Facebook Mind-reading?

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    Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Build a Mind-Reading Machine

    The technology that Zuckerberg described is a shower-cap-looking device that surrounds a brain and discovers connections between particular thoughts and particular blood flows or brain activity, presumably to assist the glasses or headsets manufactured by Oculus VR, which is part of Facebook. Already, Zuckerberg said, researchers can distinguish when a person is thinking of a giraffe or an elephant based on neural activity. Typing with your mind would work off of the same principles.
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    >.> indeed. another reason to get off facebook for real.
    but ya know.. they better upgrade their servers first if they wanna handle all that instant brain activity.. already takes forever to load ANYTHING. lol. auto-spelling needs fixed too...
    i think that would be a good step 1 for them...
  3. Sarah D'Amico

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    i've been saying it for years.. hey facebook why not FIX your glitches first THEN upgrade more stuff >.> that would just make too much sense tho i guess.

    mark.. goodness.. which one the "human" or "used to be human" version??

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