Man in Norway Encounters Humanoid Visitors

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    A man in Norway claims he saw three entities he believes were extraterrestrials.

    The Risør resident said he was walking in the woods in the middle of the day when he came upon two “small lights” floating in front of him.

    “I was about three meters –10 feet– away from it,” the Norwegian man wrote on MUFON about the August 2009 incident. “It then began swirling faster and faster until a ‘black hole’ appeared.”

    According to the man, a “glowing sphere with legs” fell off the hole and started walking towards him.

    “I tried to run away by hiding in the woods but it went through the trees like there were no trees!”

    The eyewitness says he feared for his life so he decided to confront the strange legged object. He claims that when he grabbed it with his hands he felt an “electric and vibrating shock” and that he was thrown in the air, landing on a farm field.

    “I felt like I was sinking into the ground.”

    That’s when he purportedly heard a voice he believes could be speaking Hebrew or Arabic.

    “I screamed asking for help and when I turned my head I saw a white male about 250 cm tall –8 feet–. I went into shock and then an additional 3 orbs showed up by his side.”

    He goes on to claim that three “grey humanoids” came out of the spheres.

    “They looked angry at me, then the tall man pointed at the woods and commanded them to roll away,” he said.

    The man didn’t elaborate any further but claims to have been with this entity for about 8 hours.

    Man in Norway Claims Encounter with Humanoids

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    the greys were disappointing, where did the old humanoids go?
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    They sound like a cross from a genetic farm race and terraformers. Could you guesstimate the time between the first encounter with him and the second on his end? The probe thing is interesting and it reminded me of an episode of Star Trek: TNG. An alien race was watching a less developed race from a cloaked area inside a hill. That seems to fall into the noninterference regulation. In the Wingmakers interview Dr. Jamisson Neruda said they developed/acquired technology that can project an artificial surface to cloak the target. He explained it would even feel like the real thing if it was rock or another surface. You're now in the database of an alien race. The question is what time period are they in compared to ours. Could you be accessing a universal holographic library and past events are being reprojected? A race with that level of technology would have to be from outside the galaxy or another dimension to have never seen our kind.

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