Gargoyle-Like Creature Spotted in Spain

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    SPAIN — A British man claims he saw an unidentified winged creature in southern Spain.
    28-year-old IT technician Alex Nasirc told Cryptozoology News he was in Santa Maria Del Aguila, Almeria when he witnessed the purported being.

    “I was in south Spain for nearly one year. I was always a nature enthusiast, so I traveled a lot,” he explained. “Because of the really hot weather in those regions, people often leave their windows at night open for better air circulation,” he added.


    Nasirc says he was sleeping when he woke up to a sound he wasn’t able to immediately identify.

    “It was around 1 a.m., I though it was someone in trouble. My instincts told me there is a woman who is having terrible trouble and she might be in a lot of pain. At some point I was annoyed that I had to witness it. I knew it wasn’t an owl.”

    Reportedly, Nasirc went to the window to investigate when the noise got louder and clearer.

    “My flat was on the fourth and last floor, where I had a nice terrace with a view in front of the block over the parking lot. I looked out the window and over the terrace, but my view from there was restricted only to the far side on the parking lot. The lights were on so the visibility was good. But in order to see the full area of the car park, I had to get out on the terrace, so I can see in front of the block,” he explains. “I was about to go over and into the terrace I saw something big coming over the building and in that instance the noise was made again. I literally froze. I wanted to duck but I was amazed.”

    A strange winged animal, he says, was 25 meters — about 82 feet — away from him.

    “It looked like a dog with wings. I couldn’t see the front legs, just the rear ones. It didn’t have front legs. ”

    He says the odd creature took off the building and began to fly. That’s when he claims he could take a better look at it.

    “It was heavy. The way it flapped its wings looked either tired or about to fall to the ground. The legs where hanging. It seemed featherless. It looked like skin. It had a pale color. It looked pinkish. But at night time the lights from the parking lot have a different spectrum,” he recalls. “It did not seem to hunt anything nor was it in any rush.”

    One of the things that also captured the man’s attention was the robotic movements.

    “It looked like falling down but with a slow flap of the wings it would rise up and forward almost instantly. It looked powerful. It could easily pick up a person. I should get my phone, I thought.
    It not worth it, by the time I turn around from the desk with the phone its gone. Just watch, observe. As it got to the left hand side of the parking lot, it raised up just so it can fly over the block again.”

    Nasirc says the animal then disappeared, but was able to describe some additional physical features.

    “Thick, short beak. It looked like a carnivores’ nose. The head seemed to be stretched at the back. Bulky torso or body. Curved wings with arms look alike. Span around 2 to 3 meters wide — about 9 to 10 feet –. Thick, powerful back legs that were held diagonally, almost vertically. Long, thin tail. Heavy, slow movement. Pale pink color. Size of a massive dog or a big feline like tiger or lion. It looked like skin texture. No feathers. No scales. It almost moved like a robot,” he said about his September 2010 claimed encounter.

    In July 2015, two people in Nevada reported seeing a creature that reminded them of a pterosaur, a flying reptile believed to have gone extinct about 65 million years ago.

    Two weeks later, a minister and her daughter claimed to have seen an unidentified flying creature that looked like it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”.

    In September that year, multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing a winged humanoid in Singapore.

    Two months later, a Portugal student said he had seen a giant bat-like creature in the southern side of the country.

    The ahool, a giant bat-like flying cryptid first described by Dr. Ernest Bartels while exploring the Salak Mountains in Java, is believed to have gray fur, large black eyes and an approximated wingspan of 1o ft. Some cryptozoologists, like Ivan T. Sanderson, suspect it might be a relative of the African kongamato while others opt for the pterosaur theory.

    Santa Maria Del Aguila has a population of 15,000 and is very close to the African continent.

    Gargoyle-Like Creature Spotted in Spain
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