Frantic UFO Caller to Art Bell


Well, it is from 1997.

Haven't seen too much mass extinction in the US since then.

Doesn't mean Aliens aren't extra dimensional beings.

Something had that guy wetting his pants and the Art Bell studio going down is a strange coincidence.

Could be random chance, could be MIB, could be his Alien friends found him.


tall, thin, irritable
I had to actually stop at about 1:45 because I was cringing and starting to cramp up.

Me be the judge?

I judge him to be an entertaining nutcase. Medical discharge you say? Say it ain't so


I remember this incident. It had my tummy all tied up in knots as well. He sounded genuine to me.

I also remember talking to my brother before this incident occurred and telling him that I had a timeline stuck in my head that was the year 1997. I think the year was 1993 at that time.

Maybe something was suppose to happen and it was somehow stopped?

Rick Hunter

Sadly, I think if he had called Linda Moulton Howe she would've invited him to be a guest on multiple episodes of her show.