Dog Frightened by Ghost?

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    Watch: Dog Frightened by Ghost?
    By Tim Binnall

    An eerie piece of footage circulating online appears to show a dog being disturbed by a shadowy figure that some suspect could be a ghost. The intriguing video was reportedly posted on Reddit this week with the caption "I saw something interesting in my back yard. Paranormal? Or just an illusion?" According to the individual who shared the footage, the spooky incident took place outside of his home in Louisiana when his dog seemingly spotted something which caused it to become distressed.

    Concerned that perhaps there was an intruder on his property, the man and his dog walked out onto the back lawn and the uneasy canine barks at whatever has caught its attention. Eventually, his owner concludes that the perturbed pooch had merely been perplexed by its own shadow. However, upon viewing the video later, the man was astounded to see a shadowy figure briefly zip along a fence in the backyard.

    As one can imagine, opinions on the footage are largely split between two camps: those who think that the dog saw a ghost and others who argue that the video is an elaborate fake. While he understood the skepticism expressed by some viewers, the man who shared the footage conceded that "I don't know how to do video editing all that well. I wish I could edit stuff like this but the truth is I can't." Be that as it may, what's your take on the curious video?

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    I think you'll enjoy this video, Nivek. Especially the last one. :)

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