dream interpretation


tall, thin, irritable
Admittedly inspired by a podcast I recently listened to: Edition 675 - Machiel Klerk - Dreams

This guy is about as exciting as watching cheese be cheese, but in light of a particularly lucid and realistic dream recently it had been on my mind. So I made a point of remembering a couple of them by repeating them out loud several times. Next is a note pad next to the bed.

Nothing revelatory, most dreams are just a midnight routine to flush the wiffle valves, IMO. But what I got so far is 'it's a clown show' + 'nobody's listening to me' + I am alone' the other night. Last night I seemed to have put a lot of effort in trying to pull pine trees up a steep hill, thinking it was stupid at the time, because it is. I assume these are just work references.

Anybody game to try this? Go fishing and see what you catch ?