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    I know I'm not the solid source of news or scientific content I once was.

    My thing is, People often need an excuse to do different things. There is no depression, No sadness, I can't explain it. in the last few years, I've stopped making videos, I've stopped playing the piano. Yeah, No one really knows I did that because, It never sounds badass to say, Hey, I play the piano. I've really changed all my habits. It was really only a matter of time before I backed away from really all online activity I think.

    I spent years studying physics trying to prepare myself for some bar exam I will probably never take. Mostly, I just wanted to assure myself, No one would be able to come through and speak science to me that I wouldn't understand. Like a lot of things, I eventually reach my goal and become bored.

    I don't know What I want to do with my time, But I've realized that for anyone, time is short, we should all spend what time we have doing things we enjoy. It's not that I don't enjoy coming onto the forums, It's just, People don't truly realize in my case, it wasn't just the forums here, I've been studying and posting articles on YT, google plus, Reddit, Ah, AE Facebook, for literal years now, If I was inactive here, I was usually extremely active somewhere else.

    What I want to do now is just relax, I want to be able to wake up in the mornings and just speak casually to people not in some great intellectual arena, " And don't get me wrong, The world needs places for people to sharpen their minds. I thought a long time before I made this post Because no matter how to look at it, It seems like a sad goodbye thread, But that's not what this is, no, no on any level. I'm just tired of doing the same things every day, The same old grind, I honestly feel, It would be more fulfilling to me personally, at this point, To just play video games and binge watch Netflix.

    There is no depression, There is no sadness, This isn't that kind of thing, It's just, We have all at one point or another gotten tired of doing the same old things you know? I don't need a break, But I want one, I don't know when I will be back, But, I won't be back until I feel like being really active and writing articles and contributing again. I don't know when that will be. I'm going into this break blind, only seeking relaxation and peace from the grind. I figure At least a month break, to play some dragon quest and get reacquainted with my dusty old ps4.

    I can't speak for everyone, But It's a mental thing. I just, I've always been this person that speaks at people, Not to them, I've never really formed deep bonds with people, That's not a choice I made, That's my personality. It's just how I am. If I let people get close to me, They can hurt me. And I don't give anyone that kind of power. So, I don't form bonds like regular people.

    I think, I just want to watch Netflix, eat burritos, play video games and spend time with my wife and stepdaughter. For those that would miss me, Simply don't do that. This online world isn't reality. That's part of the reason I need the break. I want something simple for a while. Tv video games and family.

    I think that's all I really need. :) Have a good one guys, I will, without doubt, be back someday.

    Later days.

    I will be back. I don't know when, But it will most likely be sooner than you are thinking.
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  2. pigfarmer

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    Take a break, straighten out the tangles and please come back when you're ready.
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    Take care, Shadowprophet. :Thumbsup:
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    I think we all know where you are coming from.You come back when you’re good and ready and enjoy your time with loved ones.
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  5. Kchoo

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    Later gator.
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  6. Kilburn

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    See ya, space cowboy.
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  7. coubob

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    To the simple things in life
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  8. cosmic joke

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    in my world 'simple' works
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