He Went To Find God?

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    Had some great mates back in the 1960s/70s and a few of them I still have today about 52 years l;ater.

    I am eccentric- as I am told and so were my friends, because I seemed to be attracted to the ones that were 'different'

    One such fellow was 'Mad Wayne Crabtree' who went forth to find God.
    He looked very much like Robert Redford with pure blond hair before he left.

    On his return from the Himalayas he had suffered great hardship as he was looked after by the monks because he contracted malaria .

    He came knocking at my door and looked like the mad monk Rasputin and more like Rip-Van Winkle as his long hair mingled with his already long beard to his waist.

    A closer resemblance would have been Roy Wood in Wizard.

    It was only the eyes that made me recognise him.

    I asked him if he did find God?

    By which he replied:- "If he does exits....then I fear him!"

    I will never forget this answer.

    Mad as a hatter!!!

    He used to have a hippy pipe and when he was seeking inspiration for his poetry......... plumes of 'Happy Baki' smoke filled the room as it was like 'Boot Hill' with the cats upside down zonked!

    He was desperate to finish his poem once and had ran out of 'baki'

    I was told to grind some banana skin powder and mix this up in his pipe.

    For good measure I put some match heads in as well to keep the smoke belching.

    The occasional pipe eruption would light up the room but he never used to flicker an eye lid!

    His house was no different either....like Dantes Den.

    He finally went to France and had a massive hit record and then to Australia and that was the last I heard from him.
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