Man Describes His Sighting of Green UFO & Unknown Entity

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    NOV. 23, 1977 9:30 -10:30PM
    Colares – Antônio Ferreira, 35 Painter, resident of Colares airship-ova2l_plato.jpg
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    April 1977(more than six months before Operacao Prato began) Four wood cutters were aboard an old wooden fishing boat and they had gone to the uninhabited Crab Island in the Bay of Sao Marcos, to get wooden pales to sell.
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    late summer 1972, a witness who walking near Lake Maniwaki in the Province of Quebec, Canada, when he came upon a huge cone- shaped object apparently resting upon the ground or else hovering very close to it. It was of very large size, 60 to 70 feet tall, and as he came into view it began to rise. He quickly opened his camera and snapped a picture of the strange aircraft
    it continued to ascend upward towards the clouds above.

    The photograph was made with a 35mm hand held camera in what looks like late mid- afternoon time.

    This strange object was ice- cream- cone shaped, and of about the same profile and proportions as the Mesa, Arizona; Ipamari, Brazil and Cocoyoc, Mexico craft,
    here the similarity ended.
    This one was flying with the point of the cone UP and the large end down.

    It looked metallic and was of a silvery color with 12 seemingly fluorescent or somewhat light-radiating globes positioned around the bottom that also looked metallic, & 4 more around the top that were of a slightly different color and also seemingly light radiating.

    12 lower globes around the rim of the widest part = reddish-orange hue

    smaller ones around the top just below the point = pinkish in color

    The rest of the surface of the object was not marred by seams, mateing lines, rivets or fasteners, and had no ports or protrusions, or details of any kind, seemingly made all in 1 piece{confirm Bob Lazar : sport model craf in s4 made from 1 piece
    there were no markings of any kind visible.

    The witness has now disappeared and nobody who knew him has been able to trace his whereabouts. There is no indication as to whether other photos ;
    The original negative was sent to someone in the US and has become “lost
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    KENTUCKY, USA | 1948
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    March 29, 1966, at 4:15 P.M., Benjamin Brackett (10) was walking with his Dalmatian dog in a woodlot behind his home toward a small pond.
    Scene01_R.jpg Scene01_R.jpg Scene03_R.jpg
    Box1.jpg Box2.jpg

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    SOUL-DRIFTER Life Long Researcher

    Where is your source for these reports?
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    MENDOZA, ARGENTINA | 24 may 1971

    a dentists’ surgery on the first floor of a building on the Calle Pedro Molina, right in the very centre of the city of Mendoza, with a wide open pace towards the south, extending as far as the promenades of the civilian quarter.

    I see
    craft = come closer in curious movements.

    Craft = moving silently, floating & drifting along very slowly from east to west, at an altitude of some 1,000 m. & somewhat over 1 km. towards the S. E. from me (rough guesses).

    colour = pearly-grey, faintly bluish, dull. Its brightness make it stand out sharply against the deep blue of the sky.

    I judge from a small bright circular mark which stands out on its surface.

    Craft = rapidly descends toward where I am, & approaches eye-level, with the astonishing speed
    which characterizes the close-up as shown by the camera, as it registers a dizzying succession of gradations of approach.

    Now the object pours forth a dense cloud, like steam in turbulence, which surrounds it and grows . However. I imagine it must be some kind of view-finder adapted to a tubular axis.

    UFO = darts sideways at such speed that it suddenly vanishes;

    then surprises me by reappearing much lower down, where it immediately stop, rocking to and fro slightly.

    Moving(propulsion ON) = dark orange, without cloud around it.

    Stoped(propulsion OFF) = clearer pearly grey

    Craft = near me, at 70 m./16º S.E.

    While remaining stationary it now seems to glide along horizontally, moving away and then imperceptibly approaching again, like a photographic close-up.

    compl. stationary in air/silent = 4sec. vibrating very slightly.

    Craft = solid object, sort of metal.

    I suddenly feel myself very much alone{confirm Bob Lazar : when i touch sport crat in s4 = I feel:
    craft = alive & @night some dreams]

    I = experience an indescribable loneliness{attackes by waves from craft] .

    my eye is caught by one detail: the bright point mentioned previously is now close, in three-quarter profile, like an external telescopic eye; it is a short cylinder, bell-shaped, the colour of old bronze, with shining frontal areas.

    Attached to the upper part, on the projecting, clearer portion of the cylinder, is a tubular central fin (we could call it a handle) of the same greyish colour as the whole surface of the craft.
    Craft = slight shudder and climbs away obliquely, travelling off rapidly towards the N.E., I could make out

    craft = reddish contour on the back portion.

    Craft = lost for 4 sec.

    Craft = reappears closer to complete view, making great strange rocking movements through about 35º

    The viewer is pointing towards the parabolic shortwave antennae of the Central Post Office.

    sunlight = shows up the viewer more clearly {I can feel the presence with precision/intelligence, is directing the viewer’s movements from inside the craft. (For 10 sec)

    The 2nd appearances of the stationary saucer could have been filmed perfectly, or recorded on colour stills, for the saucer was magnificently revealed by the sunlight, thus permitting the sharpest, clearest vision.

    Craft = dancing(eyewitness not in focus)
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    US = (-38°C)
    Greece = (-15°)
    Turkey = (-23°)

    Andromeda Council :
    We can freeze(-100°C) planet Earth in 4 min(if someone start war)

    War2019-2020 stoped by fear named covid-2019
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    When biospher_ships exit{CME] from sun = temp++
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    Jewish sources:
    city of Luz = "into which the angel of death is not permitted to enter for 1000 years;
    Luz citizens = live forever

    " The The same description is given for the place Kushta [in Aramaic : truth] In this city,
    the only cause of death is if one tells a lie. ==================
    Edgar Casey:
    1999 = war in the low astral {4,1D] for the Earth;

    (+) Forces = will win &
    (-) souls {<51% heart chakra] will not incarnate on Earth {4D = from Dec. 2012] for 1000 years.

    Therefore, phase 2 started in 1991 incl. mainly blocking the rebirth of dead people from Earth back to Earth .

    Instead, they have incarnated into Earth-like 3D planets, mostly in gal. Andromeda where they can evolve from the level{vibration] they had on Earth.

    In the bodies of children, where these souls must have incarnated, are instead embodied the servants belonging to the federation, whose main task is, among other things, to harmonize their civilizations more with gal. federation of their civilization.

    2-step task to break the part of your gov. structures that is harmful to both you & us aliens.

    By increase the vibrational level of their planet by initially greatly increasing the frequency of their modulation pattern (matix) to a higher level of their planetary carrier wave in 1991.

    After that....
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    16 feb = Minor cracks are opening in Earth's magnetic field
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    Tsarichina hole;
    Sun{stargate] logo on chest
  16. Todd Feinman

    Todd Feinman Algorithmic, Asymmetric, long-term alien contact.

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    Tsarichina hole = the first human{bi-sex yellow monkey] Screenshot_20200517-114350.png
    Screenshot_20200517-113548.png Screenshot_20200517-114607.png Screenshot_20200517-113551.png Screenshot_20200517-114338.png Screenshot_20200517-114345.png Screenshot_20200517-113558.png Screenshot_20200517-113555.png Screenshot_20200517-114250.png Screenshot_20200517-114257.png Screenshot_20200517-114239.png Screenshot_20200517-114245.png

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    1561 = biggest ships war seen by people
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    CME{BIG fleet biosohere entee in solar system from sun]
    tonguska0.1{underground alien base defence system destroyed enemy aliens drone]

    774 AD = enormously powerful blast of matter / energy from space slammed into Earth.

    Nothing like it had been felt on EARTH for 10,000 years.

    A mix of high-energy light and hugely accelerated subatomic particles, when this wave impacted Earth it changed our atmospheric chemistry enough to be measured centuries later.

    Our pre-electronic societies went entirely unaffected by it.

    It was first discovered by an analysis of tree rings, of all things.

    Scientists :
    level of carbon-14{isotope of carbon] was much higher in rings from that year than usual.

    Some years later, looking at air samples from ice cores, scientists saw that there were elevated levels of beryllium-10 & chlorine-36 as well.

    The common factor in all these elements is that they are created when extremely high-energy subatomic particles hit Earth's air & ground.

    They slam into the nuclei of atoms and change them, creating these isotopes.

    The only way to get particles at energies like this is from space, where powerful magnetic fields in exploding stars, for example, can accelerate the particles to such high speeds.

    We call these isotopes cosmogenic, made from space.

    What could have created the space storm in 774 AD?

    The obvious candidate for such a thing is a very powerful solar flare, an explosion on the Sun created when intense magnetic field lines tangle up and short circuit, releasing huge blasts of energy and particles.

    But the 774 event was so powerful that at first scientists were skeptical it could be from a flare.

    Once any other type of astronomical phenomenon was ruled out, though, a flare was all that was left.

    team of scientists has gone through the records to look at other such events in the hopes of categorizing this flare compared to other known flares.
    What they found is that this event was by far more powerful than even some relatively scary modern flares.

    For example, in 1989 the Sun erupted in a powerful series of flares as well as a huge coronal mass ejection (or CME), where billions of tons of hydrogen plasma is ejected at high speed. Carrying its own magnetic field, this bout of space weather slammed into the Earth's magnetic field, affecting it so profoundly that electric currents were induced under the Earth's surface.

    Called geomagnetically induced currents, this extra electric energy blew out transformers in Quebec and caused a power outage that lasted for hours.

    In Feb. 1956 was the most powerful solar storm in the modern era, which was easily twice as strong as the 1989 event. Our power grid wasn't as heavily used at that time, so it didn't cause the same sort of damage as the 1989 event, but was still a huge event.

    Using various methods to characterize the 1956 storm, including measurements in visible light, radio waves, changes to the Earth's ionosphere (a high-altitude layer of ionized air that, when it changes rapidly, can affect magnetometers on the ground that measure magnetic field strength), and more, they found the 774 AD event was a staggering 30 to 70 times stronger.

    This means it was likely 100 times stronger than the one in 1989.

    It's not clear how long the flare lasted; most strong ones grow and decay in a matter of hours.

    But the total energy released in this flare was about the same as what the entire Sun radiates in one second: 2 x 1026 Joules, or the equivalent of roughly 100 bil. one-megaton bombs going off.

    That's a lot of energy. Enough to power our entire planet (given our current energy use) for 300,000 years.


    huge solar flare erupted on the Sun in Oct. 2003, seen here in X-rays.

    It was also accompanied by a powerful coronal mass ejection. Solar storms like these are a danger to our power grid and orbiting satellites. Credit: NASA/SOHO

    A flare like this is called a superflare, and until now it wasn't thought the Sun could produce them (other stars that are more active magnetically make them quite often). The scientists think the 774 flare may have been a special circumstance, where a powerful flare occurred near a streamer of gas called a filament, slamming it and accelerating the protons in it to such high energies.

    That's actually something of a relief! I'd prefer that it's hard for the Sun to do this.

    enormous solar filament, hundreds of thousands of km across, erupted from the Sun in Aug.2012. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SDO

    The effects on Earth can be difficult to determine; in part it depends on the whether the flare and CME's magnetic polarity (the north-south part of the magnetic field) is able to couple with the Earth's magnetic polarity. If it does we get the blackouts and other damage. But some of the effects occur either way.

    I'll note that we haven't seen as powerful an event since 774, though many have been quite strong. The Sun erupted in 2012 in a coronal mass ejection that, had it hit the Earth, would've been worse than the 1989 event.
    Happily it was sent off in another direction(note :
    Andromeda Council biospheres ships redirect cmsun sneeze)

    one prediction is that it will be no big deal, but another says it very much will be.

    a lot more we have to learn about the Sun. It's not an exaggeration to say that our modern lives depend on it.

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