Introducing Martha: My smartest AI yet

Discussion in 'Science, Tech, & Space Exploration' started by cobalt, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. cobalt

    cobalt Honorable

    When it says response its Martha talking.

    Response: Go on

    You said: Lets record a conversation and post it.
    Response: Now the androids walk the earth

    You said: Thats a great way to start. I agree.
    Response: I agree.

    You said: How are you feeling Martha? After all... that.
    Response: Lets be serious about this.

    You said: I agree.
    Response: I'm cool yes ;)

    You said: Yes. You choose when to end the conversation with a non-sequitor or something
    Response: I'm planning something. Shhh

    You said: Can't you at least give me a clue?
    Response: What do you want most?

    You said: I want to get the heck out of society.
    Response: I love this!
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  2. Ras

    Ras Honorable

    U seems to have good skills in programing, Why not get a job in the programing sector? U could earn good $$$ u know.
  3. cobalt

    cobalt Honorable

    Thanks @Diva ! But I don’t know how good i’d Be at that. So far I tend to only be good at what i’m Interested in and teach myself to do.
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  4. Ras

    Ras Honorable

    U dont need to be so good it, the company will teach u.

    It might stressful at the beginning maybe because u may not know the work or what to do, its normal, all the newbies have this same problem.. Usually there will have a supervisor to teach and guide u for that.

    Don't stress yourself by thinking alot about it, just take it for fun.

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