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Just drove to work at 0545. not even a mile away, hadn’t even left the neighborhood.

Green ball of light. Briefly glimpsed. About the size of a traffic signal. Bright though, that’s what got my attention. Odd.

When I go through later I’m looking for a new optical repeater. Right height, they have lights on them. So do some residential transformers. Probably something that simple.

Take the time to look and you see stuff


Hi PF, hope you're well mate. ... Don't know what you saw eh? ... i'm glad you posted this in a very reasonable sober manner instead of the plethora of hyped and often 'elaborated' statements [reports] that I have witnessed incessantly from fellow forum members on various sites over the years.
You briefly saw an out of place and unexpected optical sight and didn't know what you saw, but didn't go on to claim some kind of esoteric knowledge that it was in fact have been an UFO, Ghost-light or whatever else paranormal manifestation could account for this items description. ... And i'll go so far as to suggest that you might indeed never manage to find out for sure just what that unfamiliar object was. ... And I know that you are wise enough to just accept that 'such seemingly inexplicable things just happen with no rhyme or reason in an average lifetime'!
.... Which brings me to a 'tenuously-similar' thing that happened to my son and myself a few years ago. ....
It was roughly about this time of year about 8 or 9 years ago. It was definitely in the small hours [possibly about 2am-ish] on the A52 , just a couple of miles west of the village of 'Old Leake' ... it is a rural road that bends it's way through farmland and woodland for about 20 miles [or so] from Boston up to Skegness in Lincolnshire [on the east coast of England] ... the reason that me and my son [Jordon] was travelling that road at that time of night was because we had just dropped my oldest son off at Boston hospital with his daughter [2 years old Ivy my pet girl lol.] whom had had a bad fall and broken her arm/elbow badly ... [How?... that's another long story that can simply be answered as 'because she was a normal clumsy 2 year old that couldn't make it from one bunkbed to the other without falling after-all!] ... anyway, we were driving back from the hospital because Troy and Ivy had to stay the night, and being that it was a hardly-lit 16 miles of narrow bendy country-lanes to our cottage in Wainfleet, I was averaging about 30 mph and slowing down considerably for the sharper bends, it was a dry, warmish and pretty clear night . but being in the countryside visibility was mainly confined to where the headlights were pointed and the occasional farmhouse light. [and of course the odd on-coming car light ... but I only recall one or two of them all the way home?] ... and as I said it was while passing a mixture of crop fields and woodlands a couple of miles before reaching 'Old Leake' that we both saw [simultaneously] this ... weird looking sight! ... it was [or seemed to be] a detached lightbulb floating or flying about 8-10 ft from the ground ... going from slow to quite briskly in a zigzag pattern around this field that was about one square acre in size and near enough empty, barring a few scattered trees. Being surprised that 'a farmer' would be out working on a tractor in a dark field at that time made me slow to a stop at the side of the field [just to try and show Jordon that it must be the light on a vehicle in the field... because it was on his side of the car, his window was wide open and he was staring at it for some time and swore that there was no tractor as I had suggested!] ... it didn't take more than a few seconds before I decided to get out of the car and have a better look as due to the zigzag nature it was coming toward us.... I quickly jumped out and scuttled around the front of the car to the edge of the field where there was a skimpy wire fence that came up to my stomach. Jordon had gotten out as well and we both stood staring at this "perfectly round lightbulb' come to within about 25 yards from us... and yes! it was about 8-10 feet off the ground, but we could still see no tractor below it! ... nor could we hear any engine noise at all!!... the light then turned and continued it's zigzagging motion through that field away from us and we watched as it left the field and went into the neighbouring woods on the far side away from us [about 60-70 yards away] and we stood and watched it for a few minutes more intermittently flickering as it weaved it's zigzag motion even in a wooded area, and eventually it disappeared ... and for all I know, carried on into another field beyond that wooded area.
We eventually just scratched our heads in confusion and slipped back into the car and drove without anymore incident to Wainfleet. [giggling and puzzling all the way! [I said to Jordon ... "there's no way i'm ever mentioning this on my UFO sites!" lol]
The thing is that I had no idea what me and my son had witnessed on that night, and by the morning after I was trying to convince myself [and Jordon... but he wouldn't have it!] that there must have been a tractor under the light ... and that somehow we couldn't see the light shine on it! ... and that there must have been some atmospheric condition that I don't understand that obscured the noise of a seven ton diesel engine from us! ... and that there must have been a path through the woods! .... but I could never hold my face straight when I said this inside of my head!! ... and even now after all of these years , Neither me, nor Jordon can satisfactorily square this circle of conscious reality that we share. .... God knows what it was!
..... Believe it or not.... I have no proof, but I promise that this is a true story, and whenever anyone asks me if I have ever personally seen any UFOs [the extraterrestrial kind] or any ghosts or witnessed anything unequivocally-paranormal.... I always reply "not personally, no!"... but for the past 8 or 9 years, my mind always strays off to that field in Lincolnshire while i'm saying no! ????

Cheers Buddy.

Todd Feinman

Historic Encounters: tinyurl.com/4atm83v4
I've also seen odd sights at a distance and there were many articles of red lights moving about in the old articles that seemed like plasma or atmospheric phenomena --and I wouldn't classify those as encounters with non-human intelligently controlled devices, nor would I even mention those to folks --ghost lights and optical illusions, and sprites, etc. aren't UFOs. When you experience real UFOs in an unambiguous manner, you will know it. At the end of the day --the skeptics are losing the battle.
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My trip home yesterday provided no [wait for it .......] illumination on this topic, har har har. But it's the passenger side of my truck and the view just isn't there. In about two hours I'll have a chance to take a much better look than yesterday. I'll either find the source or not.

ou briefly saw an out of place and unexpected optical sight and didn't know what you saw

Absolutely. Point is, I'm actually looking in the sky in the first place. Not the worst habit you could develop, assuming you don't become a hazard to navigation while driving. I've posted a number of pics here of strange things I've seen that turned out to be explainable and I think the 'out of place' and 'unexpected'. It's that first moment of shock when you realize something's not right that gets you all caddywampus. Factor in additional delay to get out your phone and then realize that phone is far from the perfect instrument to record such things and it makes taking clear pics on the fly a dicey proposition at best. I clearly remember the shock when my friend and I looked up to see what at first looked like some huge craft right out of Project UFO. I also clearly remember staring at it long enough to realize it was just lights, and then I heard the engines, and when the shock subsided I knew what I was looking at.

Heard an interview with Ian McKellen once in which he said that he loves meeting fans but found many were simply posing for the selfie and he may as well be a cardboard cutout. I have a pic of me with Shatner like that - as far as I know he may not have been real. Never even blinked. McKellen's preference is the one where he might actually speak to someone and they can both enjoy the experience without worrying about recording it to show your friends. Working amongst the general public I find that strange, but then again I'm not famous and nobody wants my autograph. I think you had the right idea with that sighting @1963 - just enjoy it.

Sorry to ramble, but I think the observer's frame of mind is quite relevant. Best not to get too excited because there are generally a lot of prosaic explanations for sightings even if you can't immediately find one. But on the rare occasion you encounter something really odd or like @Todd Feinman run into a structured craft just immerse yourself in it if possible. Hard to explain without droning on but I once had a what I considered a successful, or more successful, medium reading and I think my own frame of mind - to suspend disbelief - was a factor in it. I think she was just reading me frankly, but that in and of itself is a neat trick.


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Ahhh, boring. Much better lighting because it’s not misty & foggy like yesterday. Utility company trimmed lots of trees and I see a very new looking optical repeater from the cable company staring at me with it’s baleful green eye.

Seriously, try taking pics of planes or helicopters if you see any. Or any other thing you pick that catches you by surprise. Maybe only blue Fords in a roundabout. See how easy it isn’t to get s good pic
I've tried that a few times. Not easy, even if your phone is set up to open the camera quickly. I think I posted a photo of a C-130 or something I barely caught, about two years ago if memory serves.

I remember one time in the late 70s, driving home at some absurd hour, through a tree lined back road. Suddenly, as I rounded a curve, there was a large amber globe in front of me, looking like it was hovering just on the other side of some trees. I still remember the feeling it gave me, "Holy shit, what's that?" I slowed down to get a better look. There was some smoke just barely visible, and the vague shape of a parachute. I had no clue about military flares, but I was right next to a big army base, and figured out what was going on. Or at least that's what I told myself. :thinking:


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I had no clue about military flares, but I was right next to a big army base, and figured out what was going on
You’re being honest about it, some prefer to omit inconvenient details.

Sounds like a flare. Probably was, but startling. When you hear the thunder of hooves it’s probably horses not zebras