Engineer, School Teacher Claim Being Abducted

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    PLAINFIELD, Ind. — A man in Indiana says he and his fiancee experienced a series of strange events they believe could be related to alien intervention.

    The resident, an engineer from Plainfield who chose to remain anonymous, claims these entities have been experimenting on them and leaving marks on their bodies.

    “I’ve woken with several cuts on my head and what appears to be needle injections into stomach,” he said, not providing any photographic evidence.

    He also said that he has been able to predict future events as of late and that he is afraid of sharing this information on account of their professional careers.

    “She is also a school teacher, we can not take unnecessary chances,” he added.

    The supposed engineer wrote the message on MUFON containing countless misspellings: “withnessing”, “discribe”, “desernment” and more.

    In December 2015, a Brazilian woman claimed to have been kidnapped by robot creatures, causing her physical damage that she presented with photographs.

    3 months earlier, a U.S. Army sergeant said he had been abducted by a “beaked alien” in Puerto Rico.

    Engineer, School Teacher Claim Being Abducted
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    My brother used to scream out from time to time to my parents at night. He claimed to have something black, spiky and furry at the end of the bed. My parents would always take too long to get there to see it and when they turned on the lights there was nothing there. They would tell him it was just the cat. It wasn't the cat. The cat was outside. I saw it but my house was not a kid friendly house, especially if you were a girl. It was me who would nudge him awake so he would call out to my parents. We were very young, under the age of 5 years.

    I asked him about it when I was 40 years old. All he would say was, "There was something there, Michael." in a very serious voice. I asked him what was there, all he said was I don't know, but it wasn't the cat.

    I also recall seeing a glowing red spot coming down the wall before all the yelling started. Like a laser light beam.
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