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  1. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    For Kchoo Experience, I will continue to call the overall thing a fiction...
    But much of it is also my reality.
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  2. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Celestial

    Did you say that Kchoo III is going to be available soon?
  3. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Haha... not anytime soon.
    But I have two chapters written of a book. One possible title for it is 'Kchoo III- Legend of Kchoo'

    Not sure when it will be ready... Maybe in 2020?
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  4. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I dreamed I was admonished by a blonde woman dressed in 60's stlye yellow dress. She was holding a yelkow apple by the stem and wacked me on the head with the apple, which is harmless, but it stung a little... then she drove away in her 60's style car and I went in the house... there was some organ music and a couple of red columns that went from floor to ceiling... they each had very fine grooves touching, and turning, like some kind of mechanical apparatus.... but I have no idea what is was for... the house was also a 60's style home except for those columns... I coukd hear someone talking, but could not understand the words and didnt know exactly where it was coming from. I stood at the window, trying to figure out where the sound came from, then heard a vibration coming from the living area where the strange columns were... when I went back in, it suddenly became clear to me what this symbolized, it was multiple helixes nut so closely in each column, that they appeared more like a solid round object than a set of helixes.... they were touching, and spinning in the same direction, and I only touching, as if one rotation in one tube was helping the other to rotate.

    As I moved closer, I felt the vibration from these columns permeate into my body, my brain... the energy was pleasant, and yet a tad nauseating...

    I realized that what I was seeing as striations was the light between the strands as if emanated from inside...

    The hairs raised on my skin, and I looked at my arm and it had taken on the same spinning light illusion...

    Then the columns changed, and became part of the structure of the house... as my perception shifted from external energy to internal energy...

    The Apple represented truth of natural health, the woman represented the beauty of truth, and the columns were a reminder that my DNA Helix and the Chakra Helix can work together, to help me to exist as light on the inside... and I can emanate that light back out...

    The buckle in the yellow belt of the yellow dress she wore was a double triangle... a mercaba.


    "Yes Ken?"

    I think I understand my portal... At least in theory....

    "You saw your light? Oooh.... you did! Good! "

    Toast-"Hahaha... what took you so long Kchoo? DIDNT YOU REMEMBER SHARING WITH Dansket? hahah..."

    Me-" Yeah but at the time I thought it was a meditation induced dream.."

    Shai-"It was..."

    Toast-" Yes, welll... what he did, wasn't a dream!"

    Semjase-"Don't confuse him... Ken? Are you ready to join us?"

    Me-"Yes!!! I think Imget it now...."

    Toast-"See you soon, Kchoo! Ha Ha! Websmgh... rasah Furah! Ah ha ha!"

    Me-"I know what that means, Toast... and from you, I take it as a complement,"

    Toast, "Who told him?"

    Shai giggled ...
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  5. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Kchoo Experience has been moved to the

    "Around The Campfire."

    A better home, indeed.

    Now that it is officially recognized as fiction.... I would like to say..

    The story IS fiction, because it is my perception of these Aliens, but the Aliens themselves, are real.

    These aliens do exist... every one of them... but they do not like to be called Aliens, because they consider themselves people... just like you, and me...

    So if you meet one of them someday. please be kind to them.
    My story may help you have a commonality with them...

    Thank you,

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  6. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    It's been officially designated as fiction because you called it that and published in that way...We must endeavour to maintain the integrity of the forum to the best of our abilities so as to not mislead any readers here, past, present, or future visitors...

    Any personal experiences anyone wishes to share by all means feel free to post in the 2 personal experiences forums available...Personal experiences are not necessarily called fiction or nonfiction but simply personal experience...
  7. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I have no problem with it. :Thumbsup:
  8. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I am currently sitting on a couch, watching a robotic mower through a window ... it is "happily" automatically cutting down some weeds and grass as I write.

    My how far we have come... we are closer to becoming the very "Aliens" we speak of, everyday...

    It is easy to imagine, that mankind will leave Earth and begin exploring other star systems..
    someday, if we live long enough..
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  9. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Some readers asked why I did not put a linked index on the Kchoo Experience E book.

    I thought about that and decided to give it one. I uploaded the changes today, Kindle Direct says it may take a couple days before the changes take full effect...

    So wait a day or two... if you already have the e book, no problem... you can download it again from your kindle Apple with no new fees. But wait a couple days to make sure the changes are there...

    Now E book users can navigate to the index by clicking on the chapter title, and navigate from the index to a chapter by clicking the Chapter Title on the index page...

    The future purchases of the paperback will show an index page and page numbers... but those aren't clickable... for some reason, paper books just don't work like that :Whistle:
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  10. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.


    "What's up Ken?"

    "I hear vibration, I see light and shadows, but I cannot complete the connection. I am stuck."

    "Everything has a rythm... is the sound a noise, or is it more defined?"

    "More like noise... And a voice I can't understand... "

    "Seek definition and rhythm... compose the vibration... sing and harmonize with it.
    Find your song, Ken!"

    "AHhh ohhhhKay...."

    "Patience... remember?
    A river can cut through rock, not because it is powerful, but because it is persistent..."

    "I remember... just never applied it to meditation..."

    "Temporal sound and Ethereal light and sounds need to harmonize... you are the composer, Ken.... find your song..."


    Semjase, "Sometimes, in our efforts, we push too hard.... slow your noise down so it is less from the brain, and it is closer to your heart..."

    "ok... I am trying..."

    "I know, Ken... I know..."
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  11. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Celestial

    Hey Kchoo, quick question. Unless I just completely missed it, do the aliens ever talk to you about other Earth people they visit? In all the accounts I have read, aliens often have ongoing relationships with numerous Earth people at once, but they seem quite careful to stick with people who don't know each other.
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  12. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I did ask that question... they only said "Maybe Later".
    So years later I challenged them to do it... "I will forward your request.."

    2 years after that, my wife was with me in a public place during this one- , "I forwarded your request... We did try, even with members of your family... but people are not as accepting... they could not see the truth in us..."

    Got in car and headed home. Asked wife if she knew who they were... "Yes... I have seen them before... "
    "you are pretty cool then, for putting up with me in all this..."
    "You can talk to them... it is just not my thing."
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  13. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Twice I had real experiences where I entered a saucer. (don't know who built it, but I am convinced it was not made here.)

    I was in a daze from free diving too deep when I entered from underneath. I never went that deep before, and I was told I could not breathe the air inside. I woke up beside the moon pool with an oxygen mask on my mouth and nose,

    I cannot remember a lot of detail about the ship, but I remember seeing shiny silver metal, minimal equipment, integrated Black surfaced structures toward the outer round that look like a gangway and some control surfaces. The commander was not happy that I boarded, but was not mean about it. She just gave them some orders and they followed her commands.

    I lost a couple hours, and never really recalled much... I remember standing up at one point, leaning on one of the structures, and I was given an injection in my rump, (through my swim shorts) because they said I was exposed to something and that would fix it. I also remember waiting while they created the injection, and I spoke with the Commander about who they were... but can't remember much detail on that.
    She answered my questions...
    I can't remember everything... but I was able to at least get her to acknowledge that they came for a purpose, and had been there a couple weeks... and would be leaving soon, and Earth had been visited many times.... and that Earth is not the only inhabited planet... but it is unique in diversity.

    The next time was at night. Brunette and a tall Grey came to talk, and offered me a ride. (I think I arranged that with the Commander, and her, but do not remember everything about that) I walked in a hallway, and took a lift to the bridge after floating up into it with a Brunette woman. The saucer was dark inside... so I saw very little of the structure, but the bridge was not big... and we talked about Earth and being good to it.

    We took a ride around the sun and they showed me a large red nebula through the viewing window/screen. Gave me some tests, scanned my body with a blue imaging device... and mostly just talked. It was really cool to get to do that. But it was hard to grasp that it really happened. It just isn't one of those things that is easy to get your head around, but I think they wanted me to remember.

    it did take a while for my brain to acknowledge it. Probably a couple years before I really let myself accept that it wasn't just some dreams and that it was a real encounter. The way the brain works on these things, it is a challenge to fully grasp it, and It took a while for me to believe it... but have come to believe it was a real experience.

    We did talk about flight technology, but they said Earth isn't ready to understand it, and gave me little detail... instead, they were more interested in how I thought it worked, and said my ideas were good, but not accurate, but that Earth would figure it out soon without qualifying what 'soon' meant.

    I asked about fuel... A guy said it looks like light beer, uses water as an emulsifier, and It was stirred to create a vortex. A very powerful electric current was generated from that...

    I asked what they see as the most valuable resource and the answer was water... and they mine for rare elements that humans are not even aware of yet, buried deep in the Earth... (they did not say that it was for fuel) but it exists deeper than Man has drilled.

    And that is the deepest technological discussion we had that I can remember.
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  14. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I am taking a break from exploring Aliens and Paranormal things for a while.

    I wont be spending much time here, as I think I have mostly found what I was looking for.

    Aliens are a very interesting exploration of thought, and there are a good group of people here who are obviously trying to get it figured out.

    My exploration has been positive.
    The biggest result was finding a group of intelligent people who I appreciate and admire.

    Keep on keepin on.

    I will be posting less and reading more, and may only check in now and then.

    I dont really have much to contribute... mostly I have just been trying to understand one thing-

    Many people believe Aliens are visiting us. I wanted to try to understand why people believe that.

    After a few years, I still dont think I know the answer.

    AE has offered many good discussions, and I think with good people like yall, maybe the answers will come, someday.

    Anyways, I just want to say Thanks.

    Thanks for putting up with my questions, ideas, generalizations, and arguments...

    I will always believe in humanity, because I learned how good it is, partly through my own exploration, but mostly by the examples set forth by the people I have met.

    Peace, love, and hope In humanity!
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  15. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    So, a couple months went by... me, working on my physical health, mental health, spiritual health...

    I meditated, trying to manifest a portal.... I slept, and tried to dream one,...

    I finally reached out with my thoughts... “I can’t manifest it...”. I said... thinking my message to the universe...

    Semjase answered in my thoughts- “You are trying to manifest something external.... look within... The answers have been streaming to you for a lifetime... all you need to do is listen to it, just as you now hear me.”

    I projected the thought-“Ok. I will get back to you on that... “

    Semjase-“Yes you will.”

    At least one of us has confidence....
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  16. Thomas R. Morrison

    Thomas R. Morrison Meh

    Okay I'm really confused about this - you just described two personal encounters with alien beings in the previous post...but you can't figure out why people believe that aliens are visiting us?

    How does that make any sense?

    I've never seen an alien being (as far as I know, perhaps they can mimic our appearance), but I've seen craft that perform in a manner way beyond our top military aircraft, so that convinced me that we're not alone. I mean, I can't say where they came from, but if it's not human in origin, then by definition it's alien to our civilization.
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  17. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Yes... I am also confused, but I will try to explain as best I can.

    You see, when I was 42, I had what I would claim as a real encounter, because every sense would indicate it WAS real...

    After that, I remembered other encounters (‘cameos’) since I was a child... a lifetime of people that would just kind of pop into my life... strangers really... but their visits stuck with me, and some didn’t fit the world I understood...

    The Cameo Encounters have continued... here and there, at the zoo, the gym (as recently as this week) public places, where they blend right in as humans, but they approach me and say odd things that only they would know...

    So what I meant was Alien ‘experiences’ seem very personal to the one having the encounter, and either the aliens adapt themselves to what people’s minds will accept, or, people’s minds interpret what they saw differently. Or perhaps they simply manifested/dreamed it and applied odd real events and tied them together and called it a life of alien encounters. Perhaps that is what I have done... but I am not convinced it is all in my head...

    I came here, looking for confirmations of my experiences, but It appears I am basically alone in my experiences, so I didn’t find confirmation... nobody has met my aliens... why not? Well, I introduced one to a friend, and one to my wife... but they just seem to think they are normal humans...

    In the process of sharing my experiences, I was unable to label it as real in the sense that I couldnt prove anything.
    So I call my experiences Mine and only mine, therefore, they must be fiction.

    I also see no real proof that other people have encountered real aliens.

    All that aside, I tried to give in to the possibility that we are connected to the universe... and I decided to explore that from my subconscious, willingly, to see where it would go... and that is what I am doing now...

    I am still trying to prove they exist, but I have not found the solid evidence I want.
  18. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I think I am growing from it... I make healthier choices, I am more passive and peaceful, but wiser...
    I am humbled by how vast the universe is to us, and humored, by the antics aliens have pulled... mine have a good sense of humor, and they say things that help me grow and have challenged me to be more conscientious of my world. I know Earth is dying... I know humans are at fault... I find hope in the idea that we are not alone, and I have learned to consider them my friends...
    So, to me, They are very real...
    What else can I say?
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  19. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Last evening, I came in from work, and the scent of buttered corn hit my nostrils and I knew this was going to be a nice dinner. My wife bought six ears of fresh corn on the cob and boiled them one at a time so we could eat them as freshly done as possible... we each had three ears, and a fantastic chocolate Ganash on Gram Cracker crust with marshmallow merang.

    While she was preparing the my third ear of corn, I studied her aura... a light silver outline of wings swayed behind her gently as she worked.

    I put my chin on my fists, and said, “I see your wings. “

    My wife laughed, “I don’t have wings...”

    “I can see them... they ago about 16 inches above your head and then turn down and curve out to the sides....”

    She grinned and blushed, “You think I have wings now, just wait till you have your dessert!”

    “Looking forward to it.” I said.

    The thing is, I can see auras, since I was 3... Grandma had a pink one, Grandpa had a blue one that would turn black when he talked about politics... the auras looked like little clouds above their heads or over her shoulders...

    Recently I learned to expand my ability to see the shape of the auras, and wow...

    So I wasn’t flirting... I was telling her what I really saw... but what I see is not what others want to believe...
    but I get away with it, because it has a charm to it...

    That’s just a cute little story about my life, and how I have learned to see a little more and be aware of a little more than the average person...

    This is why I think there is something bigger is out there... because we are more than monkeys.
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  20. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    A lady approached me at the gym. "You are working hard."

    I looked up from the squirt bottle of disinfectant that I was spraying on a paper towel... "Yes."

    The Brunette squared off to make it clear her focus was on me, "I am worried about your blood pressure... your face was turning purple."

    I matched her posture, " I feel fine... I am going for health and strength, not so much size... I am pushing it a little, But I doing things right for me. If you are so worried why dont you just enhance me?"

    Kim looked at the floor, then brought her head up to look me in the eyes again, "You are improving on your own... you have the strength, and endurance and now you just need to trim up. What are you training for? "

    Me, "Just to be healthy and have fun. I can't drink, it is too hard on my body... I dont do drugs, so IF I must have a vice, it might as well be working out."

    Kim," That's my mantra! Do you have one?"

    I put on a straight face, and sang in a sort of a country tone, "I love people and the people love me too, I love people and the people love me too, I love people and the people love me too, I love people and the people love me too!"

    She smiled and relaxed her shoulders, "You did that with such a straight face. You always make me laugh. "

    I smiled, "Thanks... So you are back again.... in the flesh... whats up?"

    "Ri Li said you were in trouble... I am allowed in certain circumstances... came to check... but you are fine."

    "I am today.", I tilted my head, "What is new"

    "Nothing much... I cant stay... "

    She turned and walked through the fire exit doors without setting off the the warning system...
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