull.

    Perhaps you notice that the hull seemed unusually smooth and slippery. That is because your flesh did not actually come in contact with the metal but was held a short distance from it by the repulsion of the field. We use the field to protect the hull from being scratched or damaged during landings. It also lowers air friction greatly when it becomes necessary to travel at high speed through any atmosphere. The field produces an almost perfect laminar flow of air or any gas about the craft, and little heat is generated or transmitted to the hull.”

    I was so intrigued with that description, and other key features of Atoms, Galaxies, and Understanding that link the gravitational field to nuclear physics, that I spent years studying nuclear physics to try and get a better handle on the grand unified theory that Daniel Fry lightly touches upon in his books.

    David Adair's story sounds crazy enough to be true - I often wonder if it is. Either it's true, or he has a brilliant imagination; I can't tell which without more verifiable data. It does seem to be unlikely that a rocket could withstand the dramatic acceleration that he describes, and it's very hard to imagine that even a young prodigy could achieve greater success with a fusion reaction than teams of PhDs have been able to achieve in the intervening 40 years.

    But I find it to be a useful exercise to set aside some time to presume that these stories are true, to see if it leads to any new directions in scientific reasoning. Even fiction can be useful for changing the way you think about things, so you don't get stuck looking at a question from one perspective. In David Adair's case, if his story is true, it would appear that the engine he described could absorb heat energy from its environment and convert it into electrical energy to maintain its processing functions even when the reactor was shut down. He got into some new and very exotic details about his story in Heather Wade's interview with him a couple of months ago, where he discusses the engine as a sentient AI that communicated with him when he was examining the inside of the damaged reaction chamber.

    One of the things that I like about his story is that if it's true, then the craft operated on fusion energy. If it's possible to produce a high-performance gravitational field propulsion effect at those energy levels, then we should be able to detect those effects at modest magnitudes with energy levels attainable by human technology. It would be a question of the correct application of that energy, and the proper materials, rather than a prohibitively high-energy-density problem.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm thrilled to hear such an astute physicist openly discussing the finer points of this topic publicly. To date we've really only had a small number of qualified scientists like Paul Hill and Stanton Friedman to bring real scientific insight to this topic, and this is the first time that a current professional academic has spoken out so favorably about it, and advocated for a genuine scientific research effort into this. That's a huge development. I hope that others follow his lead - if enough academic scientists stand up and demand real research into this subject, it will happen. Finally.

    I think he only cited the correlation with military bases as one example; you two are on the same page though - I'm sure he'd love to see the deeper correlations that you've discussed on the forums, which give us some insight into the actual operation of these things. Perhaps you should write to him about it. I'd be happy to proof-read an email to him for you, so all of the grammar and stuff is perfect - little details can help make a favorable impression. Perhaps you two could collaborate and tease out some key new details about the field effects that are associated with these devices.
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    "UFOs Are With Us - Take My Word" by Leo Dworshak is still available on Amazon, although it is out of a print. There is no e-book version, unfortunately.

    Exactly! It's a great edutainment ;-). But question is, why are these properties there?

    It is noticeable in all three cases that there was instant heat transfer. We know metals are fast with heat transfer, but very far from instant. Question is, why did UFO's metamaterial needed that, obviously important, property?

    Repelling force field falling with 7-th power of distance. Aliens explain themselves, to avoid scratches on our new shiny toy and to bounce off micrometeorites.

    Adair's metamaterial being organic and having AI. I wouldn't worry about that, since we can do the same, more or less.

    One known way to bring UFOs and general relativity together is to create a metamaterial that, when irradiated with EM energy, converts into material with "negative effective mass". Negative effective mass behaves same as negative mass, so one would get instant and infinite source of acceleration without breaking energy and momentum conservation.

    David Adair said that fusion containment reactor can both be used for reactive propulsion and as power generator. It is interesting to consider that all that heat produced by fusion reactor was used to convert ordinary mass of the fusion reactor's body into negative effective mass. Just an aside.

    Can we see hints of something like conversions of ordinary mass into negative effective mass in properties of these UFO's metamaterials?

    The first time I watched David Adair I thought: this is all over the top and guy is obsessive liar and egomaniac. He is used words "me" or "I" not less than five dozen times in just one hour and that is always a red flag. Than Dr. Grier refused to admit him to congressional hearing about the disclosure and I thought: "It's not just me".

    But I watched him again about a week ago. And he's an addictive story teller, so it didn't matter. But than he started filling in with the details and all they started making more and more sense.

    If you put a "common sense" hat, than Adair's story makes zero sense. Kids can't make rockets. If you put "educated guessing hat" like an engineer or physicist, story is full of little technical mistakes, so story again doesn't fly. But, if you put "cold war survival" hat, story is bang in the center of the bull's eye.

    After watching four or five different interviews, mosaic started self-assembling, sort off.

    Adair was doing public lectures, and there one has very limited time and has to quickly cover lots of ground. So Adair, for a sake of brevity, threw out lots of important details, that would make more sense. And again, to keep the story exciting, he was using some artistic license just to keep audience well entertained. He's a first class story teller. So, one must admit, that these outside constraints don't make him a liar. Anybody promoting an idea or a book in public would face these problems.

    His dad was well off car mechanic with a fully kitted workshop, essentially similar, but smaller to the one NASA has. Adair had both free rain of that shop and supporting father (very important), so Adair was going from big to bigger faster than a typical kid. And that got him noticed with Ohio senator, which is not a small thing.

    There are several wunderkids on YouTube, who are making fusion reactors, which are not that complicated. One chap was giving lectures about fusion on TED before he was eighteen. He built a fusion reactor at home. His parents were very well off. Actually, he hasn't even finished secondary education, but he was admitted into one university's lab and given his own nuclear related project to work on.

    As for fusion rocket, it's piece of cake if you have supportive en. Adair says in one interview that NASA has a list of 53 feasible engines. First one being good old solid fuel, second one is liquid fuel and third one was fusion propulsion. Adair said that he simply read the list and took the third one, the fusion one, and that he just copied principles. So he didn't claim he invented himself. NASA's model worked only for 5sec, and Adair, during the test, shut his after 4sec. So, theoretically there was no risk of explosion. So technically speaking it was all there, for duration of 4sec.

    Now from "cold war survival" political culture viewpoint, it was late 1960's, the uneasy time of MAD. For those with responsibility to protect the country tension was real. Military-political complex was throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars like confetti. Just take project for nuclear bomber, that Stanton Friedman worked on. Nuclear bomber project costed 200+ million and employed 3,000 people and it was so secret public new nothing about it. And that bomber never flew, it was total dud. Not to mention a whole stream of about 10 separate projects for nuclear reactor rocket propulsion, that never flew either.

    Nuclear bomber project was abandoned because it was too heavy to put on an aeroplane. Second, nuclear fusion rocket was abandoned after they realized that there was no way to test it in flight, because it will spew radioactive material from the exhaust. Any common engineering sense would tell you about these shortcomings before you spent a penny. But these huge projects were just a way of milking government by large corporations. I am mentioning these giga-flops here to illustrate how easy was to get money for defense projects in cold war political atmosphere.

    In that light, Adair's project costed only about $1.5 million, which was peanuts in comparison with other projects of the time. Project was lead by, just in time retired, general Le May who had tightly interwoven connections all over the military-industrial complex. Fact that Le May was retired was important. Adair's project was high on technical risk and no active general would take it on. Retired general had nothing to loose. Regarding the low price tag, just $1.5M, potential financial damage was far down on the low side.

    On the benefit side, with a relatively simple and cheap modification of an existing Titan rocket, US would get, Clint Eastwood style, First Strike capability. As Adair said, Russians would not even get time to get out of their chairs, not to mention launch retaliatory attack. During the test NORAD clocked Adair's fusion rocket at Mach 37.

    Question is, in that type of political atmosphere, that constantly bordered on panic, would a senator give a small amount of the "off the books, black project money" to a somebody with a proven rocket building track record, and who was under supervision by four star general and was assisted by Air Force technical stuff. Personally, I would say, at that time, it would be borderline treason not to sign up for that funding. Today, maybe not so.

    Now before anybody questions the feasibility of magnetic containment fusion rockets, here is an article about NASA's funding of University of Washington for a similar project: NASA-backed fusion engine could cut Mars trip down to 30 days


    Adair's version of fusion containment engine was much cruder and it had enormous acceleration that would kill the crew. University of Washington's version would have one pulse every few minutes, to keep it easy on the astronauts.

    Yeah, I thought of it myself. I was just thinking of the best angle to start with. Thank you for the offer of proof-reading. We'll do that.
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    i have almost infinite cases in my archives that support the IDH, if that isn't evidence, i don't know what is
    first the only thing they managed to do in 1 YEAR is the release of 3 ambiguous videos and some vaguely interesting testemonies
    and? it din't start with elizondo, i bet if we did a census, we would find a good chunk of military that believes in UFOs
    the second one is more important and would definitely prove a ETH origin for the ufo phenomena
    i don't know you but i do see a pattern
    i ain't panicking, in fact i am completely ignoring anything TTSA related and continuing my research in silence
    his problem is that he got easily corrupted with ufo mythology
  5. humanoidlord

    humanoidlord ce3 researcher

    very interesting accounts!
    with the exception of the last one wich is whistleblower BS
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    Hal Puthoff uneasily insinuates (without affirming) we have recovered craft to George Knapp when having to answer questions about the "exotic material" being studied. Recently another TTSA adviser (Davis?) declared Texas crash was such one.

    (I doubt they just crash, my guess they get shot down by some covert weapons we will never hear of or be declassified).

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    ...except all of the cases that you’ve cited as evidence of the IDH read exactly like ETH cases.

    Why don’t you specify your criteria for distinguishing an IDH case from an ETH case? Because most sane, reasonable people who read a story about alien beings walking around a large craft of exotic shape and characteristics, would conclude that those beings arrived here in that craft from a real physical location which is not of this earth.

    I’ve already proven this statement to be completely wrong. Do you even read the posts that you’re debating online? Here’s the relevant excerpt from the previous page of this thread:

    So you won’t be willing to reconsider your extradimensional ultraterrestrial explanation until the government provides a dead alien body for public examination. that’s ever going to happen. I can’t even imagine anything that would be more highly classified than a dead alien body. Not to mention the risks – what if it contains bacteria or viruses which are benign to their species, but which are deadly and infectious to our species? Releasing alien biology to the public could potentially wipe out every man, woman, and child upon this planet.

    You’re not “researching” if you’re ignoring all of the data that contradicts your own hypothesis. That's the antithesis of scientific methodology.

    And you’re not doing it “in silence” either – you’re spamming online UFO forums with your blind religious faith in the “extradimensional ultraterrestrial” hypothesis on a more or less daily basis, thereby undermining the little scientific credibility that this field has managed to gain.

    It’s hilarious to hear you call the ETH “mythology” when your own favored explanation involves an invisible supernatural being from some unseen alternate reality playing tricks on witnesses all around the world, by manifesting physical aerial devices through the power of magic. I mean – lol – it just doesn’t get any more mythological than that.

    I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word “whistleblower.” A whistleblower is somebody who exposes real secret information about something that government or industry shouldn’t be doing (typically, illegal activity). So by definition what a whistleblower reveals is the truth. David Adair may well be a hoaxer, in which case his story would be “hoaxer BS.” But the phrase “whistleblower BS” is inherently self-contradictory – it can be one or the other, but not both.

    Yeah at this point we’ve heard the same thing from four people at TTSA; Hal Puthoff, Eric Davis, Luis Elizondo, and Tom DeLonge. Apparently the government has recovered an exotic metamaterial engineered at the atomic level with specific isotopes arranged in a particular way for a particular purpose which is beyond modern terrestrial technological capabilities. But I don’t think we’re going to get to see that specific material because such a thing would be extremely highly classified.

    So I’m hoping that TTSA has gotten hold of an exotic sample of recovered material through public channels. I’m dying to see what they find with their current analysis.

    Earlier in this thread I linked to an interview with Jacques Vallée where he discusses a similar and very startling analysis that he was involved with regarding recovered material from a case in Argentina, where they found a perfect balance of isotopes of an element in units of thirds. That happens nowhere in nature. And it’s difficult and costly to separate isotopes into their pure forms and then recombine them, so there had to be a good reason to do that – but that reason would have to be beyond modern science, because we haven’t reached the point yet where we have an application for engineering matter at the nuclear level like that. So that strikes me as compelling evidence of recovered alien technology here on Earth.

    And I agree with your assessment - I don't think that these devices just fall out of the sky for no good reason. It seems most likely that they're being downed by some kind of human energy weapon, perhaps a laser or a focused EMP of some kind, because it's impossible to detect incoming electromagnetic energy until it hits the craft, and therefore there's no opportunity for evasive maneuvers.

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately - if the hull of the craft is a key aspect of the propulsion mechanism, then there must be limits to its dual usage. The primary usage - to induce motion, would have very specific composition requirements. Those requirements would be very different from the most desirable defensive characteristics - one would have to arrive at some kind of compromise between the two. My guess would be that they rely on their dramatic propulsion capabilities to execute evasive maneuvers - the best defense is getting out of the way. A powerful electromagnetic area-of-effect weapon could defeat those evasive capabilities, and probably interfere with the propulsion aspect of the system in the process - perhaps forcing it off-course suddenly, like directly into the ground.

    So "superior technology" doesn't necessarily mean "impervious technology." For example, the Spanish armada represented vastly superior technology than the Inca civilization had at that time - but an Inca warrior could still destroy a Spanish warship with a well-placed torch.
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    Im pretty sure there’s no more evidence implying a E.T presence as there is implying well something else. That’s what makes the notion of obtaining some super intelligent designed material so appealing. It would be the one thing that finally shows without a doubt E.T’s are crossing space and coming to earth.

    If the rockstar dude actually has the material, he should just present it instead of constantly talking about it. Leads me to believe it’s more a dog and pony show. Not bad for a movie company :D
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    Here's the thing that I keep coming back to: these widely reported craft of myriad varieties, all consistently exhibit the distinctive propulsion signatures of a gravitational field propulsion system: no discernible emissions, silent hovering, extremely dramatic accelerations, intramedium transit capability, etc. And we know from theoretical physics that a gravitational field propulsion system is the ideal solution for interstellar spaceflight because there's no upper limit on velocity, and there are no time dilation effects. So in theory such a craft could arrive here from a nearby star and be back home in time for dinner.

    That's good enough for me. But on top of that, if a single one of the stories about alien beings is real, then we have 1.) the demonstrable capability of arriving here from other stars, and 2.) they also appear to be intelligent alien life forms.

    So actually having a piece of their field propulsion technology would strengthen the case for alien visitation, but the physics alone makes a convincing argument.

    As far as Tom DeLonge and TTSA goes, the materials topic consists of two distinct parts. First - they've talked about a metamaterial that was analyzed under the AATIP program; the government has that material and I don't think they'll ever let the public see it - its intelligence value is too high. So TTSA launched their own analysis effort a few weeks ago, the ADAM Project. They acquired some material via public channels so they can analyze it themselves as a private entity, so the results can be shared with the public. That kind of analysis typically takes months of work. If we assume that they got lucky and got hold of some genuine recovered material right off the bat, I would think that we'll see the results by Christmas.

    So a little patience is called for here. They're starting from scratch on a brand new analysis. If they're actually analyzing a piece of alien tech right now, the results will be worth waiting for. But it could take a few tries before they analyze a legit piece of alien hardware - they can only analyze what the public can provide to them, and not every sample that somebody gives them will prove to be the real deal. But on the upside, it only takes one real and demonstrably exotic piece of material to change the whole game. So if it takes a year for that to happen, that's fine by me.
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  10. Thomas R. Morrison

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    TTSA released a new 3-minute video today about the multiple sample analyses that they're working on right now.

    And we finally got to hear a little bit more from my favorite egghead Steve Justice.

    As expected, it sounds like most of what they've received is mundane...but at least one sample has their hair standing on end, apparently:

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  11. Kchoo

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    I can wait!
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  12. Thunder_Bull45

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    I want to believe!

    But my BS meter is pegging , perhaps I’m too skeptical or maybe it’s the presentation that’s not jiving well with my conscious. I mean did they really have to blur that little piece out!? I don’t have a problem believing something is out there, the probability is substantial that there is!

    It would be a game changer if what they have is real, no doubts, I wish/hope they do have something! But as impressive of a team TTSA has assembled , I have the hardest time believing that some blacked out government officials met with a former rockstar, was so impressed with his presentation that they ok’d his mission.

    But interesting non the less :D
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  13. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    Yup. Science, Aerospace and .... Entertainment divisions? Just seems wonky
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  14. Standingstones

    Standingstones Celestial

    I know the believers in TTSA don’t like hearing this, but how long is this investigation going to take? Or do they drag this on as long as the money is coming in? Sorry, just call me very skeptical. My BS meter is starting to peg.
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    Thunder_Bull45 Native Injunuity

    Entertainment division are not those ain’t actors doing the tests! That’s what makes ttsa so exciting, it’s kinda The Who’s who of ufo’s all under one roof.

    The potential is there but they’re not convincing me it’s for the greater knowledge as opposed to the “lining of the pockets”. I could go out on a thinking limb, and conclude they’re keeping this material hidden from prying eyes to preserve the investigation that’s being conducted . Last thing they need is every bubba gump sending them scrap metal because it looks like what they’re testing . Or the nefarious ones that would seek to copy the visual representation and make their own secret metal claims.

    With all the hush hush, nda’s, and I can’t tell you’s. It’s not much different than what the governments doing already. Besides the tune in next week for more mentality.
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  16. Thomas R. Morrison

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    It’s way too easy for the decades of cynicism that have accrued around this subject, thanks to myriad shameless hoaxers and shysters, to create an emotional filter of totally subjective negativity and mistake that for legitimate insight.

    Fortunately, we don’t have to rely upon such impressions. All we have to do is wait and see.

    Quite possibly – iirc they promised confidentiality to people who provide samples for analysis, so they would have to blur out any names and such written upon labels.

    I’m not sure why you find that so hard to believe; apparently that’s exactly what has happened. Although I would say that it’s probably been a group effort from the beginning, growing organically in stages with each member helping to shape the plan and the execution of it, rather than a bunch of very serious and capable people simply falling in line behind Tom DeLonge.

    Yeah I’m fascinated with this whole project. And this part specifically – performing real science to investigate this phenomenon, in the public sector, is exactly what I’ve been advocating for decades. If they get hold of a single legitimate sample of recovered material, the potential ramifications could be incalculable.

    I’m dying to see the results.

    It makes a lot of sense to me, actually. Conducting science doesn’t make money, it costs money. And the same is true with aerospace technology – it costs a small fortune to set up that stuff before you can even begin manufacturing. But entertainment such as books and tv contracts and films – that can bring money in right away to fund everything else. If I were in their shoes, I would’ve gone about it exactly the same way.

    I have an excellent BS meter, and it’s telling me that these guys are legit. We’ll see who’s right in the months ahead – I think we’ll see something really exciting from these scientific analyses within a year. I mean, think about it – they’re not just groping in the dark here: they were doing this stuff for the Pentagon for the last decade. They found exotic materials in the course of that work, but they can’t show us those samples because they’re government property, and evidently remain classified. So they’re replicating that work in the public sector. It all adds up to me.

    Detailed materials analyses can take months, and they just started this work a few weeks ago. And we don’t know how many mundane samples they need to go through before they hit pay dirt (and neither will they until they do the work). So I’m hopeful that we’ll see something interesting by Christmas, but I’m giving it a year.

    They do have one hell of a team. These aren’t whackadoodles like Steven Greer or David Wilcock; these are serious people, with many years of serious professional experience in this area. And without them, we would never have known about the AATIP or its findings. So I think we have good reason to give them a chance.

    That’s not a convincing argument from my perspective. Luis Elizondo left a sweet gig as a Pentagon official to do this. Steve Justice was a heavy hitter at Lockheed – and Lockheed pays very well. I’m sure that Bigelow pays well too. So it’s not like these guys were hurting for money. It looks to me like they’re motivated by something far more important than money – the opportunity to actually change things. And I think they might actually pull it off.

    Scientific analyses have to be conducted in private; it would be unprofessional to talk about preliminary results. You really need to conduct the complete analysis on a sample so you have all of the answers possible to all of the questions that are likely to be asked when it’s time to take your results to the press. So they’re being as open as they can be.

    They’ve only been at it for a few weeks, and this stuff could take months. Some of the tests – the most important ones imo – will have to be subcontracted out. And the more interesting and complex a material proves to be, the more tests you have to run to see what you’re looking at, so the longer it takes to run all those tests and then draft a comprehensive report.

    The mundane stuff takes the least time to analyze. But I’m sure they don’t want to make an announcement about that stuff: “Well we’ve analyzed three samples so far and they turned out to be; a chunk of mud, a piece of an old roof shingle, and a chunk from a chewed dog toy.” They’re not going to want to make any announcements until they’ve got something interesting, and that’s the stuff that takes months to analyze, because you don’t want to miss anything and make some irrecoverable blunder like making a press statement about something, and then finding out that you got punked by your old pals at Lockheed who thought it would be funny to send you a scrap of material from an old research project.

    Science and patience go hand-in-hand. We’ll see whose BS meter is right within the next few months, maybe a year at the outside. This is the hard part: waiting.
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  17. humanoidlord

    humanoidlord ce3 researcher

    there are several caracteristics wich i think would only be present in a true ETH contact:
    1: aliens should have some visible means of manipulating matter
    2: the UFO should do things that the laws of physics account for
    3: the UFO should have a realistic mean of travelling across space
    4: neither the aliens neither the UFO can pass trough solid matter
    5: aliens should never do anything wich breaks the laws of physics, or can be classified as "magic"
    6: witness should have never had paranormal experiences of any type following the encounter
    7: the encounter should happen in a area wich is paranormally inactive
    8: the aliens should behave like true scientists and not clows toying with the witness
    suffice to say i have never heard of such a encounter
    the only HARD evidence they released are the videos and the testemonies, everthing else can be ignored
    at least a photo of such a thing coming from a official document or something
    what you are reading right now isn't my research, in fact i probally will never release my research to the public, i want it to be private
    ufo lore is even worse than that
    i will never use the word whistlebower in a non-sarcastic sense because the very idea of a ufological whistleblower is silly
  18. humanoidlord

    humanoidlord ce3 researcher

  19. humanoidlord

    humanoidlord ce3 researcher

    its obvious they are filling in time with useless videos but TTSA believers don't know that
  20. humanoidlord

    humanoidlord ce3 researcher

    nope, they are doing that to not spoil anything :Whistle:

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