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    No idea exactly what thread for this so I just stuck it here.
    NOW PLAYING! January 12, 2020 — Gary Voorhis Jr. | The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

    I was curious what this man might have to say and was pleasantly surprised that he sounded normal - like someone who has been contacted years after the incident and is appreciative of the attention. In short like a lot of us would be. A decent interview despite the two hosts. Gene sounds out of it and while I find that Randall does actually ask some decent questions he never seems to know when to stop speaking. If Voorhis pops up on Hidden Truth or The Unexplained I'll listen again.

    The reason I'm posting this is a couple of points he mentioned that were news to me, assuming they're accurate:
    • the task group destroyers participated electronically from dockside, not at sea
    • the Princeton left the Nimitz for a brief quick to port before returning. Maybe they were out of coffee or toilet paper or pop tarts.
    • Voorhis mentioned plain clothes 'business casual' types that were utterly ordinary that flew in briefly during the incident. he suggested they might be civilian contractors there for more mundane purposes.
    Not world shattering revelations that necessarily relate to anything. I thought it spoke volumes about how concerned the people in command of the task group were. Which is to say, not so much.

    He did jabber a bit about 'ultra terrestrials' and is part of that UAPExpeditions stuff. I'd like to sit and have a couple of beers with this guy. I'd probably indulge in some mild alcohol fueled mockery abut swimming with the fishes of the sea, but I'm sure he's already heard his fair share of that
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    The Paracast is off line at the moment.
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    Not much difference over there when it's offline. For me, those two are tough to listen to anymore.

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