Man Describes His Sighting of Green UFO & Unknown Entity


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A Las Vegas man describes his encounter with a large green UFO & an unknown entity.



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He sounds to be too enthusiastic for me to believe him.
He didn't even give an explanation as to why there was no other witnesses or if he even tried to find any.
Truth? Maybe so, more likely no. IMHO


As Above So Below
He sounds to be too enthusiastic for me to believe him.
He didn't even give an explanation as to why there was no other witnesses or if he even tried to find any.
Truth? Maybe so, more likely no. IMHO

Yeah he could have curbed his enthusiasm just a bit, a few bits sounded like he was trying too hard to convince the listeners of what he claims to have seen...Of course he could just be overly excited in the moment, hard to say, but I'm not discounting his experience...


alexander hamilton :

I saw an airship coming down over my batch of cows.

Airwhip = occupied by the 6 strangest creatures I've ever seen.

6 aliens = chattered together, but
i couldn't understand a word they said.


Robot with rod abduct(disappear) russia boy.


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A wave of observations of "oval objects floating in the sky" from all over the Russian Empire


in 1904:
many similar ships in the air witnessed soldiers in Siberia during the Russo-Japanese War

Siberia = biggest underground alien(pleiadian) base on Earth


The mysterious blonde leaves hair?

abduction from Australia led to the world's first DNA test of biological material from abduction.

Peter Huri( born in Lebanon 1964) &
moved to Australia in 1973. There he met his future wife Vivian at school in 1981.

Peter & Vivian married in 1990 , now have 2 children. They live in Sydney.

Peter works in construction and has his own business in cement processing.

Peter & Vivian had their first UFO experience in Feb. 1988, just observing unusual moving lights.

in July 1988, Peter had a deeply disturbing, consciously remembered contact experience that, he says, changed his life.

As he lay on his bed, he felt something grip his ankles.

He suddenly felt numb & paralyzed,
regained consciousness.

Then he noticed 3 or 4 small figures with hoods next to the bed.

He experiences telepathic communication with one or more of these beings;
he was told to relax and not be afraid, because "it will be like last time."

He then saw that they were about to insert a long needle into the side of his head, after which he lost consciousness. A

fter a while, he shook, jumped out of bed, ran into the living room, where he found his father & brother, who were apparently asleep.

Both he and his brother felt that only 10 min. had passed since they were last awake,
they soon realized that an hour+ had passed.

The next morning, Peter and Vivian noticed that there was an obvious puncture mark on the side of his head with a trace of dried blood.

Peter had never heard of alien abduction.

His memories were vivid and disturbing, but he could find neither answers nor consolation from friends and acquaintances. Then, a few months later, he and Vivian climbed up a roadside billboard with a picture of Whitley Striber's book Communion and received the book immediately.

Peter found many details in Striber's story that corresponded to his own strange experience. Peter's subsequent attempts to contact local UFO groups/ experienced people proved disappointing.

April 1993,
he decided to set up a new group in Sydney, the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA), to help people understand and deal with their unusual encounters. Today, he remains the coordinator of this group. In July 1992, Peter had an experience that became the focus of this case. Because the experience had disturbing sexual aspects, Peter was very reluctant to talk about it.

He first mentioned it to Bill Chalker, one of Australia's leading researchers, in 1996.

He showed Chalker that he had kept an unusual strand of hair from the meeting.

At the time, Chalker thought there was nothing he could do about the physical evidence,
over the next few years he gathered a group of scientists and forensic scientists willing to work on UFO-related cases. With his collaborators from the "invisible college", Chalker discusses the possibility of performing polymerase chain reaction (PCR test) amplification and mitochondrial DNA sequencing, which can be recovered from a sample of Peter Hury's hair.

In early 1998, these researchers - now called the Physical Evidence of Anomaly Group - agreed to do a DNA test on a hair sample.

"grays" = no visible hair.

"Scandinavian" = hair, often (though not always) blond in color.

A number of well-known abduction cases include hairy human beings, including the 1975 abduction reported by Travis Walton in Arizona and the 1957 Brazilian abduction reported by Antonio Villas Boas.

Peter Huri's case bears some resemblance to that of Villas Boas, who said he was forced to have sex with an aggressive humanoid woman aboard a ground-based UFO.

Khoury told Chalker that his July 23, 1992 meeting began at 7:30 a.m. he was in bed. He was recently injured at work & was taking pain medication.

He had taken his wife to work earlier this morning, then returned home and went back to bed briefly. Suddenly he woke up & sat down

There were 2 humanoid women sitting on the bed, both completely naked, looked human , adult bodies.

(1) looked Asian - straight dark shoulder-length hair & dark eyes.

(2) looked Scandinavian - light-colored ("perhaps bluish") eyes & long blond hair that fell halfway down her back.

Her hair was especially remarkable for Peter Hury. "I've never seen such a hairstyle. It was curly like Farah Fawcett, but
to the extreme ...

It just looked really exotic in some way," he told Chalker. But Huri thought these women weren't exactly human. Their faces were somehow strange - not unattractive,
too carved, with very high cheekbones and eyes that were two or 3 times larger than normal.

Khoury paid special attention to the blonde.
Her face was too long, he felt. The blonde, who was kneeling on the bed, seemed responsible.

Khoury thought he was communicating telepathically with the dark-haired woman, who was sitting with her legs partially bent under her.

There was something stiff, almost empty in the women's expressions.

Although stunned by the sudden appearance of the women, Huri had only a few minutes to think about how they might have arrived in his bedroom before the blonde reached out with both hands and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, drawing his face to her chest.
He resisted.

She pulled harder.

He kept pulling back.

"She was pretty strong" .

"She pulled me and my mouth was mainly on her nipple. And I bit."

Khoury said he did not know why he had bitten the woman, but although he felt a small piece of her nipple separate into his teeth, she did not shout.

But "her expression was like 'this is not the way.'

In a way, it was shock or confusion ...

She looked at the Asian ... and she looked at me like that, that's not the way it's supposed to happen.

You did it wrong. " Involuntarily, Khoury swallowed the small fragment in his mouth and it stuck in his throat.

He coughed. Suddenly the 2 women simply disappeared.
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@nivek & @SOUL-DRIFTER. we could be a wee bit jaded with our opinions because we have seen so many cases and we are pretty much right on top of each new one that comes along.

Everyone responds differently and it may have been his first time ever seeing anything. Remember your first time? I wanted to go on the news and warn the world. I wanted them to put armed forces on every street corner. :)

@Nora, welcome to AE and thank you for sharing. :)


Realizing that the women were gone, he tried to clear his throat by drinking water. It did not work out.

Then he wanted to go to the bathroom.

He realized that his penis felt very painful.

Standing in the bathroom, he pulled on his foreskin and found two thin blond locks of hair wrapped tightly.

He struggled to unravel the pieces of hair as the pain became a burning sensation. Finally, he managed to remove the two pieces of hair and immediately put them in a small sealable plastic bag.

"The reason I did this was because I knew there was no way, no way, that the hair as big and curled as it should have been there ...

Thinking of these women, the thing in my throat, hair, something strange had just happened.

"Khoury decided to keep the hair sample in case it ever proved useful in shedding light on his experience.

The thing in Huri's throat stayed there for three days.

He was coughing constantly.

He tried to clear his throat of water, bread, whatever he could think of, but nothing helped.

On the third day, the feeling in his throat simply disappeared.

He didn't want to tell his wife how his coughing fit occurred, but two weeks later he decided to tell her. "I was shocked," he told Chalker.

"She accepted him better than I did."

The pieces of hair, carefully preserved from the meeting, were the subject of the first openly reported scientific DNA test for a possible abduction-related sample.

The blond hair was extremely thin and almost clear in color.

It was found that the hair had not been chemically treated because if it had, little or no mitochondrial DNA could be recovered. However, by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) process, good quality DNA was recovered.

For comparison, hair samples were taken from Peter Huri and that of his wife Vivian. DNA was successfully extracted from Peter's hair, but no usable DNA was recovered from Vivian's hair, probably due to chemical treatment. A

fter thoroughly testing the hair samples, scientists from Anomaly's physical evidence group came to a shocking conclusion.

The thin blond hair, which seemed to come from a fair-skinned Caucasian woman, could not have come from a normal person of this racial type.

Instead, although human, the hair showed five distinctive DNA markers that are characteristic of a rare subgroup of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type.

A detailed study of the mitochondrial DNA variation literature, involving tens of thousands of samples, showed only four other recorded people with all 5 markers in blonde hair.

All four were Chinese, with black hair.

Mitochondrial DNA is transmitted only from mother to child and therefore offers a means of tracing ancient origins by the mother.

The findings show that all four Chinese subjects share a common female ancestor with the blonde woman.

But there is no easy explanation of how this can be.

Testing for nuclear DNA, if it can be recovered from blonde hair, would be more complicated and expensive than tests done so far, but it could show that the blonde's father's birth is even stranger than her mother's. such testing must wait for funding that has not yet been found.

So far, the members of the Group for Physical Evidence of Anomalies have financed all their work themselves.

Without the blond hair test, the story told by Peter Huri is just another in an almost endless sequence of shocking but unprovable abduction accounts.

However, hair changes everything. Undoubtedly, it exists and in-depth forensic tests show that it is abnormal.

It seems likely that a man with blond hair and an exact DNA match with the blonde Khoury will not be found in the city of Sydney, or on the continent of Australia, or - probably - anywhere in the world.

Who, then, was the creature whose blond hair inexplicably wrapped itself around Peter Hury's penis? "Are we dealing with 'people' from elsewhere, namely those with human DNA, albeit very rare and somewhat abnormal?"




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