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    I hadn't heard of this show, But I wanted to bring it to your attention guys.


    This show is a lot like If The Show Lucifer and the New Sabrina Had a baby. It stars David Tennant as the Devil, Who, Much like the Lucifer show, is sick of being the bad guy, and much like the Sabrina show Has a lot of almost stereotypical Whichcraft.

    The show is narrated literally By God, Who is played by a woman. I needed to bring this show to your attention because if you liked Lucifer, Tennant amazingly, does an even better job playing the Devil than Tom Ellis does, Which is no small feat. The show centers around, The Antichrist, Who has been born and in a mix up at birth, The Antichrist was sent to live with a very Pias and good family of people, Causing the AC to actually have a great childhood, and causing him to grow into actually a pretty nice guy.

    It's a really neat take on Biblical prophecy, and a pretty decent show, if someone can watch it as the work of fiction it is, without going ballistic at the liberties taken with biblical prophecy.

    It really does capture the feel of the Lucifer and Sabrina shows with a little bit of whimsical comedy thrown in for good measure. honestly making it better than the both of them. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Lucifer or the new Sabrina.
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