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Discussion in 'Social Hub' started by HAL9000, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. HAL9000

    HAL9000 Honorable

    Well, I guess someone has to say it. Might as well be me.

    When you log in to this and other ufo sites, what are you expecting ?

    I've been following the ufo trail since 1980 when I saw an odd object flying overhead.

    And I've followed the writings of many people on a number of sites ever since. Made a few friends, and a couple of enemies. The former I cherish, the later ?well, hardly remember their names.

    But I have got around to thinking recently, 'why bother ?'

    I know what I'll get when I log in.

    More of the same old same old. Rehashes of decades long sightings. A new list of ex-government personnel who suddenly remember the 'top secret' projects they were involved in (say Mac, didn't you sign a confidential 'never tell' paper about that ?). It seems there is an endless supply of retired generals who hop onto the old band wagon. First comes a 'revelation' , then a few tv interviews. The book generally follows about two years later.

    The latest rage is revelations from the top echelons of the Government (Not, US government. The others are not saying much)

    But, my friends, it all tells us nothing. Even the 'tic-tac' is old news; it was when we heard about it.

    The one thing we want to know, even one example would do...

    Where do they come from, what are they made of, why are they here ? No more speculation.

    The US government has finally admitted that there is a 'there' there. That something does appear to exist; we could all have told them that much years ago, many did.
    It was never in doubt.

    So basically, to revert to the common idiom, I am bored shitless with the same old story.

    I'll scan the sites as usual. But Please, please, no more confessions of General X, revamps of old Blue Book stuff, Additions to Rendlesham etc.

    Its just boring.

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  2. August

    August Metanoia

    Everything has a content of boring I mean studying the Dogon tribe of Mali in Africa is fairly boring and I agree some of the UFO stuff is boring but what isn't. You just have to sort the wheat from the chaff. And people will still and forever post boring articles of old UFO cases searching for the illusive kernal of truth or revelation. Just got to live with it . Either that or pull the plug on it all and go do something else like stamp collecting .
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  3. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    I think that's common in a lot of interests. Try being a staff writer for about any magazine you find on the supermarket shelf - if one still exists anymore.

    In a car hobby I grew tired of the forum I am in. Great source of information, as long as you know how to filter it properly. Same questions over & over again. I still lurk and occasionally comment because I still have an interest but have had to erect a mental firewall to prevent getting annoyed at some of the nonsense endemic to all forums.
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  4. Sheltie

    Sheltie good to the last drop

    The unfortunate truth is that there is truly an endless supply of fascinating, interesting tales of UFO encounters but, as August said, you really have to hunt to find them. Most forums and certainly most History Channel documentaries seem to constantly rehash the most famous notorious cases, such as Roswell, Pascagoula, Rendlesham, etc.

    It almost reminds me of the 1970s when the pop music industry was controlled by a few big record labels and the main source for finding new music was commercial radio. Few people were aware of the amazing quality of many alternative groups.
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  5. dr wu

    dr wu Noble

    I hear you HAL......the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same .
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  6. Toroid

    Toroid Founding Member

    We need a disclosure with a talking alien that's televised. Not the "It's a cook book." scenario.
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