Jacques Vallee - The Juan Perez UFO Case.

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Jacques Vallee doesn't give too many interviews these days but here he is with Martin Willis discussing the (very freaky) Perez case which involves a young Argentinian gaucho witnessing several flying objects emitting strange beams of coloured light and a subsequent landed 'domed' object containing occupants.

Vallee originally studied the case and refers to it in his book 'Confrontations' - he also discusses other UFO reports from the same time and area and the upcoming documentary about the incident by Alan Stivelman ..as well as describing his own 'flying disc' sighting he had with his parents.

Jacques Vallée as our guest for the first half hour who discusses how he got interested in UFOs, his thoughts of the UFO subject in more recent times and the a particular case that we discuss further with Argentinian filmmaker, Alan Stivelman which is depicted in his film: Witness of Another World.


Date: September 6 1978 Location: Venado Tuerto Argentina Time: 0645A Summary: The young witness, Juan O Perez, had gone to gather a herd of horses and as he rode on his horse through the morning fog he felt something fly overhead, several objects then appeared and began maneuvering overhead emitting powerful beams of color changing light. His horse panicked and the witness barely managed to ride back home. The boy’s father reprimanded him and ordered him to go back to get the horses. Back on the field the witness found a large round object on the ground, it had a dome on top with several round windows. A door opened and a seven-foot tall being wearing gloves and a cylindrical helmet appeared. The being seemed to be attached to the object by some type of breathing apparatus. He invited the witness inside. They boy then tied his horse to a ladder and climbed in. Inside he was able to see a panel with buttons, tables and a small robot like being that was apparently busy at cutting into pieces, large bones of some animals resembling cows or horses, afraid the boy jumped out of the object to the ground. The tall being followed him outside. The witness then requested one of the giant’s gloves as proof of the experience, he then saw that the being had green claw like hands with blue metallic nails. The being then pricked the witness right arm apparently extracting blood in the process. As the witness rode back home carrying the glove, two flying objects caught up with him emitting a small slab and sphere that descended and brushed by the horse pulling off the glove like a magnet. Another curious fact was that while inside the UFO the young witness attempted to touch the being and the object several times but was prevented to by what appeared to be an invisible barrier. (Six days prior to the incident the witness father had found a mutilated cow in a pasture.)

Source: Jacques Vallee, Confrontations, A scientist Search for Alien Contact



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More info on other activity in the area:

Within a three-week period in September 1978 there were four dramatic UFO cases in Venado Tuerto, a small town three hours southwest of Rosario, Argentina. In the first case, a young carpenter named Alberto saw seven objects and two beings on the ground. In the second case, a twelve-year-old boy named Oscar saw three objects and went inside one of them, interacting with a very tall man and a small robot. In the third case, a sixteen-year-old baker named Francisco felt intense heat from a luminous object during a blackout of the local transformer. And in the fourth incident, a twenty-three-year-old man who was driving at night was “teleported” over four miles and had to be admitted to a local clinic for chest pains.”

– Jacques Vallee, Confrontations – A Scientists Search for Alien Contact, p. 121 (Ballantine Books, 1990) (6)

Comprehensive article from David Metcalfe:

In 2003 Jacques Vallee and physicist Eric W. Davis translated details from these types of experiences into a 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena for a paper presented at a conference hosted by the Centro Transdisciplinar de Estudos da Consciencia at theUniversidad Fernando Pessoa in Portugal. (10) “The main argument presented in this paper is that the continuing study of unidentified aerial phenomena (“UAP”) may offer an existence theorem for new models of physical reality. …the authors attempt to clarify the issues surrounding “high strangeness” observations by distinguishing six layers of information that can be derived from UAP events, namely (1) physical manifestations, (2) anti-physical effects, (3) psychological factors, (4) physiological factors, (5) psychic effects and (6) cultural effects. In a further step they propose a framework for scientific analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena that takes into account the incommensurability problem.” (11) The experience of a boy in rural Argentina speaks to the possibility of new models of physical reality, new models of consciousness and new models of community – surprising associations for an event associated with a subject like the UFO phenomenon that has been cast off for so long by serious researchers.


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Thanks for the posts and trailer- looks like a really interesting watch and it's definitely on the Christmas viewing list.

There's another good vid below dealing with the documentary and Jacques Vallee also brings up the three other UFO cases at the same period in the same area (see images on right here).

There are also other cases from the same year involving occupants emerging from domed objects wearing ''helmets' and 'silvery suits'.

• Vid sourced by IMSAM

"The UFO phenomenon exists, it has been with us throughout history, it is physical in nature and it remains unexplained in terms of contemporary science.

It represents a level of consciousness that we have not yet recognised and which is able to manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them - it affects our own consciousness in ways that we can not fully grasp"

Dr Jacques Vallee