Don Ecker retires. A legend is gone.

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    Greetings all, this is an update on Dark Matters Radio and my current health status.

    As most of you know, just about one month ago I suffered an accident at home where I fractured a vertebrae in my back. This injury laid me low like I would not have believed. I am still undergoing medical tests for the injury and at this point the progress toward recovery has been very slow. I will not bore you with all the ins and outs but the most painful time is in the morning when I first get up. Of course, with this injury I had to put DMR on hiatus. Also, DMR has almost always been a “one man band,” so tracking down guests and making arrangements has always been my job and with this injury . . .well I just could not do it. Now, a bit more about DMR.

    My broadcast career goes back to the late summer of 1991 when I began. I actually preceded the Art Bell show when it came to phenomena radio. Bell was still doing satellite radio mostly talking politics when I started in Glendale Radio then on the Cable Radio Network. Over the years I broadcast on satellite radio, CRN, Liberty Works Radio, Patriot Brigade, Cyberstation USA and of course KGRA. I think it is safe to say I garnered a rather large audience in that time and my audience really enjoyed my style. One reason was, in my opinion, I asked questions but more importantly I questioned answers. I hosted some of the biggest names in the UFO and phenomena field, US Lawmakers, even Academy Award winning film Producers. (Robert Wise, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”). I loved doing radio and I always said I will do it until I no longer find it fun.

    I would also be remiss if I did not mention that for most of those 30 years, I almost never made a penny doing it. I did it for the love of radio and the subject material. One fan gave me what I thought was the ultimate compliment for DMR. He said it was kind of like the Art Bell show … except it was for adults. I liked that.

    Prior to KGRA I was on the CyberstationUSA Radio station for about 7 years. That was a good run, but like most endeavors … money determines how the venture will run. CyberstationUSA also suffered a shortage of money. Their equipment wore out and there was no money to replace it. I often had to pay out of my pocket to continue. Then KGRA came along. I began broadcasting there in July of 2017.

    The KGRA content was spread widely over various services for the audience to download and to tune in. My audience was used to being able to get my broadcasts after they were placed in the various services. I have audience all across the USA and also in Europe, but they began emailing and texting me that my content was no longer available for downloads. What happened? At first, I did not know.

    KGRA, like all podcast and radio stations, runs on money. KGRA was not bringing in enough money to continue. Since many of the broadcasters were now streaming video, the management felt that they could now charge for memberships for their services, so they removed the content from other services, and unless you tuned in live you won’t be able to receive the content until you become a member. I suggested that at least keep the audio available for a week or so after the broadcast so as to not lose the audience. This was rejected. So in effect, my audience for the most part could no longer receive my content.
    Even though I am currently not broadcasting, I had to ask myself if I wished to continue with the show after I could finally come back. I’ve decided to pull the show at this time. I really enjoyed doing DMR, but now I think it is time to cease. You all deserve to know why I am pulling the plug on it, so here it is.
    I wish to thank all of you loyal audience members for tuning in week after week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did bringing it to you. And, who knows? … We all may be closer to an answer about the UFO/UAP topic than any of us would ever have believed. The best to you all … and who knows? Might I return at some point? Never say NEVER….

    Don Ecker
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