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    I admit to being up in the air on Elizondo. I believed his credentials but I wondered about what he was saying to the public. I began to listen to a few interviews that he made. He seemed more believable than I previously thought. Here is part one of an interview he made.

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  2. Skepticide123

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    I don't have any real issues with Elizondo. I think he is telling the truth (as much as he can without being arrested). His ideas and revelations synch up pretty well with my beliefs about and experiences with UFOs.
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    The guy is interesting but I see him as a distraction - a carrot dangler. People who have real NDAs wouldn't be doing what he is. Why we need a distraction is a more interesting question. He reminds me - in a very, very general way - of this guy: Richard Marcinko - Wikipedia Someone with legitimate credentials who had the means, motive and opportunity to let his own interests get ahead of him. Not suggesting Lue is doing anything illegal but it looks to me like his real interest is LUE not UAP.

    People with real secrets don't talk about them at all. John Craven commented that he honestly couldn't remember what he should or shouldn't discuss so he kept his comments in very general terms with what had already been publicly disclosed. I'd have to go find the reference but I'm pretty sure John B Alexander said something similar, I think in regard to using (or not in his case) ayahuasca. Too much crap in the attic, have to be careful.
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  4. nivek

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  5. pigfarmer

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    Well, if he's got something to say I wish he'd do it and stop dicking around with it. If you want to 'have the conversation' then I'm all ears. Whistleblowers are supposed to supply their own whistles but with ufology all he had to do was show up and the traveling shitshow took it from there.
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    I think LUE is an honest and straightforward guy. His main strength is that he's controllable and that's exactly why he's allowed to talk. He's just a step in long and slow disclosure process that apparently will take dozens of years.

    I personally think that we should focus on chasing UFOs with scientific and instrumental means. Number of cases is actually so large that chance of grabbing full spectrum scientific data about UFO is not negligible. There is this YT channel "Only Real UFOs" that's practically publishing at least x3 good UFO cases per week. Like 90% of them are in US.

    I wrote about it elsewhere. Aliens are abducting our females to use them as surrogate mothers for alien babies. That keeps both sides locked in secrecy, aliens don't want to loose access to surrogate mothers by revealing themselves and governments don't want to admit that they are powerless. The only solution is to mobilise our own scientists to reverse engineer UFO propulsion. Once we are on the same technological level as aliens, aliens will have to come forward and do that surrogate child birth business in some way that our governments have control over.

    Chasing UFOs with cabs full of scientific equipment wouldn't be that expensive, on federal level and payback would be outstanding. It had been done in various forms before. Back in 70's Ray Stanford did it successfully and some lesser known ufologists in UK quietly had some good results in repetitively meeting UFOs.
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