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    As mentioned in another thread, this is a highly recommended read, if you understand the basic premise of this book your view of technology will change...Imitating things we find in nature does not automatically give us knowledge and understanding of it such as the quote below states, I for one cannot say I understand all that is contained within this book but being an engineer reading and researching this information, it has been very beneficial to me...

    Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism

    Exploring the nature of Magnetism, with regards to the true model of atomic geometry and field mechanics by means of rational physics & logic

    by Ken Wheeler

    Your TV, cellphone, car, computer, hard drives, absolutely everything you touch or use every day is run off either a permanent magnet or magnetic fields or powered by them at their source; however there is not one person on this earth that knows what a field is, what magnetism is, what instant action at a distance is and what mediates it (since it is by particles).

    We use, replicate, make, and utilized magnets on every corner of the earth and yet all that is present are descriptions of the nature of magnetic uses, but not a single logical or rational explanation of what magnetism actually is.

    The world is long in descriptions, for which even a child can accomplish. True genius arrives where explanations begin and descriptions end. The ‘how’ and the ‘why’ have eluded humanity on magnetism for far too long. Most amazingly to myself and not to the other lemmings of the world is that magnets are found in every device we use, our cars, phones, televisions, hard drives, headphones, the list in utterly stunning and without end but we are either free not to care or too busy to bother to understand.

    We, as peoples reproduce magnets and use then in enormous quantities but have no idea what they are. Typical of humans, we learn how to use and reproduce something helpful we stumble across thru the ages, but could care less how it works, and what it really is.

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    Great Post there Nivek. Maybe Ufopolitics will show up here. Those are his video's. He's done so much real work on this it's hard to imagine. Those video's hes done are just amazing.
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