'Do Your Homework Before Entering The UFO Fray'

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    Stanford Professor of Astrophysics Dr Peter A. Sturrock is a pretty well established and well respected scientist in the UFO field and has been involved with some great research over the years with his colleague Dr.Jacques Vallee and billionaire philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller - he also conducted some great work exposing the Condo Report and revealed the 'huge disconnecton' between Dr Condon’s conclusions and the actual reports of the scientists who conducted the research (also how many of his final summaries were 'variously misleading, false or inaccurate').
    In response to a debunking article published in APS Physics News, he provides some good advice in the letter below and presents six recommendations to physicists invited to take part in a discussion about the UFO phenomenon - perhaps the first one is the most relevant.


    There are also two relevant statements below made by Dr Sturrock where he brings up the subject of deeply embedded prejudice within the mainstream scientific community and the fact that many scientists have 'never had the occasion to confront evidence concerning the UFO phenomenon' - he also calls for the subject to be subjected to open and extensive scientific study.

    Don't know how many folks agree with Dr Sturrock but there's also a few statements and links in this thread

    Credible Statements about the UFO/OVNI subject.

    explaining how the statistical conclusions of the Condon report should 'arouse sufficient scientific curiosity to continue UFO study' - there's also plenty of reasons to be highly skeptical of official unexplained report percentages and serious questions raised about the objectivity and active agenda of government sponsored investigations into the UFO subject.


    A Tale of Two Sciences: Memoirs of a Dissident Scientist by Peter A. Sturrock

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    Hi Karl,...'Do Your Homework Before Entering The UFO Fray' ...
    good thread mate and great advice from a true giant of open minded scientific investigation of UFO's.... but advice that is seldom [if ever] heeded. His surveys among the scientific [astronomical] and aeronautical communities proved the stigma of confessing belief or even interest in the phenomenon to be too unbearable for the vast majority of the scientifically employed brethren to admit to. ... which in turn encourages the uneducated sneering and general distain toward a subject that they purposely keep their distance from, through perceived necessity via peer pressure.
    ... And even now almost fifty years later, his advice is still avoided by the majority of the scientific community.
    His words ... 'Do Your Homework Before Entering The UFO Fray' ...written on the top of this thread actually remind me of an interview with one of our old friends ... Michael Swords [The Professor] that he gave in 1995 to CUFON titled "State of UFOlogy today" .... The CUFON Interview of Michael D. Swords, Ph.D (September 1995)

    And I think that this sagely advice should be heeded by all honest open minded students whether scientifically educated or not.

    Cheers Buddy.
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    SOUL-DRIFTER Life Long Researcher

    A great thread.

    Yes indeed Karl.
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    Appreciate the replies and couldn't agree more - think it's fair to say that probably one of the most important scientists ever to investigate the UFO subject was atmospherical physicist Dr James E McDonald and there's a new (and very interesting) vid below about him from Richard Dolan:


    James E. McDonald papers, (1904-1997)

    Case Studies:

    UFO Symposium 1968: McDonald Case Studies

    Digital Recordings:

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research: James E McDonald - digital recordings collection

    Also really liked this quote from astrophysicist Bernard Haisch.

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    1963 Lovely post mate and Michael Swords really is a great man - below are some of the book links from his recommended reading section (couldn't find them all :( )

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