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This sounds delicious, and got a good review, maybe worth a try...


Whiskey Review: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C918 (2018)
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Go for it...


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That particular Knob Creek is a very good rye whiskey for under $50. Not everyone cares for the spice notes of rye, but I do like that extra bite.


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Very good flavour, it has a bite but a forgiving one lol, nice aroma, straight no rocks at room temperature...



I was visiting my nephew in Delaware. We stopped at a liquor store and I picked these two bottles up.

old-forester-1920_s-prohibition-style-bourbon_773x773.jpg compass-box-the-spaniard-blended-malt-scotch_773x773.jpg

Old Forester 1920 and Compass Box The Spaniard. I will be sampling both of these this weekend.


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It is indeed a good time to enjoy and have a good evening, and a couple drinks of Johnnie Walker double Black and Knob Creek Reserve are in order and have been served...I know it ain't Bourbon but...




Of course not. It’s labeled “Prohibition Style.” You do the math.
You probably already know this, but for those who don't:

Old Forester released the “Whiskey Row” line in late 2014 to celebrate the distillery’s history. Old Forester was one of the six distilleries to hold a medicinal whiskey permit during prohibition. Each release represents a historical year for the distillery. Old Forester 1920 celebrates the Distillery history since 1920 was the year Prohibition started.

I Was Wrong: Old Forester 1920 Review – Blog


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You might find Old Forester 1920 in the $50 to $60 range, so not that expensive actually.

That's within my range, depending on the mood and/or occasion I will spend between 40$ to 90$ for a fifth of whiskey...

Happy birthday!

I usually spend $20 or $30 on a bottle of booze, but the really good stuff isn't cheap.

OT, but I learned my lesson decades ago about cheap tequila. Just don't!


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My Favorite Bourbons are Woodford Reserve and Evan Williams. Most generally, I take them on the Rocks.

My Favorite Whiskeys are Jim Beam: Old Crow, Fighting Cock, Ezra Brooks, Early Times and Jack Daniel's. Most Generally, Neat.

My next purchase is going to be Woodford Reserve.


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Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
“Small Batch” 100 proof.
375 Ml bottle.

7:30. Initial nose is hard to overcome the Alcohol smell.
First sip is gentle for a 100 proof, but didn’t wow me with flavor.

7:35 Sip of water, and another nose, now the Alcohol isn’t as overpowering.

I look up the flavor profile at
“Rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity.”
Yeah, okay. That seems like a pretty generic description...

So I go to for their flavor profile.
“Very complex nose flowing back and fourth between oak, orange, butter, corn, burnt sugar, leather and hints of vanilla. Palate is just as complex with pepper, corn, caramel, oak and heat (it is 100 proof). The finish is moderate with the oak and sugars coming through."

Okay... so it is 7:47.
Nose is starting to open up into what I expect... very much a bourbon...
Next sip sits on the tongue and slides over the sides, coating the entire tongue with blanket of warmth. The finish lingers and has a sweet oaky sense... something else seems to linger... reminds me of ambesol, haha.

7:50 sip of water. The water helps the residual flavor morph into something cherry like... with hints of maple.

7:54. The nose is nicer now that it has had time to breathe, but mostly I smell what I would describe as whiskey... lol. Still have a nice coating on the tongue all around... but it is time for another sip. This time I swish it around and really feel that burn all around... ambesol again so I sit and wait for it... breathing in so the air flow cools the mouth. Already feeling a light sense of whiskey buzz... which I don’t mind... but I can tell it is 100 proof.
The ambesol changes to a bitter then the flavor disappears...

7:58 rinse the pallet with water. Nose is molasses now. Small sip... more molasses...

8:00 drink a couple ounces of of water. Swirled the glass and sniffed more Alchohol.

8:01 sip and chew little... as bit of licorice flavor comes through.

8:02. Drink a couple ounces of water.

8:05 small sip... then another... and another... not getting anything amazing here...
so I took a nice big sip and now I am picking up hints of vanilla, some pepper and leather and the oak which is always there..

8:12 a nice sized sip... maybe too big... had to chase it with water, but the water seems to bring out burnt sugar and orange as my palette finally seems to kick in.

8:14 nose picks up the Carmel. Sip and swallow... where is that licorice? I want some more of that...

8:16. Sip, and swallow. Swallow swallow... to try to coat the throat... nice oak with a little butter...

8:17. Sip, and swallow. There is the licorice!

8:18 sip and more licorice.... maybe a bit of corn comes through the oak...

8:19. Sip and the anise/licorice is definitely there.

8:20 small sip... just enjoying that licorice.

8:21 2 ounces of water. Enjoying the residual coating of mouth.

8:23 nice sized sip. Oooh I like the licorice and orange, and butter...

8:24 nice sip... letting it sit on the middle of the tongue, vanilla... swish it around... let it sit again...

8:25 Swallow... swallow... numbed the middle of the tongue pretty good.

8:27 1 oz of water.
Assessment. I have probably had 50 ml so far, and about a 100 ml left in the glass...
For sipping only the equivalent of one large shot of bourbon, I feel it. 100 proof is powerful.
But as the tongue recovers, I decide it is time for another sip at 8:30

8:30. I really get the flavors.. getting it all... orange, maybe a hint of cherry pastry, I imagine myself sitting on a horse, with all the scents of leather, horse sweat, maybe fresh cut hay... and a chery pie scent wafting from the house... on a bit of breeze...

8:34. another sip, and a bit of sweat breaks on my forehead as I see myself hopping off the horse to sit in a bakery An day trying to decide what to get... that cherry pie smells good, but the apple turnover is tempting..

8:38 Another sip, and I have decide to have both deserts... and I imagine that I enjoy them thoroughly with some water. Yeah... that may not be the bourbon flavors, but a nice day dream.. but I will give the Knob some of the credit...

So I refill my 8 ounce glass of water.

8:40 now I am reminded of the time I sat on a cruise ship and had a nice double Blanton’s maybe more like a triple, like I am having here... and realize that halfway through that much, both have similar characteristics... oh don’t get me wrong, Blanton’s is my favorite bourbon, but I thin Knob Creek, for about 1/5 the retail price, is an acceptable choice for a good quiet moment to myself... sipping and enjoying the lightness if being that comes with a good glass of bourbon.. so Blanton's is my 5 star... Knob creek 100 is probably 3.5
I can never find Blanton's any more, so I don’t mind the Knob once I get to this place with it. It needed to open up a bit.

8:45. still enjoying the residuals from the last sip... this is nice... I like how knob coats the mouth and seems to liner with burnt sugar and a bit of spice... it’s nice... I am fully acclimated now, and I am happy there is still about 40ml in my glass...

8:48 just enjoying sitting here... enjoying that lingering nuance of Carmel. So it took me an hour to get there... well. That’s fine. I still have another hour to kill... wife is at a high school football game and I am just enjoying the moment.

8:50 nose picks up a lot of caramel now... ohhhhh yeahhhh... sip reveals that caramel which fades into the anise...
Finish is buttery corn and oak.
...4 ounces of water...
feeling pretty relaxed. That sweat didn’t last long... now I am pretty cool under the fan here... body is relaxing into a nice unwind from a long week...

8:56. Just a few sips left of my 150 ml pour. This sip is gentle. The pallet is gettin a little less prone to pick up deep flavors, and I think I will fix something to eat after I finish it.

8:58. Well... I bought and opened a 375 ml bottle.... looks like this will last me a while. I RARELY SIT AND ENJOY BOURBON BECAUSE I rarely have that much quiet time to myself... this was a well deserved break... yeah... a little time for a man to simply sit and enjoy some pretty okay bourbon.

9:02. Well that’s the last of this generous sample... I am used to it now and would like to have more, but I think that is enough for today. I believe in drinking responsibly, and I think I will have some more time to enjoy the next pour in about a week.

9:05. I finish my glass of water... rinse out my bourbon glass, put the bottle in the cabinet where it will be waiting for me next time. I will enjoy seeing what it offers now that it is open and will rest in a bottle with a bit of air on top.

This could become my new favorite since it is available pretty much everywhere, and the price is right. I may even buy a bigger bottle next time.
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25206F67-CBD7-43F6-90E9-49BB513F313B.jpeg 2A12CF66-503B-4337-912D-5875DBF85E5D.jpeg A bourbon I would recommend is George Dickel No. 12. It is no longer 12 years old but is aged 6-8 YO. The ABV is 45% and is priced around $25-30 US. If you want to plurge somewhat you might try Aberlour Abunadh. This is a Scotch whisky normally around 60% ABV. The price is around $90 US. The Abunadh has a considerable kick to it and would be more for the experienced drinker.