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    For Kchoo Experience, I will continue to call the overall thing a fiction...
    But much of it is also my reality.
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  2. Rick Hunter

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    Did you say that Kchoo III is going to be available soon?
  3. Kchoo

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    Haha... not anytime soon.
    But I have two chapters written of a book. One possible title for it is 'Kchoo III- Legend of Kchoo'

    Not sure when it will be ready... Maybe in 2020?
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  4. Kchoo

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    I dreamed I was admonished by a blonde woman dressed in 60's stlye yellow dress. She was holding a yelkow apple by the stem and wacked me on the head with the apple, which is harmless, but it stung a little... then she drove away in her 60's style car and I went in the house... there was some organ music and a couple of red columns that went from floor to ceiling... they each had very fine grooves touching, and turning, like some kind of mechanical apparatus.... but I have no idea what is was for... the house was also a 60's style home except for those columns... I coukd hear someone talking, but could not understand the words and didnt know exactly where it was coming from. I stood at the window, trying to figure out where the sound came from, then heard a vibration coming from the living area where the strange columns were... when I went back in, it suddenly became clear to me what this symbolized, it was multiple helixes nut so closely in each column, that they appeared more like a solid round object than a set of helixes.... they were touching, and spinning in the same direction, and I only touching, as if one rotation in one tube was helping the other to rotate.

    As I moved closer, I felt the vibration from these columns permeate into my body, my brain... the energy was pleasant, and yet a tad nauseating...

    I realized that what I was seeing as striations was the light between the strands as if emanated from inside...

    The hairs raised on my skin, and I looked at my arm and it had taken on the same spinning light illusion...

    Then the columns changed, and became part of the structure of the house... as my perception shifted from external energy to internal energy...

    The Apple represented truth of natural health, the woman represented the beauty of truth, and the columns were a reminder that my DNA Helix and the Chakra Helix can work together, to help me to exist as light on the inside... and I can emanate that light back out...

    The buckle in the yellow belt of the yellow dress she wore was a double triangle... a mercaba.


    "Yes Ken?"

    I think I understand my portal... At least in theory....

    "You saw your light? Oooh.... you did! Good! "

    Toast-"Hahaha... what took you so long Kchoo? DIDNT YOU REMEMBER SHARING WITH Dansket? hahah..."

    Me-" Yeah but at the time I thought it was a meditation induced dream.."

    Shai-"It was..."

    Toast-" Yes, welll... what he did, wasn't a dream!"

    Semjase-"Don't confuse him... Ken? Are you ready to join us?"

    Me-"Yes!!! I think Imget it now...."

    Toast-"See you soon, Kchoo! Ha Ha! Websmgh... rasah Furah! Ah ha ha!"

    Me-"I know what that means, Toast... and from you, I take it as a complement,"

    Toast, "Who told him?"

    Shai giggled ...
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