Gravitational Lensing

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    I've always enjoyed these deep space images, What people normally take for granted about space-time is how it literally applies to me and you and how we see space, When we look at those images, eleven billion lightyears away, What we are actually seeing is the way the universe was eleven billion years ago.

    It really fascinates me, I pose this question, How then, Does one look into deep space and see the universe for what it truly is in the present day? The short answer is, We cannot, We can only track movement and expansion of space and make assumptions, Stars that are literally millions of lightyears away could have blown up thousands of years ago, And we would never know the difference because from our point in space-time that stars light is still shining brightly toward us.

    Physics are truely amazing, We often talk about time travel as a mathematical subject, But truely, Looking out into space-time, That truly is time travel. We can study these star systems that are eleven billion lightyears away, And we can know for certain that those stars are truly long dead in the present. But, We still see them, Shining in the night sky, Time is truly a wonderfully mysterious thing.
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