Einstein At Roswell.

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    I see my old friend Anthony Bragalia has come out of his self induced career-headline hiatus and presented a rather debatable [and perhaps dubious] story in which the great Albert Einstein's late one-time assistant 'Shirley Wright' claimed [much belatedly ... about 50 years-ish] that she and the greatest scientist of the 20th century was invited to view 'the Roswell crash saucer and also the corpses of five dead aliens [greys] as well as one that was still alive ... injured and seemingly in pain, [but apparently she heard that it later survived it's injuries].
    The proof that Anthony presents for this mind-blowingly-fantastical-story being actual fact is a couple of ten minute tape recordings that were made by mufon researcher Sheila Franklin in which the then 63 year old Shirley Wright told her this block-busting tale [that for all the world could be an episode of The X Files] ....

    UFO Explorations | Einstein's Secret Trip to View Roswell UFO

    Now as you might already be aware, I personally believe the original 'Roswell UFO crash' as told by Major Jesse Marcel , and after a lifetime of being stretched from one pole to another from the revelatory aftermath tale-tellers, ... very little else! [though some, or much of the later claims could well be authentic ... the water has certainly been sufficiently murkied by publicity-bitches and intentional-disinformation to throw in the towel on the rest] ... but being a internet-friend of Anthony's for some years now on several sites, I am of course willing to give any of his 'headline-grabbing-claims' a good bit of thought. [although I have to say that his recent track record ... i.e The Mesa Verde child, will probably put most off ... but over the years of knowing Anthony, I will attest that he is a great researcher that wouldn't knowingly present something that he really didn't believe was true! ... but we are are all human and liable to be fallible.] ... And so I have given this latest offering my full and earnest attention.
    .... And so far have to say that though I can point out no glaring discrepancies in 'the story' , I just do not get the feeling that this whole saga is any more authentic than all of the other 'he said, she said, trust me ... i've got the credentials ... butting in for attention grab! ... as I say, I have no real holes to point out in the claim, other than I have reservations about the fact that according to her obituary, Shirley Wright could have been no more than 17 years of age at the time of the alleged ET-Craft-and-Body/Survivor-Tour... would she really be in on that sort of action? ... and it may just turn out to be genuine?.... but for now at least, I don't buy it Anthony. ... how about you guys, do you believe Shirley's story? ... or is it just another one of those Roswell Tall Tales? :Unsure:


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    Thanks for posting this, 1963. This is indeed an interesting story but it's hard to imagine that such a story involving a superstar celebrity like Einstein could have been hidden away for so long. I'll have to join you in your skepticism.

    Besides, this story makes too much sense. The story about Richard Nixon taking Jackie Gleason to see the secret alien bodies in Florida seems so far-fetched, for instance, I often think it must be true. How could anyone make up something so preposterous and expect to be believed!

    There is an interview with Jesse Marcel shortly before his death where, perhaps plagued by guilt, he pointedly mocks the notion that a group of adults with at least average intelligence could mistake pieces of a balloon for an alien space ship. I genuinely get the impression poor Jesse was a whipping boy for the higher ups who tried as best he could to simply do his job.
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    Andy may have missed his calling. He could have been one hell of a corporate accountant.

    Old joke: A business owner was interviewing prospects for a job opening in his company, that of the chief accountant. The first accountant came in, sat down, and after some introductions the owner said he only had one question. What's two plus two?

    The accountant looked puzzled, and said well, four of course. The owner thanked the accountant and said that would be all.

    The next accountant came in, was asked what two plus two equaled. Four, said the accountant. That'll be all, thank you, said the owner.

    The third accountant came in, was asked what's two plus two? "What do you need it to be?" replied the accountant. "You're hired!" said the owner.
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