Lucid dreaming study reports alien contact

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    Lucid dreaming study reports 'alien contact'

    Is it really possible to communicate with aliens through dreams?

    In a recent experiment, lucid dreaming was used as a tool to enable volunteers to attempt contact with aliens. A press release detailing the study, which was authored by Michael Raduga, Andrey Shashkov and Zhanna Zhunusova of the Phase Research Center in Moscow, can be viewed below.

    Scientists publish results from an experiment, in which 152 lucid dreaming practitioners tried to contact 'aliens' while asleep. The most plausible reports were accompanied by fear and sleep paralysis, which are common for 'real' alien abduction stories.

    152 volunteers were instructed to enter a lucid dream, and there to picture themselves experiencing a contact with 'aliens'. Of the participants, 114 achieved the goal, revealing unexpected similarities with 'actual' alien abduction reports. The study was conducted at Phase Research Center, a research unit of REMspace, devoted to the investigation of lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, etc. The paper was accepted in the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Dream Research. Authors: M.Raduga, A.Shashkov, and Z.Zhunusova.

    Lucid dreams are a form of REM sleep, during which a person becomes aware of their actions and can control the events unfolding in the dream. Millions of people experience it spontaneously. At the same time, people have believed in extraterrestrial civilizations for centuries. Books, films, and the media often describe flying saucers visiting our planet. Even Elvis Presley and John Lennon reported having come into contact with aliens. Many such stories are associated with sleep paralysis or awakening.

    Russian researchers decided to check how intentional contacts with 'aliens' in dreams resemble real alien abduction reports. They conducted an experiment involving 152 lucid dreaming practitioners. The volunteers had to deliberately meet with aliens in a dream. As a result, 114 people reported a successful experience of communicating with 'extraterrestrial civilizations'. Someone even managed to talk to the aliens and board their space craft.

    The researchers divided these 'contact reports' into two groups: absurd (dream-like experiences) and realistic (could be confused with reality). It turned out that fear and sleep paralysis, which is typical for many 'real' contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, often occurred in the second group. This fact is the researchers' main finding, being a strong argument in favor of the dreamlike nature of many 'encounters.' if it is possible to do so deliberately, how often do such situations occur by accident?

    Full report: Online first publications | International Journal of Dream Research


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    Reports of close encounters, with physical craft anyway, always seem to reflect the extant technology or pop culture expectation of the era they were witnessed in so that the observer can grasp what they are seeing. Airships with rivets, cigar shaped objects with glowing port holes and flames shooting out the back. Jerome Clark made those encylopedias and somewhere I remember a catalog of all the shapes and sized reported. Any gimbals or tic-tacs in there ? For sure, not trying to force fit something? I suppose there are similarities but in 2021 we're not necessarily seeing the same things our grandparents might have reported. No more Trent family truck mirrors (sorry, once I saw that it's all I can see now). Lonnie Zamora's egg sounds sort of familiar except for the landing gear, flames and noise and all that. What happened to the radioactive faltering diamond from the Cash-Landrum case? They don't get phantom black helicopter escorts any more?

    Abductees report all sorts of weird stuff and something has to be at the root of it, maybe a reaction to some unknown presence.

    I've said this before, what does the fish think when you yell at the bowl? Is it even aware? Maybe we are being visited and are being contacted and just haven't fully realized it yet. ET taking a familiar for so they can put us at ease and communicate freely is a movie trope. This is why people like JB Alexander and Jacques Vallee start talking about consciousness studies. Maybe they'll just keep doing what they've been doing until we figure out how to say hello properly.

    Consciousness studies are all fine and well unless you wanna hawk a stupid book about a 1945 crash in which case a pile of alien nuts and bolts will do just fine. If we could divorce ego and money from this problem it might stand a better chance of being solved or at least quantified.
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    That's an interesting analogy I've not heard before, the latter sentence may be true...Perhaps they are dancing around the fishbowl waving and yelling at us and the only thing we're noticing is the fish food dropping into the water...Breadcrumbs...


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    Some of the visitors see us as little more than simple curiosities, as we might, glance at ant as it climbs a tree or crosses the sidewalk.
    I have had lucid dreams of aliens, but it has always been the Nordics or human looking one. Only exception are energy beings. I have had a couple of lucid dreams of them over the years.
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    I have been a supporter of most of Dr Vallee's ideas since the 70's...and the EDH is certainly a viable option for the origin on unknown beings. What troubles me is this idea that they are so advanced we are not getting the communication as if we were fish in a bowl. I maintain that if they are that smart then they should be able to dumb it down so we could understand their communications since they obviously had to start at a lower level of tech themselves. If it's a matter of consciousness perhaps it's not aliens per se. It seems to me like they don't want open unambiguous dialogue or they would have done this a long time ago. Many of the close encounter cases over the last 60 years are bizarre in nature. Again is that really our lack of cognitive perception or intentional confusion by the beings?
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    it is true. In my dream work I have encountered them. the Nordic, reptiles, mantis and grey. they are real spiritual beings. My daughter Kate who I am training has called upon dark powers. this caused no end of trouble. EDH beings are real I know I seen and dealt with them.
    Blessed Be
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    I think we're all connected in ways we do not yet understand. People ask why these other super intelligent entities don't just squash us like bugs but they probably can't because there would be unimaginable karmic repercussions. There is a balance in the universe and anyone who knowingly disturbs it would pay dearly.

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