I wanted to wait till after Thanksgiving to tell this story.

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    I have a friend, She's always been this kind of person, If you are Happy or feeling Joy, She has to knock you down a few pegs. Her true demeanor betrays her personality. Her personality is that of someone who cares who wanted to help others and even spread joy. But, If you really knew her. You would know that is bait. When you really know her, Shes not about making you feel better, She's about making you feel as bad as she does, so she's not alone in her misery. So, I wished her a happy thanksgiving on Facebook, And she's all like, No, you just don't know, I've lost my job and I'm about to lose my home and you just don't know how unhappy of a thanksgiving it is. So, I told her, Look It sucks being broke, But There are places and programs people can get when things like that happen, Then she switches her story to, Oh well am I just supposed to forget about all my possessions? How will I move my things? I told her, When things are this bad, The thing to worry about is a roof over your head and food, Then she begins telling me how bad things are and how unhappy she is.

    Finally, I got fed up, I told her, Look, All I did was Tell you happy thanksgiving, You have options, but you won't be pleased till I'm in the floor crying about your situation, I told her to look, I'm having a good holiday this year. And there is lots of sadness in the world, but it's not time for me to feel sad, This is literally thanksgiving A time to be thankful we have families and aren't dying of cancer. Then I angrily left the conversation. I know I seem like a huge asshole. But damn, I don't like people who want to hurt my feelings, People who won't allow me to feel the joy I work so hard to attain. Some people just want to watch you writhing in pain and hurt because it brings them pleasure or solace to know they aren't alone.

    My advice is, let those people be alone in their a pain, What do we do with crazy people We lock them away. What do we do with sick people? we put them in a hospital away from the public. If someone is coming at you with pain and hurt and nothing short of you joining them in misery will satiate them, Walk away. That's not a friend. Now, If That makes me a Dick, Then I accept that I'm not Mr perfect. But, Happiness is hard to attain and even more difficult to hold on to, Someone with a sob story isn't going to ruin my holiday. This crazy messed up society we live in means, You have to fight for your right to be happy and have peace. If I'm a dick then I'm a dick, but if someone is a depressed asshole that just wants to spread misery, Then that person has cooties, And I don't want them.

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    I know, The way this is told makes me seem like a heartless butthole, But you wouldn't understand, I've known this woman for twenty years, I could be having the worst time of my entire life, And have before, and this woman's advice to me would literally be, "Chin up, I've got worse problems, listen to this. " Ugh.. I just mean No!, I'm under no dedication to jump down a swamp of sadness for her.

    It gets old, Every time to speak to someone, You leave the conversation feeling worse about yourself or humanity or just angry because this person likes to make herself feel better by dumping all kinds of depression off on you.

    Whether I'm an asshole or not, Some people are toxic, And it's just not worth it.
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    No, you are doing nothing wrong, SP, and I want to also say this story is very timely and appropriate for the holiday season.

    I've been in several relationships in recent years, either romantically or platonically, with women who are exactly as you describe. They love to unload their drama on me because I'm a good listener. And, for the record, I'm sure men are probably just as bad -- I'm certainly not trying to make a gender judgement.

    I've found out the hard way you simply cannot help these people unless they want to help themselves. If someone needs professional therapy it is their responsibility to seek it out. Healthcare options such as Obamacare and Medicaid are available and there are even professional therapists who are willing to work on a sliding scale based on the patient's income.

    I've completely cut ties with several friends who are "psychic vampires", ready to suck the life and happiness right out of you. My only regret is that I did not put my foot down sooner with these people.
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    Thank you, I was so worried I was coming off like some sort of ass, But yes, This woman is just that, She's like a psychic vampire. She seeks me out because she wants praise and appreciation, But, at the same time, She likes to drop all her baggage off on me. I mean, even at times when I feel great about myself and my day. I leave conversations with her depressed and feeling worse. It's not that I'm antisocial or anything, It's that some people get their kicks making others feel worse about themselves.

    Thank you for getting the point I was trying and failing to express :)
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