Electronic Ghost Devices?

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    I have here a range of electronic ghost devices that range from simple fire alarms to sophisticated devices.
    Any available input at other time is appreciated and please put your devices here as I am sure others will also be interested.

    I created this one thread as not to make multiple threads for all the devices.

    The Burglar Alarm

    This is a video taken in our country house as the burglar alarm activates.

    The burglar alarm is indigenous to the house and it appears as the camera is aimed at the areal view of the property at the picture, the burglar alarm activates.

    My main issue here is the build up of static electricity almost to a buzz. This I had also discovered on my video camera as well as my mobile phone.

    If you turn your sound right up as I open the back door, there is another voice that comes on as I state there is nothing there.

    I will leave this to you.
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