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    So I was just clicking along last night when I got a sudden whim to look into "electronic fog" , it's was something I hadn't really been involved in several years and I wondered if there were any more recent examples of it.

    Of course I was getting the same old gussied up stories including the famous
    Moberly–Jourdain incident. But it was there that I came across more interesting...A possible explanation ( I never really heard anybody come up with another explanation)

    " In addition to the explanation by the women that they had been caught up in what is now called a time slip and had observed ghosts from the past, a non-supernatural explanation of the events was proposed by Philippe Jullian in his 1965 biography of the aristocratic decadent French poet Robert de Montesquiou. At the time of Moberly and Jourdain's excursion to Versailles, Montesquiou lived nearby and reportedly gave parties in the grounds where his friends dressed in period costume and performed tableaux vivants as part of the party entertainments. Moberly and Jourdain may have inadvertently gatecrashed a gay fancy dress party. The Marie-Antoinette figure could have been a society lady or a cross-dresser, the pockmarked man Montesquiou himself. It was suggested that a gathering of the French decadent avant-garde of the time could have made a sinister impression on the two middle-class Edwardian spinsters who would have been little used to such company.

    In a review of the history of the Moberly-Jourdain adventure and the extensive public reaction to it, Terry Castle noted with skepticism the claim that a shared delusion may have arisen out of a lesbian folie à deuxbetween the two women. Castle concludes that, when all proposed explanations have been considered, a core of mystery remains as much in relation to the psychological dynamics of the pair as to any aspects of the paranormal associated with their story.

    Without fully endorsing the de Montesquiou explanation, Michael Coleman carefully examined the story and, in particular, the two published versions of the ladies' accounts (the earlier-written of which, from November 1901, had only previously been published in the second, small print-run, edition of An Adventure in 1913). Coleman concluded that the more widely available texts, as published in the 1911 and later editions, had been considerably embroidered well after the events described and after the ladies had begun their investigations, while the original accounts had little or nothing to suggest a supernatural experience. He also questioned the rigour and reliability of the ladies' subsequent researches, pointing out that few, if any, of their informants are named and that most of their literary and historical references were taken from unreliable sources.

    Psychologist Leonard Zusne suggested that incident was a "hallucinatory experience" that was embellished over time by information gathered after the fact.

    Brian Dunning of Skeptoid researched much of the evidence and concluded that "Moberly and Jourdain were simply human" and were mistaken. He notes that in the second edition of An Adventure, it is revealed that Moberly did not mention the sketching woman until three months after their visit to Versailles, while Jourdain did not remember such a thing, and that Moberly did not remember much of what Jourdain described. "It was only after much discussion, note-sharing, and historical research that Moberly and Jourdain came up with the time period as 1789 and assigned identities to a few of the characters they saw, including Marie Antoinette herself as the lady sketching on the lawn."

    Dame Joan Evans, who owned the copyright to An Adventure, accepted the Jullian explanation and forbade any further editions. However, after the work came out of copyright, it was republished in 1988 as The Ghosts of Trianon: The Complete 'An Adventure' by Thoth Publication and again in 2008 by CreateSpace, both times crediting Moberly and Jourdain as the authors.
    Historian Roy Strong has noted that although the Moberly-Jourdain story has been debunked it "retained its hold on the public imagination for half a century."....

    Now I'm not necessarily convinced that this was a more logical possibility and it is fair to say that I'm much more psycolological oriented and less high strangeness oriented about the world as a whole and I've gotten that way since I've had a lot of time to myself to think of these matters. I kind of thought that of all the billons upon billions of people that have ever been on planet Earth and yet for all intents and purposes, a relative smattering of high strange reports. You just think it would be a lot more. You'd almost have to almost think that there is someone/something in our midst keeping an eye on things making sure the horse doesn't upset the applecart and this someone/something is really on top of things, YET somehow they let something get past them.

    On the other hand there's been untold number of reports on things we would refer to as ghosts ( and the collaquial UFOs) that it's hard to think there is something NOT there.You almost want to consider separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak, i.e. OK , so UFOs there is an air of mystique about them ,but we can put B.E.Ks in the rubbage bin. It seems that whenever a story does show up in Phantoms and Monsters it's almost always in the past tense and go back to the early 90s or so (Rendelshem , which has elements of UFOs and High Strange is getting pretty dated)

    I suppose you could think it's all bunk but over the past few years I have gotten so psychologically oriented in my thinking that even if I thought what I spelled out had some merit, the other option, that the human brain is easily misconstrued, To me, Is just as compelling.

    It's been pointed out by me and a few others that UFO reports have been going down, I have to wonder why that is, why is it maybe a few years ago there were scads of reports , what for some reason half the universe thought they'd give a pass on the milky way galaxy?

    Could it be that because we are all staring at our phones wherever we are that is the reason? There's been some thought brought to my attention that in a lot of these "contacts" that these craft seemed to go out of their ways to GRAB our attention, like we may have been the conduit by which a new thought had to enter our thinking and that person may have been the vector (?)

    Maybe there's a correlation with sunspot
    numbers? Sunspots are at a low so it's natural that UFO reports are as well ?

    Your thoughts are very much welcome, Peace Out.
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