Dreams of The Devil

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    I have had 2 dreams of the Devil(that I can remember).

    The first occurred several years ago.

    I was in a place of total blackness and he/it was a few yards away facing me trying his best to frighten me.
    He made all kinds of sounds groans, growls and hissing while shape shifting into more and more hideous forms.
    While he did this I laughed. The harder and longer he worked the more robust and louder I laughed.
    His anger climaxed and he exploded in a cloud of bluish smoke and the dream ended.

    I had the second dream of him only a few days ago. In the dream I awoke from a sleep in a trailer like one you might see at a construction site.
    I was on a couch facing a window and a door was to the right. I awoke to see it was black outside and the room brightly lit. At the window was the Devil peering through staring at me with his red eyes. It was a typical sight with the red curved horns and face. I stared back totally fearless and more amused than anything.
    He quickly moved away from the window and the door flew open and he leaped into the air at me and his mouth grew very large as did his teeth. He sailed like a ghost upward and down into my chest where he disappeared. For the moment I then experienced sleep paralysis as twice I tried to move and could not. Upon the second attempt I thought aloud with a chuckle "Keep trying!" Then the paralysis ended and the dream ended.

    The devil is mere symbolism in dreams. So these dreams are ones to be interpreted as I do not believe the Devil had anything to do with them.
    But I could be wrong....

    Anybody else have such dreams?
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