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    It was years later that I joined up with a psychic in America who also shared my soul.

    The story goes that the monk was me from a previous incarnation going back to 1035 AD . The monk was named as Thoms De-Raleigh from Barton-In Fabis Notts. who was murdered and thrown into the river.

    I began to have vivid visions of looking up froma water bed at lilies floating on the surface.

    Apparently the monk had a close connection with relics from Jesus. Which were buried close by.

    I was revealed the exact location and focused my own mind on it.

    By which the vision being so strong blinded me for half an hour.

    I could not see apart from these images drawn in my head like from a luminous pen. Daft things like snakes, jugs, axe.

    One in bright green, the other in bright yellow and one in bright red as the hand with the pen began cross hatching.
    I stood up, shook my head and said:- "Stop" but still the images glowed and I had to use my arms to touch were I was going.

    I am not going anywhere near these objects..they can stay...

    We are talking about the holy prophet Jesus and the relics if found can break Christianity. The search for the holy grail.

    Too strong as I fear I may get blinded permanently if I am not spiritually ready!

    Will try and find the report

    Hello Michael,

    Thought I would tell you about my latest dream last night.

    Firstly.....I am not really cut out for authentic dreams. Generally, they do not come true and sometimes they get really tangled. My mother on the other hand, has accurate predictions. Sometimes when she has a bad dream, she will be in a bad mood for a few days until the event has passed.

    Okay:- I retired to bed as soon as I finished emailing last night and pondered over the days thoughts including Brother Thomas.

    I then had the most peculiar dream. "That's it" I thought. So I jumped out of bed and started writing a page essay before I forgot. By the time I got back to bed, I could not sleep for about another thirty minutes.

    Over here in the UK with have what is called an Ministry Of Transport (MOT) certificate for vehicles that are over two years old. A few days ago I took my vehicle for it's first MOT. I know the MOT man (Peter Riley), as I have repaired their computer. He is about sixty years old with grey hair and rather stout.

    Anyway here goes:-

    'Mr Riley could not MOT the car. I had to wait (I started to lose the thread here)

    Anyway the doorbell rang, I answered the door, and this lady asked to speak to me as she had seen the (story?) and had come to help.'

    "Now" She said...."He has got it is this bit here" She got a piece of paper and pointed to the top of the page as she made adjustments. "Here" she said, and got her pen out to make an alteration. Here she said:-

    "Write it must write it down" and handed me the pen. I remarked how smooth it was to write with, as I could produce the finest of words.


    "This symbol over hear means illness. A person in your family will become very is his love for the person"


    "HIS SYMBOL IS HERE. HE WILL RECOGNISE IT. TELL HIM THAT IT IS THE MONKS GIFT TO THE MOT MAN" This is his gift to the MOT man, he WILL recognise it as one of the SYMBOLS in the drawings. It is HIS SYMBOL as gratitude from the monk.. Now get a pen and write it down. He got it wrong, but give him respect (over and over again) He needs to take another keep trying (fading threads)

    I looked across at the MOT man and he was now working on another vehicle, preparing to try again at a later time.

    His description was like grandpa Walton in 'The Walton' TV series. He looked fairly old (about sixty years old) with silver/white hair swept back rather long collar length. He was a portly gentleman, small to medium in statue. Some sort of Red Indian look about him.

    I know this does not fit your description Michael, as I know your age and I think I know what you look like, but tell me:-

    Do you have a guide (perhaps a grandfather) who is helping you, who fits this description and may have worked in a garage ? Or maybe some cross link referring to you as the MOT man.

    Anyway...maybe just a funny dream after all!

    (if this does make sense to you, I really do not want to know about the illness part)

    I have not read your other mails yet, as I thought I better send this to you, before it fades from my memory.

    Best Regards as always, talk to you soon.


    The connection of the MOT man is Peter Riley who is the owner of the garage where I take my car for the MOT.

    We found the connection with De-Raleigh
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    Now the part where you better sit down,

    1 The Roman Lineage (DNA)Where the ORB showed itself, as Soldier in from the actual(DNA) person who crucified JESUS.The Roman in this area ,His grandfather partaked of the crucifixion of Jesus.and the Mission to eradicate all blood and relics as today a persons picture is erased from a portrait, as never existed.

    2 The Monk and Dog is of the Lineage(DNA) of the actual teacher who taught Jesus the laying of hands healing(REIKI) the gift of SOUL we all have,The enlightenment of John the Baptist of Jesus shown spirit,.example. the interconnectivity of all,The MONK had two items in his possession he went to the grave with. One was to make sure the lineage was safe and protect the relic.Both have been secured.

    The cross I saw ,was added later the Monk had a round emblem encased was a PIECE of JESUS'S clothes with his blood upon from the crucifixion,A very strong healing object and proof of the DNA of JESUS as he was HUMAN and LIFE was in him as all else.for future generations with DNA to confirm.

    Secondly the other aspect as spirit filled our house with about 100 blue orbs, and Thousands of white orbs and Spirit of LIGHT.The Woman protected by the monks was the actual Bloodline lineage of JESUS , through generations there is a bloodline from the DNA in the relic now with a cross could confirm by scientific methods.

    The relic is found it is protected by the Knights Templars,reconstituted and secured during the reformation of the 1500's.But DNA lineage to the actual protectors of pilgrims.Although some were bad, as in all religions, Most were very devout, to the point the Pope , I Think it was Pope URBAN wanted the relic also,it was secreted to the outposts in UK for protection not only from The Roman Empire looking to erase all TRACKS and FAMILY of JESUS. But also Constantine the emperor of Rome who wanted the Relic also,To be destroyed, and a replacement for it.Never to succeed.

    Well what I have concluded is the Relic is the actual cloth of jesus clothes and His blood,Future DNA matching.In Europe there is a Lineage of descendants of JESUS, as He was a Holy Prophet,Healer,and a Person.and to this day His Line still Lives.To the Dismay of many Roman and Jewish Personages.

    Now that you know about the Spitit of is in All.The same if Brought Out.As this Monk was of the Lineage of John The Baptist,Who Taught Jesus as many others from Buddha, to Mohammed,As well as the disciples and many more Religious beliefs of past and present.The actions continue to this day.

    This girl was whisked away to the Outermost ROMAN territory for her safety ,as She was the Lineage of Jesus (DNA) Living In Europe to this day, as Relic with the Templars can PROVE.But time is not set for the next battle of man.Just shows how some wars of man as conquests of territories have a different perspective than just to aquire land.They wanted the Life of Jesus lineage, and the cloth of his with his blood to destroy both.

    Also the Romans wanted after the conversion of Constantine the cloth with Jesus's blood and to eradicate the lineage(DNA) as this would put a stop of the ressurection of JESUS,Could crumble Christianity,because if Jesus was proven as HUMAN ,Just like ant other bloke all Christianity would have problems with the Trinity,There is a Trinity just different than Christianity has taught is all.As this monk has Taught Many.I think the script could be a book in itself, as very interesting,.

    Reverend Mike Evans report above (the psychic)


    Now my report....

    Do I agree with it?

    Not entirely...the bridge is too new. Unless if another bridge had existed?

    Anyway...below is where the body and relic are meant to be.



    Above was the image projected onto the coal house wall when the sky lit up back in 1965 after flashing to a UFO.

    Are these images similar?
    Is THIS what they were showing me?

    I am not sure.
    Nor am I revealing the location and even if I would be almost impossible to dig for it.

    May it rest for another few hundred years
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    I agree, I would have thought the cat would have at least looked at it.
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    Hello and Welcome to AE...q37

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    Welcome to AE. :)
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    Dave Scott (Spaced Out Radio) posted these pics two years ago on Facebook, I didn't see this before until today...

    September 2017

    and follows up with this pic:

    September 10 2017

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    'Ghost Girl' Photographed at Casino


    A woman visiting a casino in Massachusetts snapped an eerie photograph which seemingly shows the spirit of a little girl. According to a local media report, the chilling image was taken by Sarah Allen this past weekend when she and a friend were at the MGM casino in the city of Springfield. During their visit, she says, "my friend was kind of messing with things that she shouldn’t have been and we thought it was funny so we went to take a photo of her."

    As is often the case with spooky pictures, it wasn't until the next day that Allen noticed what appears to be an apparition in the background of the image. "What is that ghost child," she recalled wondering. Allen promptly posted the photo to social media for her friends to see and it soon went viral, leading to numerous people reaching out to her to share their own spooky stories.

    However, it would seem that in this instance, the anomaly in the image may not have been an apparition after all. That's because, remarkably, someone eventually contacted Allen with what they claimed was a photo that just so happened to be taken at the same time from a different angle. In that image, which she said "seems to be pretty legitimate," the youngster is revealed to be alive and not a ghost.

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    I watch this guy all the time. It's very entertaining and if I am being honest, very mysterious.

    I came across this one this afternoon and the last one of the 5, even though really creepy, had me roaring with laughter. You'll laugh too.

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