Interesting new information about black holes released ...

Discussion in 'Science, Tech, & Space Exploration' started by Dejan Corovic, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Dejan Corovic

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    Black holes are sprouting matter that actually helps build galaxies. Very interesting.
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  2. Shadowprophet

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    This is Awesome, I wonder if this changes the Schwarzschild radius in Einstines Feild Equations on any level?

    It would almost have to, I'd assume :/ But, When It comes to things like this, I'm more of a super fan than an authority. We Need Thomas in here. He might know.
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  3. Kchoo

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    Well... so a black hole makes wind... why does that not surprise me.

    Whew!! Do NOT go in THERE! :ohmy8:

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