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    Do you think she neutralized the alarm with her mind, a device on her person or via a hovering ship? Did you happen to see her reflection in a mirror? I was listening to a program yesterday and Cobra said the Pleiadians have the largest genetic stock on this planet. Kent Dunn said the tribe of Dan is short for Pleiadian. He didn't explain the other eleven tribes being connected to a particular off world race.

    Twelve Tribes of Israel - Wikipedia
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    There were no mirrors in proximity to see a reflection. The mirrors are all toward the front where the freewieghts are at.

    I have no idea why the alarm didn't go off, but I would bet she arranged it somehow.

    I would believe what Cobra and Kent said on that...
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    Working out is a lot better for you than drinking. :Thumbsup:

    To clarify, Kent wasn't apart of that discussion. He said that on the Parody Show.
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  4. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    So I was at the beach, making a sand castle when I heard voices behind me.
    “There he is... look at his little boots... hm hm.”
    “He wears those when he is scuba diving, or playing in the surf... Shh... I just want to watch him... it is rare that he just plays like that anymore...”

    I picked up some small clam shells and decorated the spires, and made a keystone over the castle door. found some small pieces of grape calurpa and used those as bushes bellow the armory spires on each side of the door.

    “Not bad.”, I said out loud to myself, but wondered if the two ladies were still behind me...

    I stood and walked out into the surf to wash off the sand...

    “Ken! Turn around... “

    I turned and recognized Niah, and her mom... standing there... smiling. I walked back to shore to speak with them.

    “Are you okay?”, said Niah.

    “Hey... Yeah, I am fine... why?”

    Niah looked out into the water... “You should be careful, there is a shark out there... “

    I shrugged.... “Always sharks in the water... feeding on fish... usually don’t come to shore unless they are desperate and hungry.”

    Niah turned to Kim.

    Kim said, “See?”

    Niah looked back at me, “Yeah, not a good combination for swimmers... but I don’t think he is hungry...”

    Me, “So why are you here?”

    Niah, “I heard you were working hard.. I wanted to see for myself...”

    I assumed they were talking about my workouts so I flexed and pulled my shirt tight around my abs...

    Kim, “Big improvement since last time...”

    Niah, “You are doing better than Thomas, but I wasn’t talking about that... “

    Me, “Oh... you mean my work on auras? Yeah... I see your wings....”

    Niah smiled, “My? Wings??”

    “Yeah... and Kim’s... woah,,, Kim’s have talons...?”

    Niah, “Haha... yeah...”

    Kim looked purturbed by that comment....

    Niah, “We can’t stay... but you are doing well..”

    I pose in a stance with my fingers pointed out above my shoulders and directed my glance at Kim...

    Kim’s face changed from a smile to a grimace, and for a second, it looked like she was going to charge at me... then stepped back... “I am done...”and she walked away...

    Niah, “She does have talons... I was afraid to point that out, but since you did that for me..., well, I can talk to her about it now.... I need to go talk to her now... Sometimes kids parent the parents... haha!”

    I walked back out into the surF and joined my wife friends who were letting the waves splash their shoulders....
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  5. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Solar Observatory Telescope being shut down... strange sitings in Toronto... the other morning I swear I heard a a high pitch hum wiz over my house horizontally... did not sound like anything I heard before...

    Something in my gut says something big is happening... but I don’t know what.

    I got nothing other than, “Earth is in chaos by it’s own volition. We are not to blame.”

    Whatever... yes they are to blame... if they have the means to help... and they do nothing... I do hold them accountable for their inaction...

    “Not that anyone cares what I think... but dammit... what’s all this for?”

    No answers...
  6. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Toast, "We like you for your enthusiasm Kchoo, but there is nothing to tell. Basically all is well for you is it not? Is life not better for you than it has ever been? Did we not help?"

    Bert, "Remember Kchoo, this was always a personal journey... it is not your job to worry about Earth... it is your job to accept the universe, Earth as it is..."

    Kim, "Kchoo, language changes so much in just a few hundred years. Do you know where the word enthusiasm came from? 'En' is 'in' ... or coming from inside... 'thus' is 'Thuse' ... or God... Enthusiasim is the God in You... this is what Toast is referring to... "

    Toast, "Yes..."

    Me, "I am no God...."

    Kim, "Nope... Definately not. You know what I mean..."

    Me, "What's this got to with my question?"

    Toast, "Haha! Just trying to get you to see what is in you is all that matters... and that IS enough..."

    "OH.... so I am just supposed to accept on fairh that everything is fine."

    Toast, "Because it IS, Kchoo! It is all propaganda, twisting of reality by those who believe in the illusion of control. Kchoo... just nonsense..."

    Me, "That says alot, coming from an Alpha Keeper, such as yourself, Toast."

    Toast, "That is why it was ME that said it.. haha!"

    Kim, "That's enough..."

  7. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    So I had gone to bed, and I put my hands palm down on the bed to just relax into a meditative rest.
    I closed my eyes and focused on breathing deeply. I imagined I had wings like an eagle. A peaceful feeling resonated through my whole body... and I could hear soft sweet music inside me, and all around me.. suddenly I found myself floating in the air, gliding above a garden with a sparkling aquifer. I could see a reflection of myself and my outstretched wings....

    Semjase was strolling by the bank alone, so I circled down and landed... she looked unprepared for this, and almost frightened... but quickly recognized me... and dropped her shoulders into a more relaxed pose, while her cheeks tightened and formed a glowing smile, “You made it!”

    “We are on Berahi.”

    “No! This garden is in the Bio Orb.”

    “WOW! Nice work...”

    Semjase looked around, “Yes... it is really quite beautiful.... We are moving in... We built homes... The crew alternates being home here and working, and duties on the reprisal are just maintenance right now... most of us are here more than we are there... The first crops came in... there is plenty... we had a celebration on a grand scale, and...”

    She reached out for my hand, “No.. don’t leave now.... too soon... come back.. promise me...”

    I sat up in bed, coughed, and Breathed heavily and deeply...

    “Wow.. was I holding my breath?”

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  8. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    When I got out of bed in the morning, and brushed my teeth, I massaged a slight pull in my right shoulder using my left hand.

    I made a nice breakfast, yogurt, almond slices, and pecans... 5 Egg whites prepared with a piece of chopped Canadian Bacon, and coffee.

    As I ate, I reflected on last night, and it seemed that I was so into the teavel, that I was not really concious of my other self... Part of me never left the bed... part of me went somewhere else... and as that part of me had completely taken over, I was not aware of that part I left behind...

    It seems I must maintain more awareness of my physical self as I travel... that seemed tricky... and scary... what If I forget for too long? Will I die?
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    Kchoo At Peace.


    So I fell asleep, intending only to rest, but found myself in the hallways of the Reprisal.

    Niah was walking toward me with an elderly woman whom I did not recognize, “I want you to meet someone... this is my Granda! Granda, this is...”

    Granda, “I knowwww Kchoo.” The serious expression on her face was not really a welcoming one...

    Granda continued, “I did not approve. But off they went and pulled you in. I knew you would not like it... I knew they make it sound like promises, but they don’t make promises.... and I don’t like you anyway.... “

    “Granda, you know Kchoo helped us...”

    “Yes, I know but he isn’t one of us....”

    I simply smiled, “Believe me, you have nothing to worry about from me...”. I bowed my head.

    Grandmas eyes turned all pink, and she let out a gurgly growl, exposing thin fangs and leaned toward me.

    I stood my ground, grinned at her, stared her down, and leaned in, “Boo on you, too.”

    She shrunk back and returned back to a her more human self, and turned to Niah, “You are right he is not afraid... He is bolder than I thought... you know this is not always a good thing... he could turn on us...”

    Niah, “We all know what to do if he does.... but I don’t sense any danger from him...”

    Granda, “I do not either, but age has taught me to stay cautious... I think so should you...”

    Niah, “Duly noted, Granda....

    We need to let you go, Kchoo. We are due for a meeting... Don’t worry about her. I am the authority below my mother on this, not Granda.”

    Granda, “We will see...”
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    What happens if you turn on them?
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  11. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I have no idea. I know I am not in charge, that is for sure... probably just get subued and wake up sonewhere else.
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    Thoughts about Meditation

    Having had some time to absorb and process my last meditation, I have come to the conclusion that the soul is a very real thing. The soul is powerful enough to reach any existence and any truth.

    THE SOUL, when released to explore is not really leaving the body, but bringing that existence to the body.
    This is why the brain can be taught to link to what the soul sees.
    There is a pressure of the soul to explore.
    IT WANTS to explore, to reach and to recieve, the Expanse.

    In other words, ‘God be with you’.

    This is cool stuff.

    WITH THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of this, I meditate in a completely conscious state and see into and beyond normal limits of this physical body.

    IT IS NOT a tool to see or be somewhere else, it is an existence of an expanded consciousness, bringing that existence to the body. A confidence in self by confidence in the soul. Allowing ones self to see the value in the tiniest of things makes me realize how small I really am.

    Shai, “Good work”

    Toast, “HAHAH... Kchoo did it. He grew up... in half the normal time... HAHAHAH,!

    Granda, “Hmmph... I think that remains to be seen....”

    Kim, “He did make it Granda, you know he has done it,”

    Granda, “So? This EARTHEN HUMAN will go the trail of troalinsek? I think not...”

    Kim, “He may not need the trail if he remembers the monyptancheche.”

    Me, “troalinsek is not real. I remember the monyptancheche, I can even remember the Salidursdian Rhyme.”

    Toast, “HAHAHA! I knew you would do it! “

    Granda, “Very well. But he does not have my vote until he overcomes the Turniskatahn”

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  13. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Not exactly feeling like myself lately... dreams are very introspective and I have been sort of self absorbed by it... but I dont recognize my surroundings as of yet.

    I think I am changing, maturing, growing, but paassing through a different place in my psychy than I am accustomed to...

    I will rise to the challenges, and I will emerge befitted with new knowledge, but right now I cant even describe what I am feeling...

    They didnt explain what turniskatahn is, but I suppose it has something to do with trusting myself...

    I don’t like it when they dangle a carrot and act like I am supposed to figure it out. I thought I was past all that... ...guess not...

    “One thing is certain, Y’all like to raise the bar, and that Has gotten old you know? I thought I had arrived where I needed to be, and you throw more challenges or tests? Feels almost like you are slapping me with a glove in the face... I don’t deserve that tone Granda! Furthermore; I have meditated, dreamed, searched, and I still have no clue what turniskatahn is...”

    ...No response...
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    I typed turniskatahn into Google, Wordsmith & Gematria and got nothing significant.
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  16. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    There is something watching.
    It passes by occasionally in my periphery but when turn it isn’t there.
    Sometimes the hairs stand up on my neck, and I know it is here.

    I stand in front of a mirror with no shirt and flex, and I sense a power not from me.
    I get ready for the day, organize my gym bag, prepare for my work for the day, looking forward to the night and in the night I look forward to the day again and always prepare.

    The sword of truth is here, but it does not cut, it just gleams in the light from the window. Making me curious what I will find, and will I grow?

    I think of friends here and there, how two lives are one, yet separate.
    Where is the value of a treasure that gleams in the light, if it only serves to reflect?
    Isn’t it a tool for action, and if so What will I do?

    Where is the value if I melt I’d down? A blacksmith’s masterpiece reborn?
    Forge ahead I say to my reflection, and it does not respond.

    Chasing shadows knowing shadows mean something is there...
    Turniskatahn beware, I am coming, I desire nothing, I but I redraft you, because I can.
    I will make something new, because I can not tolerate you. I will have the upper hand.
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  17. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I laid down on my bed and put my palms down. I focused on my breathing rhythm, Slow steady, automatic...
    I envisioned walking through a wall of water, to reach the other side.


    She grabbed my hand and we walked along a stream.

    Me, “What did you want to say?”

    Semjase playfully pulled away, and let go, signaling for me to stay...
    She took two steps away and jumped into a mid air piruette, then put a hand and two feet on the ground before tucking her shoulder into a somersault, kicked her legs out and up to land on her crouched legs to stand straight upon her feet.

    She then gently put her hand behind my neck and turned her body. My body had no choice but to go where her hand directed me, and she turned tighter, crouching as she went. I was forced to the ground and rolled away, tucking into a ball. I rolled myself up onto crouched legs and sprung to my feet from a sitting position, facing her and gazing at her playful smile.

    She assumed a punching position and playfully swatted at me with a loose fist as I stepped in to block and counter with my own. We juggled each other in our blocks and jabs, faster, faster still, until I took a step to her side, shoulder to shoulder and another step...we were back to back, sliding opposite to turn and face each other once again. I leaned in to go for an arm lock as she threw a quick punch, she misjudged her pullback because of my move, and smacked me a good one right below the right eye.

    I stiffened, stunned, and dropped my hands to my sides, and grunted with a pouty lip.

    She put both hands up to her lips in surprise and opened her arms, and gave me a gentle hug, ‘I am so sorry,”

    Me, “My fault... I left myself wide open...and My face hit your fist... so, Tsalright...”

    Semjase, looked at the dark crescent already forming in the middle of the reddened skin where she clobbered me.

    Me, “What, you weigh all of a 110 lbs wet, and you still gave me the worst punch I have ever had yet... haha.”

    Semjase, “A bit more than that. I executed my kata perfectly, though... and that thing you did, what was that?”

    Me, “About 800 years out of practice...”

  18. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I suddenly felt the urge to pee, and woke up, stretched out of my bed and strolled to the bathroom... glanced in the mirror to behold a mark under my right eye...

  19. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    The next day
    My wife made bacon sandwiches and potatoes with cheese, just the right amount of sour cream, peper, and bacon.

    It was so delicious! I wondered what I did to deserve such a treat.

    Wife, "What is that on your face? You should cover that with powder... looks like that little bump might even juice there... the powder will pull that out and help."

    I smiled, thinking to myself, "That is the thing about being married... romance is sweetly casual... bacon sandwiches, and talking about my boo boo's is what it is all about.... wouldn't change a thing..."
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  20. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    As I rested, I imagined I was falling in a controlled free fall, and arrived on the Reprisal. Burt was teaching a class a small classroom and so I sat in a student chair amount 12 students, A mixed group of youthful reptillians, and two young Pleiadians.

    He was pacing as he lectured, and As he turned, nodded at me with positive approval but didn’t miss a beat on the rhythm of his speech, “... to that end, the treaty was established by the two dominate powers in the Rastari Territories, so they became great builders and tycoons in perfect timing with the new migrations.

    REMEMBER, next seission... Dont forget your simulations. I want to see how each of you would word a treaty of your assigned regions... in the next 4 sessions, we will discuss and evaluate what we will ratify for joint treaty and complete the exercise. Class session 246!”

    All the students stood. So I stood as well.

    Bert, “Dismissed!”

    All students turned to line up and walked in quiet unison to the exit. I took a step out of the way as they passed by me. The door closed behind the last to leave.

    Bert acted like he was waiting for me to say something.

    Me, “Nice lecture... wish I had of gotten here earlier.”

    Bert stood silently.

    Me, “So here I am... It’s me...”

    Bert, “Aren’t you going to ask me about Turniskatahn?”

    Me, “What for? I am going to reinvent whatever it is anyway... “

    Bert, “How?”

    Me, “I will figure it out when I get there...”

    Bert, “Most people want to know what it is, so they can try to design a strategy...”

    Me, “Yes.., Why bother preparing for something that is unknown? SO, I will make it up as I go along. I will beat it... whatever it is... because I can.”

    Bert, “I don’t know if you can beat it...”

    Me, “Whatever... Either it will show its ugly head or not.”

    Bert laughed.


    Bert, “Indeed, it will show it’s ugly head.”

    Me, “When.”

    Bert, “When it knows you are not watching... And when you think you know, you don’t know, that is why it is so hard...

    Me, “Oh, I am getting used to it...”

    “All I can say is, If you make it through... I will be surprised... I told them they should not do it... but I was overruled... Semjase is up to her usual antics... I told her I didn’t want to know... but... good luck... if you go through Turniskatahn, you are gonna need it.”

    Me, “Thanks... I think...”

    Bert, “ If I were you, I would refuse the challenge.”

    Me, “Refuse Turniskatahn? Is that possible?”

    Bert, “No... but you can find peace in not accepting Turniskatahn.”

    Bert’s voice started sounding hollow..

    Me, “Wait, What ?”

    Bert, “Shnidall had tak nuya.”


    I woke up... cleared my throat... and repeated it, “Shnidall had tak nuya.”


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