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    Isaac Koi has updated his website.
    Home - IsaacKoi
    It's very well organized, and incorporates the following, by his own description:

    (1) A "Free UFO Researcher Starter Pack" giving an outline of various resources online, including official documents, UFO books, podcasts and other material

    (2) Various articles relating to attempts to identify the "best" UFO cases. Ufologists regularly complain that skeptics fail to address the best UFO cases. On the other hand, skeptics frequently complain that “believers” refuse to nominate the best cases.This article considers some of those complaints.

    (3) Material relating to the history of UFO incidents and related matters, including movies and books.

    (4) For a bit of light relief, and to try to address the amount of nonsense written about them, I have included sections on some of the more popular photographs purportedly of "aliens" and online "UFO" videos.

    Also, for me, a valuable feature of his website is its database consisting of
    Searchable scans of UFO magazines, ranging from defunct UFO newsletters/magazines (with permission from relevant editors/groups) to official UFO documents from various countries.
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