Do you Like Modern Westerns?

Discussion in 'Arts, Sports, & Entertainment' started by wwkirk, Apr 3, 2022.

  1. nivek

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    I've watched Old Henry 3 times now, enjoyed it every single time, I always liked Tim Blake Nelson, he stars in another old timey sort of western but more of a southern style movie called O Brother, Where Art Thou?...

  2. michael59

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    I just binge watched Y: 1883 It definitely fits the category of modern western. It's on MTV and it has 10 episodes. You won't believe the stars in this show and this is just season 1.

    I loved it but...

    It was pure fantasy. Nothing like this would have ever have happened back then.

    The acting was superb, the story was fun to follow along with, the characters were easy to fall in love with or in the case of the villains, easy to hate. The series was packed full of guest stars that I loved running into. It kept me on my toes because I didn't want to miss anyone. lol

    The cinematography was breathtaking in almost every scene. Looking forward to the next season and I only hope it does not make us wait years for it.

    I have never watched Yellowstone. Don't think Kevin Costner is that talented. Just my opinion, of course.

    I give 1883 8.5/10.

    IMDB gives it 8.4
  3. wwkirk

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    I'm really liking Justified. I starting watching Breaking Bad at the same time, but haven't even finished the second episode of the latter.

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