Laws for the Rich and the Poor

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    Being the 'the side of the pond' our laws in the UK, I believe are similar to those in The States

    A diversity of law here in the UK is usually based on the rich or the poor.

    You would think that all things are equal and laws are the general censors of the land?

    They are not!
    In the city, you will not notice much happening regarding this corruption, but in the country the rich live there and they will judge you by the car you drive as well as the way that you dress.
    This equal opportunity does not work, because if you do not 'fit in' you are removed. The trouble is that I don't like toffs in general and that I moved in the country for peace and retirement. When my life is made hell....I can give hell back.

    Here in the UK, you will find the winos and the yuppies who when they congregate they drive the older generation away. Nor do I like late night parties and screaming kids with yapping dogs all day and night and when I am constantly smoked out with bonfires, and having to listen to a chainsaw all day long I have enough.Especially having BMWs, Mercs and 4X4s toff cars parked on my land . "@8&@ **f over there where you belong 600yds away from where I live." Last time he had a bonfire, I had my head in the bog spewing my guts out. Then he says:- "I have got some horrible stuff to burn for you next time

    "You...telling ME...what to har-har-har!!!"

    So I say:- "Listen you 'pine head' you wanna dance? Do you think I am gonna listen to you and Chuckie all day long ...I have come here for some peace!"I even get his mates including Joe Eighty Nine and a Half and Dopey Dave Roberts from half way down the road 300 yds away to burn THEIR rubbish as well Some days it was like the funeral fires in Calcutta. Like having the Seven Dwarfs walking towards your property.

    I recon what they did for the past 500 years was to breed and rape in the next villages as none of them are taller than five feet two inches. At first I thought the circus had come to the village. Keep hoping that one or two of them will fall in my cess pit 40 yds away. It is evil down there as we have to remember to keep the lid on.

    Anyway, I got him reported to both council and eventually the police and this is where the trouble starts. The council have to catch him doing these things and they are literally not interested. Eventually you have to get the police to have him removed. you are working it out! YES! As the council are to lazy to catch him, they instead make a log of all your complaints. If he was not caught making another bonfire within a month, it would be classed as a fail. In one year I got a 12 fails as his shenanigans ranged from violence to just being a p*at

    The KING PIN!!! People 'sniff' those with money and a she had the most, he was top dog. The police just want a quiet life and because they cannot catch the perpetrator, they pick on the victim whilst having all the perpetrators neighbours to back him up. Safety in numbers.

    Now if you live in the city and someone parks his car in your driveway, you are likely to go crazy?

    You find out that it is the guy across the road who has five cars and needs to park in your drive. The police come along and tell you that it is not a police matter, but despite you wanting to cave they guy' 'head in' they feel that the police reluctantly have to get involved. Eventually it leads to a MEDIATION by which both parties have to compromise. By that, it means that instead of the person parking in your home 7 days a week it is suggested that he parks 3 days a week (which he had craftily worked out before)

    So you say 'NO' then you are classed as unreasonable and the police will want nothing to do with you. Meaning that if you reported him again, they would issue you with a 'Harassment Order'

    Does a harassment warning amount to a penalty without a fair hearing?

    So you think...."Fine I will co-operate" after signing specially prepared papers. You come home from work and then find two cars in your driveway and another argument flares. The police get called in and you are prosecuted for breaking a signed Order of Consent.

    So you think :- "I am gonna get a solicitor"

    A solicitor will not take on your case because it would be difficult to prove in court and even if you insisted and they took on the case, they could get 'struck off' for PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT.

    With my case, living in the country, I had to remove my Ford Fiesta from my drive, because it was parked five feet away from his new Mercedes. Even though I was parked on my property and he on his, the police regarded this as harassment and intimidation because it caused him EMBARRASSMENT.

    The final straw was when the police ordered that my 'No Parking' sign be taken down as to allow him to park on my land and that I had to also remove my car.

    No solicitor would get involved with my case, so I had to take him to court and fight my own case together with a barrister who could only guide me.

    As there as no solicitor on my case I got threatened with a $70,000 legal bill saying that I would lose and that the court would also apply sanctions because my Ford Escort although parked on my land, caused him to drive around it, hence creating an OBSTRUCTION.

    My spirit guides got involved and relayed all their tactics. So I got back to my barrister and told him to reform the case, because their aim was to 'Throw the Case Out of Court'

    My guides I can never repay them back because they wanted me to fight him. I trusted them so much but could have lost about $100,000.

    The judge did not throw out my case and wanted another hearing. He had nothing. No evidence and both he and his solicitor backed down paying high costs

    Another battle started to rage and this time a solicitor knew that he could back me because of the court action. The neighbour's action?

    "I do not want to fight him in court" he said

    I am one man and they were at least 7 who had gathered against me plus a top class solicitor and I BEAT THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM!


    Because I had money.

    All these yuppie neighbours sold up and left. So I looka t them as if to say:- "Now try and steal my land and see what happens!"

    That is pride and ego at it's best.

    My doorbell rang for the very last time by itself, on the day of my success. Instead of playing the normal
    'ding-dong' played a 'D' Day victory tune.

    Now I just want to move on...
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  2. pepe

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    So much land and so many freedoms, yet you fight with those around you for every inch. This is surely not a good and tolerant exercise of ones freeness. If you were fighting with gypsies who had moved onto your property then I would understand but you obviously have the wealth as those do around you to not worry about such petty liberties taken.

    An English man's house is his castle and I have a feeling you are eager to check the arrow slots every dawn.

    You know, if you had said to your neighbour, don't worry about it, life is too short, you may be knee deep in home made cake and orange blossom wine.
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  3. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    Interesting, and once I noodle through the idiom very familiar.

    Had something similar here. I took a different approach that I can't recommend and don't know how well it might translate elsewhere - but it's free.

    First is a neighbor who likes to use my property for overflow parking. I let it slide a while, got tired of fixing my lawn, then politely asked. Didn't work.
    Next time at their part they had a large and mouth-foaming profanity dripping pissed off pigfarmer right in their midst and I gave him a talking to that R.Lee Ermey would have applauded. End of that problem. Not classy but ruthlessly effective.

    Second was teenage kids smashing garbage cans and mailboxes. Quite a mess. After one such episode I found plastic all over the place. I collected it and in the wee hours while drinking coffee sat with a tube of instant glue and reassembled the side mirror of a '92 Oldsmobile. Pedaled my (silent) bicycle around the neighborhood until like Cinderella I found the perfect match. Let's just say I had a chat with young man, and his Mom at an hour when they were least prepared for it. Fast forward two days and he was at my front door handing my wife $50 to cover the cost of my mailbox and post and promising to never, ever do that again. And the little shit didn't. I was in the shower at the time and missed it. I later became friendly with his Dad and we still chuckle over it.

    I am extremely friendly and open to my neighbors. Happy to fix things for them and help out at any time.
    But the psycho-killer switch definitely comes in handy once in a while.
    DefCon 4, launch the missiles, burn the Keep, light the Flaming Sword of Revenge. Take no prisoners and go down swinging.

    I guess this might be why your local PD wanted to mediate .......
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  4. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello pepe,

    Thank you for your reply.

    We bought our property in the middle of nowhere for peace and quiet. I got to my point of life when I just wanted peace.
    The man is not a reasonable man and I would rather have gypsies. He thinks that because he has money that he can control others and to decide who stays and who leaves.

    The law on the other hand who should be supporting the victim, take the side of the majority.
    Imagine going to your house to relax to find that he makes a bonfire as the wind is blowing in your direction and when you ask him to 'stop', he threatens you by saying that he can light another one, just to show me.


    This is what goes in my lungs.

    Meant to be clean air of the country.


    When that is finished then I get his chainsaw rasping for up to 5 hrs a day.

    You put your bin out on your property and he is photographing it because he has to drive round it.

    To show to the law that I am obstructing him. Mainly to stop all these cars as to allow me to drive to my house.



    I drive to my house and he and hiss mates take my land for parking.

    The next door neighbour tells me to give him land. If he wants land...let him go out and buy land, like we did.
    We bought our property cash from the seller and she made sure that we got nothing free, so why give it to him?

    When that is not enough and I tell him to stop, he comes to hit me, as hiss wife pulls him back.


    The above was after his wild party with open air cinema all night long which could be heard in the next village shaking our walls as I would try to get to sleep.

    I just had enough.
  5. Georgek

    Georgek George

    When I first moved in, I was told that I had to cut his grass , because it was in front of my glorious view of the country as to pay homage to him.

    This I obliged by sheer politeness. When he started being difficult, I stopped. We already have one acre of grass to cut, and his bit is an additional quarter of an acre.

    Then he started taking pictures above my head with flash light whilst I would be carrying work out on our house, as it got to the point when I threatened to crack it over his head. He would stand there watching with his arms folded as if HE OWNED our property

    This is the way that I am 'pigfarmer' but it goes back to what 'nivek' was saying about the ego.
    They will treat you as an idiot if you do not respect your property, look them in the eye and tell them that if they want to walk over my property then they have to walk over me.

    So...I have just had enough and am selling the property that I love .....because I just cannot stand looking at him.

    I just want my peace.


  6. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    Then make peace and not escalate the opposite...

  7. Georgek

    Georgek George

    So they say....and to lose my love and tranquillity...

    There is no peace, except the gentle waters, stars and silence in the cosmos that they take away from me.

    Their peace or MY PEACE ?
    I do not need them.

    When I am in a room, a thousand voices come to me.

    Let them make their peace with God and mine with my soul.

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