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    There was an older fellow I once knew who sat in on various esoteric groups in the area, channeling was an interest to him it seems, at least from an observational standpoint...

    One common characteristic people mentioned about him quite randomly, is that his face changed sometimes...He would turn and look a certain direction and his entire appearance and features would change right before you and in spite of your observing it or not...Some have said they saw the full transformation as it happened and others said they looked away from him briefly to look back and see the face of another man...

    This would occur for a very short period, for a few seconds or a minute or so...Most did not say anything to him about this directly, for fear it would make them sound silly, perhaps they were just seeing things, perhaps it wasn't really happening...Nonetheless different people in these esoteric groups and channeling groups see his face change and change back and they described it in a similar way when they discussed this amongst themselves...

    I saw it happen twice before his death in 2006...Once when I met him for the first time and once again at his home, I was not part of those groups he attended but I happen chance meeting him at a channeling group I was researching around 1999...His face changed to that of a man a few years younger than he was, less wrinkles and a wider face than his normal one...His eyes were also blue when they are normally brown...I did not say anything to him the first time I saw it, and at that time I didn't know others saw that happen too, so I kept it to myself...Later years after seeing it a second time at his home and the same face I said something to him...I told him his face changed to a younger face for a few moments...He laughed and said "yeah people say that about me" and changed the subject...I didn't bring it up again, about a year later he passed away at 85yo...

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    Did his voice also change? Could he have been an infiltrator meant to disrupt or derail those groups? Perhaps it could have been a walk-in. I recall a story of a man who had a tumor his whole like in his abdomen and it turned out to be his younger brother. Could he have absorbed a twin? They did a study with eggs and the unhealthier ones will freely give up their energy to the others to ensure the survival of at least a few. This seems to happen with mammals too.
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    Georgek George

    Hello nivek,

    Hope you are well....

    This type of experience is a type of 'scrying'

    Depending on the perception of the observer, it is possible to see this within 'the mind's eye' a kind of psychic revelation if this is the correct revelation.

    What happens is that spirit lights enter the body, through the hand or foot etc and the etheric outer substance of the person cosmetically alters based on the various entities entering the body by this manner.

    I am psychic and talk to spirits and often hold a private seance in the dark.

    I use my video camera on zero flux which allows UV to penetrate.

    Close observation shows these changes, as I often cannot understand what the spirits are trying to tell me. So I sometimes say:- "Take me"

    I do not suggest others to say that if performing a seance because they may not be fully protected?

    What sometimes happens is that I lose time and a conversation takes place after the recording is played back.

    To some readers this will may sound 'poppy cock' as I am sorry.

    The best I can do is to show you and others in this post . I am sorry if others have seen this before on Alien Hub.

    Below is what I look like, taken about two years ago:-


    When under spirit possession, my face changes as I show below:-

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Here a beard!



    If you look at this last one here...compare it with the top one as my girlfriend still look the same whilst my face had altered with a beard. Perhaps 3 seconds apart?


    Again features completely alter . The most prominent is the way my sideburns point outward whilst one nearer the top is close cropped at the top of my (or should I say the) ear.
    Interestingly according to0 my opinion only.......there is plated armour on my chest .

    It gets even weirder below.

    Try and make sense out of this one...

    Or this one below:-


    I have a video of this actually happening as ectoplasm foams from my mouth and lights/orbs travel up my arm.

    Yes...I know...grainy pictures, but getting 8k colour is never going to happen. The process is being filtered here to remove the strong visual image by allowing the camera to film the gas like emulation reflecting back to the camera. Hence allowing the physical image to be absorbed in the dark. (my opinion) and releasing the etheric.

  4. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello Toroid,

    Your report may be different to my post, but when I perform a seance there is a distinct change of voice as I ask the questions and get a reply which is picked up by the video recorder. Again, I could be 'flying off at a tangent' here as I do apologise if that be the case?

    Only two or three times I got a female voice.

    I recollect one Christmas day whilst I was watching the animated version of 'Scrooge' with Jim Carey's narration (whatever) and I was quite amused at the end when Scrooge found himself alive and well and jumped up and down in excitement.

    When the film finished, I did the reenactment of this, stomping my feet on the ground whilst I videoed myself. (crazy..lol)

    The girlfriend was in the room I believe and just looking on...smiling.

    A female voice suddenly shouts out:- "What's the matter with him!!!"

    Most stern.

    From my experience and belief, I find nearly in every home there are spirits watching us.

    I get all sorts in the village house near Newark and have stopped caring what folks think of me lol

    A few yards up the lane a dead pilot wanted to know where his plane was.

    Another gave me the type and number by which I went to our local studies library to look it up.

    His question was:- "Can you help me find my aeroplane?"

    It was like going to the lost property office and asking for a Sherman tank...lol

    The librarian at first tried to help me but could not find anything, and eventually asked me why I wanted to know as there had been a few crashes in our village. I did not know this. It mainly has to do with oil production at Eakring supplying oil to Rolls Royce in Derby during WW2 and Ossington airfield

    I explained with a smile that a dead pilot wanted to know?
    She looked at me like a blinking parrot rather straight faced as if I looked normal but must be crazy.(or waited for the catch line)
    Being professional she treated my request genuinely.

    I wrote a report about the first crash naming the pilot (I cannot remember now...or the details) and the dead pilots relatives read my post. Although they did not show any animosity, the reaction was 'dead was dead' and I got the impression that this was immoral.

    This dead pilot was American so the post came from America.

    Spiritualism is a fascinating subject Toroid. Being British, I had a job understanding American slang.

    Whilst the 'dogfight' was going on(and the table started rumbling with the fully laden bombs) the words:- "Hell's bells won't do it"

    An American lady whose husband was in the air force had to explain this to me.

    When a enemy aircraft is fired upon, the bullets create a ringing sound. The pilot was trying to explain that he could not shoot down the enemy aircraft.

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  5. Toroid

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    I recall hearing a story on some TV program years ago about a group doing a séance. A dead man came to offer his help if they found his missing leg and buried it. I may have told you this when we were on Alien Hub or Alien-UFO.
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    Georgek George

    Hello Toroid,

    No I cannot remember that one. Interesting though!

    I think one of my most remarkable ghost/spirit adventures (if I can call it that ?) was the time I nearly exhausted myself explaining that spirits do communicate with us.

    It got so frustrating that I said:- "Look...let me show you!"

    So I set up my camera in our garage at Wollaton , held out my hand and beckoned a spirit towards me, whilst pointing down to the palm of my hand with my other finger.

    A spirit the size of a peg poised in the palm of my hand, looking up to me. It then moved away and came back to pose in front of the camera.

    I showed this and was requested to do it again. The next day I did the same and the spirit sat in the palm of my hand.

    I recollect it was about minus 20 deg on the 21st Dec 2010 I think?

    Was he convinced?

    Nope. I still have the videos, as I am not sure if anyone remembers them?

    Oh..that dead pilot gave his name as Lewis Hyler Never traced him though.

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  7. Toroid

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    It's the same situation with abductees, contactees & experiencers. People in general don't want to make a mental compartment for things in the so-called spooky realm. The tactic seems to be to reject or ridicule.
  8. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Tell me about it...lol

    I know what you men.

    When I was 15 and had my first UFO interaction it is difficult to explain how it felt.

    A feeling of betrayal as society had fooled me for so long.

    As I could not understand how this all fitted into religion and science?
    Of course the first thing I that you question yourself only to echo the words of Errol Brown in Hot Chocolate (it came later)
    "No doubt about it!"

    I thought life would be easy after that, because I could relay to the whole world that esp UFOs did exist!!
    Of course you then question "Why me?"

    You think:- "We are just kids and there are all these great scientists and researches looking through telescopes and radar equipment and instead of them finding them...I did!"

    Of course being young we have this innocence bout us, not knowing the true picture.

    Again you think that the whole world will now listen because I HAD discovered the truth!

    You go through life and people treat you s crazy but you think:- "This is ME they are talking about and everyone knows that I never lie or am crazy?"

    But they do!

    I read reports on past forums like:- "Poor so and so...I hope he gets the help that he needs....such a pity really"

    Of course it bothered me...not that I thought that I was crazy, but for being DIFFERENT!

    Now I just laugh to myself as I really pity these guys and just walk away.

    I go back to these days...the days of Frank Earp and the rest of our gang and think:-

    "Yer....now I know that THEY are intelligent out there and have chosen wisely.

    You do think you are different...perhaps not special and feel that you have a great purpose in life. We all do...as it is natural.
    The difference with real life Toroid, compared to forums is that the people that I meet know me. They had already made up their minds that I am perfectly right in the head, no matter what I tell them.
    One guy who was a researcher of mines met up with me to do some field work using psychometry.

    When we first met, he said:- "But...but...you are normal!!"

    I said:- "Of course I am normal....just that I think differently"

    I enjoyed the field work!

    I think you remember this guy from Alien Hub?


    He did not believe me, so I read him and it 'knocked him for six' lol

    He never told anyone that he was blind and was using some kind of word recognition.

    It happens.

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