Man Describes His Sighting of Green UFO & Unknown Entity


Project chani{reptile Lacerta] :

me cee america people very angry go damage monument there capitol ok(CORRECT)

me cee very big and final earth war this line time
u can stop still

CHANI Project - Raven Echo

Alien kraft :

J. Lonifax remained in the same place in space relative to the Earth, only it moved in time by +380 years.

During this time

Earth = greay changes

In 2027 = there was a big catastrophe

In 2027 = powerful eruption(CME) of the Sun

From SUN CME = on Earth began terrible floods {slava sevryukova:
2023-2025 to return after that will be difficult]

Volcanic activity = increased sharply.

Most of the continents = under water

{potv. Vanga / Deunov: only 10% of the current drought, everything will melt like ice; Sevryukova: don't think that wherever you step, there will always be land, they will survive on high]

However, much of humanity survived.

But soon after,

wars = broke out(ww3) & most of the people on the planet died.


Alois Irlmaier : WW3

Scatter yellow powder in a straight line.

When it falls to the ground, everything dies, there is no tree, no bush, no cattle, no blade of grass, everything withers & turns black.

I don't know what it is (yellow powder) & I can't say.

The line is very long.

And anyone who steps on it dies.

Planes scatter yellow dust between the Black Sea & the North Sea(hole eu)

Thus they created a strip of death, straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, half the width of Bavaria.

There is no grass left in this area, let alone people.

The pilots keep throwing their little black boxes.

They explode before they reach the ground, dispersing yellow or greenish dust.

Everything he touches dies, whether human, animal, or plant.

These boxes are satanic.

When a person comes in contact with this dust, it turns black and its flesh falls off the bones.

The poison is so strong.

None of these three armies will return home.

And whoever inhales the dust will have a seizure and die.

Do not open the windows, cover them with black paper.

The winds outside will carry the deadly dust & many will die.

In 72 hours everything will be over.

But again I tell you, do not open the windows, nor look through the windows..


WHY NOT look through the windows (Do not open the windows, cover them with black paper) in ww3?

12/1991 HATONN

They US now have terminals for new linear beam weapons (they can ignite the radioactive belt around your planet)

They completely plan to ignite your entire radioactive field that surrounds your outer atmosphere.

It will burn for 3 days(72H) from your count ... and that's why I warned you about the light.

They already have systems used for weapons that will blind an entire army.

Now this is advanced, fully designed to use it in

When they light the radioactive belt, the next step is to literally catch you unprepared, & then they don't have to kill you, you know.

You will be blind.

There will be plenty of death, however

this will leave those of you who are left, who see, literally SEE, try to care for and feed and bury ... whatever is needed.

There is no better way to
to cause total incalculable chaos on humanity, rather than to blind it.

Now they are working on it and today they are installing rockets.

There will be a period you can expect ... from light, at night, with a brilliance you can't imagine.

It's aimed at blinding ... and it will, permanently.

THE MOMENT when you feel the light increasing ... PROTECT

If you are at home, immediately go to the center of the house, preferably at ground level.

Darken the windows if you have time.

If not, and with children, put them in the closet.

The first and most terrible thing for your eye is the immediate shock ... without its ability to understand or react properly.

Go down, bury your head down and keep your eyes closed for a while.

Once you have put your children in the closet, do not leave the door.

Keep enough supplies so you can do it for 3 days.

You have analgesics available - for 2 reasons; (1) Headache will be a problem and you want to prevent rapid blood clotting.

(2) After light, I offer regular doses of aspirin for about 3 days at least. Don't be silly if you don't take aspirin or "drugs" - you don't have white willow bark to chew on, so keep up with what you have! prepare according to your abilities.

THE DARKEST welding helmet you can get.

But you face two things.

If the light is not bright enough, you will run out of the way and kill yourself because you can't see your hand, much less.

The most ideal thing you can take with you in your car and at least one person from each household or each group assigned to a particular task is average ... let's say the number 10, which is the average, comes helmets and / plus a pair of sunglasses that you can wear underneath, which can provide you with a limit of number 15 and the ability to use in segments.

Of course, the most ideal is one that changes immediately, immediately. But you say $ 400( compared to blindness, it's nothing)

And those who would have these helmets could be the ones who are destined to go and collect children ...
because they can wrap bandages around children's eyes so they can't take it off. What you want to do is protect yourself from this amazing light. It will be brighter than the brightest burner. That is his goal. And I want all of you to think about it & prepare a little bit for these things.

These are the only things I can do for

I can't stop the light, ... though there will be some miracles.


Mayans confirm Andromeda Council & Alien Kraft :
Sun CME -> Earthquake ->war(2027-2028)
3rd mayan prediction:

sun = vibrations (will increase the amount / intensity of solar eruptions & radiation.) - confiem Andromeda Council : sun sneeze, andromedian biosphere ships will protect Earth.

Solar flares = unusual amounts of light, heat, and high-energy solar wind particles come to Earth and, colliding with the atmosphere, cause electrical storms. Lightning damages transformers and losses in info. systems. electronic components and solar. satellite panels, gps. ===================

The case of Johnny Lonifax of Wyoming.

A UFO crew is exploring the change in time a person can endure in the distant future.

For this purpose, a healthy elderly person was selected without commitments. When performing the experiment: the studied 47-year-old man in
10 days = became an 80-year-old man.

In 10 days in our time it was sent into the future for centuries & brought back.

During this time travel of 1 day = the person has aged by almost 4 years, movement in time was up to 2400 y. (24th century = 2300-2400)

Johnny Lonifax left his house one morning as usual, telling his wife he would be back for lunch.

Then he got into his Porsche and went to work.

Traveling on the empty road, on a clear sunny day, he was suddenly disturbed by lightning and thunder ensued.

This surprised him a lot, as the thunder was repeated several times and the day was sunny.

At that moment, on the left side of his car, he saw a body approaching him from a distance (resembling a funnel from below), which was constantly changing its shape.

The craft revolved around its axis, thundering & glittering.

Lonifax saw the craft approaching him - at that moment the car's engine stalled and stopped and the car itself began to sway like a walnut shell;

Johnny Lonifax felt sick, he was asleep all the time, he felt like he was falling into a bottomless abyss.

When he regained consciousness, he realized with horror that there was a desert near him.

Half of the car = covered in sand ,wheels were not even visible. However, the car's engine & radio worked.

Voices were heard on the radio, whose language he did not understand.

In this time: the flying disc was above the car.

Johnny Lonifax = he felt very thirsty, the sand from the desert entered his mouth and ears - the agony lasted until the flying disk stopped hanging over the car & landed on the side of it.

His portholes, as Lonifax noticed, glowed.

2 creatures with spacesuits came out of the disk.

They waved at him and began to speak to the man in an unknown language.

Lonifax didn't even have the strength to listen to them.

Alien took him in his arms and carried him to the flying ship.

Lonifax lost consciousness.

He woke up in a brightly lit room & saw that lying on something resembling an operating table.

Strange people had surrounded him and examined him carefully.

The one standing next to his head was wiping his forehead with something like cotton.

Lonifax was in severe pain and lost consciousness again.

When he regained consciousness, he was already dressed & sitting in an armchair.

An elderly man sat opposite him, who looked at him carefully & smiled.

The man asked Lonifax a few questions in broken English.

After receiving the answers, Lonifax in turn asked him a few questions.

The man introduced himself as Kraft.

According to Kraft:

Johnny Lonifax fell into the "tunnel of time" "accidentally" & passed through it into the future in a completely different era.

The place on the highway where he drove his car
now = desert.

Craft: traveling in the time tunnel, Lonifax remained in the same place in space relative to the Earth, only it moved in time by as much as +380 years. >

For 380 years
on Earth = great changes

In 2027 = there was a big catastrophe

(2027) sun = a powerful eruption

Terrible floods started from the Sun ☀ on the Earth {sevryukova: 2023-2025 it will be difficult to return after that]

The volcanic activity {confirm G. m. Scallion]

Most of the continents were under water {confirm. Vanga / P.Danov: only 10% of the current land/90% under water; everything would melt like ice; Sevryukova: don't think that wherever you step, there will always be land, they will survive on high]

However, much of humanity survived.

But soon after,
wars(2028) = broke out and most of the people on the planet died in them.

A small group of scientists survived, who managed to use time machines to get into another newer time.

Kraft even mentioned the name of the man who first invented the time machine {confiem . John titor from 2036 : 2028 GE create time machine ]

Lonifax forgot it {classic : memory suppression in abductions]

According to Kraft, a small group of people managed to escape beyond Earth.

The idea of the people of the future about our age was historical.

They showed the Lonifax Museum, which houses specimens of ground equipment, such as tanks and planes, as well as a small number of animals from our primitive 20th century.

The offspring travel in aircraft in the form of spheres and disks.

A little later, Lonifax fell asleep, and when he woke up again, he found his car next to his house in the 20th century.

His wife did not recognize him at first when she opened the front door.

He had changed so much.

For the past 10 days, he looked almost 40 years old.

The wife sent her husband to the police, where he was wanted for several days.

The police handed him over for a medical examination. Lonifax seemed too much

here is a tired man with absolutely white hair. There were traces of violence all over his body. He had a deep wound on the left side of his chest. There were many bruises on his neck, arms, face and thighs. The nostril separating his nose was removed, and there were traces of an injection in the area of his heart. Otherwise, mentally, the man seemed completely normal. It can be accepted with a high degree of probability that Johnny Lonifax is the man who penetrated the distant future using a "tunnel of time" that was under the control of the people of that future. Probably, a conical temporal beam was released from the disc-shaped chronological capsule standing over the car of the chosen person. when looking at invisible UFOs, the rays emitted by these objects have very special properties. It is no coincidence that they are called "rays of hard light". It has been suggested that part of the chronal force field enveloping UFOs may be modulated, directed, and separated from these devices in the form of rays. Then the objects that fall within the range of these rays will be subjected to the same loads as the body of the transmitter itself is subjected to when the appropriate modulation mode is selected. In the case described above, the field of the chronological capsule and the field of the beam surrounding the car with the man were identical in their physical characteristics. Therefore, the UFO and the car with the man were moving in tandem to the distant future. During this voyage, human health was probably under the constant control of the UFO crew. > There is evidence based on encounters of people with chronates that there is a ban on future flights with temporal machines after the middle of the 24th century. Simply put, temporal capsules with travelers traveling to the future are automatically returned to their original position in the same era from which they started. This was probably done in order to bring order to chrono-travels and chrono-dependencies after 2350.

1 - LOST TIME: from min. to several days during which you cannot remember


On your body such as scars, hardness, laser cuts consecutively on the ankle, wrist or back. All the scars you can't explain where you got them from.

3 - NOISES: Listen to these sounds on an unusual occasion, such as going to bed, just before bedtime. (Many times, just before bed, for many years, traveling on the road to work, I thought an 18-wheeler was idling in front of my room. There was never a truck, just the sound in my head.) .

4 - YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHED: The feeling you get during or just before going to sleep at night.

5 - SLEEP: You wake up in a place other than where you slept, and you don't know how you got there.
(in detail in my book, I did this from the 7th to the 16th)

6 - SEES UFOs: you have seen UFOs or strange lights in the sky. (Many times, during my teenage years, I saw silver discs very high in the sky.)

7 - WE NEED TO TRAVEL: Strange compulsion to walk or drive to another place without any explanation. (This happened to me 4 times.)

8 - UNEXPLAINED MEDICAL PROBLEMS: Sudden illness, sinus problems{
grey implant = in nose ;;
mantis implants = in eye nerve ],
migraine {from memoru inhibitor
Bad taste = from drinking matis memory inhibitor juice
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